The St. George Fire Department gives station tours to schools, preschools, Boy Scouts of America, and other private organizations.  All tours have a fire prevention theme.  If there are any specific topics you would like to cover, please provide that information when scheduling a tour.  The Fire Department does not host birthday parties, but will provide a tour to the group if requested.


Station tours are conducted at the two locations listed below:


Fire Station 7 – 1912 West 1800 North

Fire Station 7 is in the general location of Snow Canyon Parkway and Dixie Downs Drive, across the street from Firehouse Park.  This location is suitable for larger groups that may need to be rotated through in stages. Sometimes the fire department gets calls immediately before or during tours, so this station is also the most convenient for tours. The park across the street gives groups a comfortable place to go if they choose to wait for the firefighters to come back after a call.


Fire Station 8 – 1096 West Bluegrass Way

Fire Station 8 is located near Sun River.  It is our newest station. 


 When the crew brings the engine to another location for an on-site presentation, this is referred to as an engine tour.  Engine tours are done for larger groups, such as schools or church groups.  The crew discusses fire safety, then provides a tour of the engine.


Tours are scheduled through the Administrative Office at the phone number or email link below.

Please note that a tour can be delayed or cancelled due to an emergency call. 


St. George Fire Department