There are four types of burns recognized by the St. George Fire Department.  On any burn, you are required to have a means of extinguishing the fire.


Agricultural Burn:  The fire department must be notified when an agricultural burn is going to happen.  Agricultural burns are defined as the burning of pruning from trees, bushes, plants, or dead or diseased trees, bushes, and plants, including stubble, weed growth along ditch banks, fence lines on cultivated lands, canals or irrigation ditches on properties of five acres or more.


Residential Burn:  There are two residential burn seasons each year during which permits to burn can be obtained:

  • Spring burn season – March 1st – May 30th
  • Fall burn season – September 15th – November 15th


There is no fee for a burn permit, but you must obtain a new permit every day you plan to burn.  Burning is restricted to weeds, leaves and small tree or bush branches (no big tree limbs). 


No burning of trash or construction debris is permitted.  Please contact Washington County Solid Waste at 435-673-2813 for information on disposing of trash and construction debris.


Controlled Burn:  Permits for a controlled burn are issued during the residential burn season.  The fire department must inspect what is being burned before a burn permit can be issued.  Construction debris, tires and trash/garbage are not permitted in a controlled burn.


Developmental Burn:  Any developmental burning is prohibited in St. George.


There are days during the burn season when a permit will not be issued. When the clearing index is below 500, no permits are issued.  The clearing index indicates how heavy the air is.  If the clearing index is not high enough, smoke does not disperse and becomes a health hazard.


You can obtain a burn permit three ways.

Call 435-627-4150 Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm

Call Fire Dispatch at 435-627-4949

Obtain a permit online at Washington County's Burn Permit Request System



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