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The St. George Fire Department is not currently accepting applications, but check back for posted job openings!

Full-time firefighters are hired from a pool of part-time or reserve firefighters within the Department.  If you are interested in becoming a full-time firefighter, you will also need to hold a valid Utah EMT certification. 



Reserve firefighters do not receive a wage, but do receive benefits through the City of St. George.  The requirements for a reserve firefighter include, but are not limited to:

o   Residing in the fire district they are assigned to.

o   Attending weekly evening training sessions. 

o   Sleeping at a Station on a rotating schedule.


Must be 18 years of age

Must possess a valid Utah driver's license

Must live within the St. George city limits




Part-time firefighters are paid for the hours they work.  There are no benefits with this position. 

o   A minimum of 45 hours worked each month is required to remain on the department. 


Must be 18 years of age

Must possess a valid Utah driver's license

Must reside in St. George, or in one of the bordering cities, including Washington City, Santa Clara, or Ivins



Positions will remain open until enough applications are received.  Once the position is closed and the applications are reviewed, the following steps are taken:


1.  Orientation meeting for applicants and spouses

2.  Physical agility test

3.  Written test

4.  Interview

5.  St. George Firefighter Recruit Academy


The St. George Firefighter Recruit Academy is necessary to obtain the required certifications which include Firefighter Level I and Level II, Hazardous Materials Awareness, Hazardous Materials Operations, and CPR/AED certifications.  Even if you already have any of these certifications, you must complete the academy.  The St. George Firefighter Recruit Academy teaches firefighting techniques that are specific to this geographical area, and ensures all firefighters are at the same level of expertise when starting at the department.   


The Firefighter Recruit Academy takes about three months to complete.  Typically, recruits will meet twice weekly in the evening and all day on Saturday. 


The Firefighter Recruit Academy is held once a year.  Please be advised that you may not hear from the department immediately after you submit an application, but all applications are held until the next academy.  At that time, anyone still interested and eligible will be given an opportunity to participate.  Please do not reapply if you have not been contacted.  You are welcome to contact Human Resources at 435-627-4670 to check the status of your application.



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