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8-4-3.4   Hauled Wastewater


A.  Septic tank waste may be introduced into the POTW only at locations designated by the Manager, and at such times as are established by the  Manager.  Such waste shall not violate Section 8-4-2 of this ordinance or any other requirements established by SGRWRF. The Manager may require septic tank waste haulers to obtain individual wastewater discharge permits.


B.  The discharge of hauled industrial wastes as “industrial septage” requires prior approval and an individual wastewater discharge permit from the SGRWRF. The Manager shall have authority to prohibit the disposal of such wastes, if disposal would interfere with the treatment plant operations or violate Section 8-4-2 of this ordinance.  Waste haulers are subject to all other sections of this ordinance.


C.  Waste haulers must provide a waste‑tracking form for every load.  This form shall include, at a minimum, the name and address of the waste hauler, truck identification, names and addresses of sources of waste, and volume and characteristics of waste.


D. Wastehaulers discharging at the treatment works must have a current Health Permit and St. George City business license.




DEFINITIONS: (Ord. 8-4-1.4) (NN)
                   Septic Tank Waste - Any sewage from holding tanks such as vessels, chemical toilets, campers, trailers, and septic tanks. 
A. General Prohibitions: No user shall introduce or cause to be introduced into the POTW any pollutant or wastewater which causes pass-through or interference.  These general prohibitions apply to all users of the POTW whether or not they are subject to categorical pretreatment standards or any other national, state, or local pretreatment standards or requirements.
 Online Application for Dumping is located at the top left of the page.
Attn: Pretreatment Department
3780 W. 1550 W. 
St. George, Utah 84790
Juliette Curtis / Pretreatment Coordinator: (435) 627-4284
fax: (435) 634-5846
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