Police Department
265 North 200 East

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is comprised of motorcycle officers and traffic cars. The cars are designated to handle the crashes and to focus on uninsured and stolen vehicles along with those that have revoked registrations or are associated with wanted persons. The motorcycles are designated to work traffic problems in the most congested areas of town, making it easier to get to the violators that are causing the crashes. 

Bicycle Patrol 

The bicycle patrol unit was formed in the summer of 1997 with the purpose in mind of addressing all "quality of life" issues throughout the City of St. George. The unit has become the spearhead of the department's COP efforts and works tirelessly to make sure that your public places-parks, trails, schools, shopping centers etc. remain free from crime and disorder. No matter what the task at hand may be, the bicycle patrol officers hold true to a preventive "No Broken Windows" enforcement philosophy. 

School Resource Officers 

The St. George Police Department has partnered with the Washington County School District and the City's of Ivins, Santa Clara and Washington to provide our secondary schools with police officers on a full time basis. This idea has grown from three officers in the local High Schools to include an officer in each middle school-8th and 9th grade-and intermediate school-6th and 7th grade- as well as an officer in Millcreek Alternative High School. Our officers are on campus during school hours and are regularly in attendance as sporting events and dances to provide a safe environment for our children. The school resource officers work diligently to prevent crime and disorder at our schools and provide students with a positive exposure to law enforcement. From time to time officers are used to teach portions of a government or civics class.