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The City of St. George, as a public service, will display banners on St. George Boulevard and Bluff Street in compliance with the following procedures:


Display criteria   Banners shall meet the following criteria for display:  
  • Banner shall be for the purposes of advertising a temporary event
  • Primary purpose of the event is a cultural, educational or entertainment benefit to the community.
  • Location of the event shall be within the general St. George area
  Banner Design  
  • Fabric shall weigh a minimum of 18-oz. per square yard
  • Fabric shall be a vinyl coated polyester of equivalent
  • Fabric shall be stitched with #92 polyester threads
  • Banner shall be 29" wide by 96" long
  • A 4" pocket sewn into the top and the bottom with grommets and all four sides. Two at the top on each end and two at the bottom on each end
  • Banner shall be hemmed on all sides
  Banner Storage  
  • Storage of banners shall be the responsibility of the owner
    Banner Maintenance  
  • All banners must be kept in good repair by the owner. The City is not responsible for theft or damage to the banners during the time of their use, transportation, installation or takes down.