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PPR Facility of the Year 2020

St.George Pickleball 


Wayne Bullock

City of St. George



Little Valley Pickleball Complex



Public Facility of the Year

Professional Pickleball Registry



St. George, UT, August 19, 2020 — Each year the PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry) recognizes one facility and its workforce that sets high standards through education and certification for programs and opportunity in the pickleball industry. Recently, the Little Valley Pickleball Complex in St. George, UT was chosen as “Public Facility of the Year” by the PPR. 

In 2018, the USAPA (USA Pickleball Association) formed an alliance with PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) to create PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry). PTR was founded in 1976 by renowned coach Dennis Van der Meer. PTR is recognized internationally in 125 countries with over 16,000 members. The partnership of these major associations has improved pickleball education and certifications across the nation. Pickleball instructors have improved their coaching skills, techniques, strategies, and demonstrations through the PPR certification program. The Professional Pickleball Registry has ultimately enhanced the quality of pickleball in the United States, which has created a respectable and competitive environment in the pickleball society. 

The Pickleball Staff in St. George strives to create a family-friendly environment that exemplifies athletic professionalism. Hence, several staff members are repeatedly PPR certified; certifications require renewal after one year to prompt continuous learning. Consistent improvement of coaching skills permits the program and players to ameliorate. Staff members completed the PPR certifications to ensure professional and personable service to the players who participate in their programs. The Head Pro of Tennis and Pickleball, Wayne Bullock, stated: “We hold ourselves to a very high standard when conducting programs.” When instructing clinics, managing leagues, and hosting tournaments the staff provides a professional and magnetic atmosphere. The St. George pickleball program has truly risen to new heights because of staff PPR certifications. 

Diligence, persistence, imagination, and fun were used to create the Pickleball program that numerous locals enjoy today. In 2012, Wayne Bullock established the first pickleball program for the City of St. George on four permanent and two temporary courts at Vernon Worthen Park. During that time Bullock creatively launched the ladder league format; the unique design of the league allows participants to play with multiple partners in one night. The league format and scorecard became so popular that the USA Pickleball Association contacted Bullock for permission to adopt it. Currently, Bullock is the lead contact for any ladder league questions for cities across the country. The pickleball program, originally fabricated by Bullock, is a successful program that is recognized across the country for serving their community’s athletic demands.  

The Little Valley Pickleball complex is home to 24 well-maintained courts. The City of St. George has created various pickleball programs including leagues, adult and youth clinics, learn to play classes, private lessons, and tournaments. All 24 courts are regularly utilized because the programs are constantly expanding. When courts are vacant the public readily takes advantage of them - free of charge. The growth of the programs aids in maintaining the courts, which fortifies the cleanliness of the facility for the public. The continuous use of the pickleball courts has diversified the sports participators, which has produced a unified community in Southern Utah. 

Receiving an award for the PPR is a privilege that expresses the integrity of the St. George pickleball program and facility. Cody Smchidt, the Deputy Director of St. George Recreations, reported, “We are so proud of Bullock and his staff for growing and promoting pickleball in our community. This accomplishment excels in the mission for the City of St. George, which is to provide services that focus on people and advance a thriving community.” Bullock and the pickleball staff are honored to receive such an immaculate award. The city of St. George would like to thank the PPR for the recognition, respect, and notability they have received.  

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