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Downtown Cemetery
650 East Tabernacle Street

Maintenance and Clean-up Information

2023 Clean-up dates: 

  • January 9th - 13th
  • June 12th - 16th
  • October 2nd - 6th

The Parks Division staff provides regular turf care, edging of the grass, and raising of collapsing monuments and markers as time and fiscal constraints allow; leveling collapsing gravesites as times and fiscal constraints allow (health and safety considerations will prevail in the determination of priorities); maintenance of trees and shrubs on a regular basis; and litter removal on a regular basis.

A periodic clearing of temporary memorials occurs three times a year: the 2nd Monday in January, the 2nd Monday after Memorial Day, and the 1st Monday of October. At these times, temporary memorials will be removed from the cemetery grounds. Each periodic clearing will be advertised in the local newspaper, announced in the City's utility bills, and disclosed by on-site signage to alert patrons to the upcoming event.