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How to Place a Project BID

1. Read the Public Notice for the Project

     - This document will contain links to bidding documents, and will contain the project and BID



2. Make sure you are on the Plan Holders List BEFORE submitting a BID.

     - To be added to the Plan Holders List and obtain bidding documents, click here. 


3. Prepare and Submit your BID

     - BIDs must be submitted in a sealed envelope BEFORE the closing date and time listed

        in the Public Notice.

     - Please follow the instructions in the Public Notice for proper labeling of envelopes.

     - BIDs should be brought to the following address:

                The City of St. George, Purchasing Department

                Attn: Cortney McRae, Purchasing Manager

                175 East 200 North, St. George, Utah, 84770


4. Attend the Pre-BID Meeting

     - There is a mandatory pre-BID meeting. The date and time are listed in the public notice for

        the project.


5. Attend the BID Opening

     - Bids will be opened in an electronic meeting. Notice for the BID opening shall be sent to

       everyone on the Plan Holders List prior to the BID opening.


Please refer to the Public Notice for each project on who to contact for technical questions regarding bidding documents.

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