SGO Mountain Bike Skills Development with Jordy Scott

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Mike Swartz
Outdoor Recreation Supervisor

Snake Hollow Bike Park
1500 North 2400 West

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St. George Outdoors has teamed up with professional BMX and mountain bike rider, Jordy Scott, to bring you:


SGO Mountain Bike Skills Development! 


Who is Jordy Scott?

Hi!  My name is Jordy Scott. I'm a professional female mountain biker and full time college student at Dixie State with a love for all things bikes. Sharing my love through teaching has always been a passion of mine. Having the opportunity to show future cyclist and current riders the skills they need to improve as a rider brings me joy.  I am so excited to share this with the St. George community. 

Cycling has always been a part of my life.  Starting at the age of 5 I began racing BMX.  During my career I won 3 World Championships and multiple National Championships as an amateur.  At the age of 16 I made the switch to mountain biking in order to take my professional career in cycling further.  Since then I have won multiple world class events, making countless friends and memories along the way. These experiences have allowed me to gather a unique outlook on cycling that I look forward to sharing with riders in Southern Utah.

The Clinic Details...

Cost: $30 per clinic

When: Tuesdays from 4:00-5:45pm Each month we will have a Beginner, Intermediate, and Girls Clinic.  

Where: Snake Hollow Bike Park

Registration: All registration will be done online. See below for the registration link. 

What you need:  All rider's will need to show up with a bike, helmet, closed toed shoes, and water. 

The Beginner Clinic...

Will focus on all the skills needed to safely have fun on your bike. Some of these skills include basic bike maintenance, helmet safety, bike park etiquette, and body position on the bike. As riders progress and understand the basics, we will cover more in depth skills such as turning, pumping, and efficient pedaling. We will also tackle small drops, easy trails, and jumps. This class is great for someone who is just getting into cycling that is mostly comfortable riding on paved trails.

This class is also great for kids who have mastered pedaling their bike with no training wheels and they are eager to do more. 


The Intermediate Clinic...

Continues to emphasize bike maintenance and safety as well as having fun. We will focus on a more in depth development of advanced bike skills. These skills include efficient pumping & cornering, jumping, wheelies & manuals, and small tricks. Additionally we will work on tackling larger drops, difficult trails, and gap jumps.

This class is great for riders who are comfortable riding over obstacles and have a solid sense of confidence on their bike. This class is a great options for those who are looking to join or are already on the middle school or school teams. 


The Girls Clinics...

Will focus on basic bike safety, skills, and maintenance, as well as having fun! This class will be structured just like our other clinics, however will specifically focus on progressing female riders in a comfortable environment. All girls classes are beneficial to the female cycling community as it allows us to grow together and find other girls to ride with. Unfortunately, many girls have had at least one experience of not being treated fairly to their male counterparts just because they are a female.  Due to this girls often feel more comfortable trying new skills and developing their current ones with other girls around them.  

This class is open to all skill levels and will be adapted to fit everyone's needs. Girls are encouraged to participate in the beginner or intermediate clinics as well to continuously build their bike skills.