City Council Minutes
City Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 23,2020




JANUARY 23, 2020 3:00 P.M.




          Mayor Jon Pike

          Councilmember Jimmie Hughes

Councilmember Michele Randall

          Councilmember Bryan Smethurst

          Councilmember Gregg McArthur

          Councilmember Dannielle Larkin

          City Attorney Shawn Guzman

City Manager Adam Lenhard

Deputy City Recorder Annette Hansen   



          Dedication and ribbon cutting for the Bear Claw Poppy Trail.



          Pioneer Courthouse Boulevard.


Council met at the Pioneer Courthouse located at 97 East St. George Boulevard, St. George, Utah, at 4:00 p.m. for the remainder of the meeting, as follows:


Pledge was led by Mayor Pike and he welcomed all to the meeting and thanked those who participated in the dedication of the Bear Claw Poppy Trail.



          Update from the Golf Division.


Colby Cowan, Director of Golf Operations & Eron Deming the Head Golf Pro at Southgate presented a PowerPoint highlighting the following topics: Fiscal Year Revenue Comparisons; Figures showing growth from National Golf Foundation; Example RFP with Sleepy Ridge Weddings; Concept Drawing for Southgate including adding a Driving Range with additional lighting.


Support Services Director Marc Mortensen explained that that Council has approved a budget amount of 250,000 out of the Capital Expenses for the upgrade of the St. George Golf course clubhouse as well as the Southgate Golf Course driving range.  Funding from this allocation along with the Sleepy Ridge proposal would create a clubhouse far nicer and more quality for the area.  A partnership with Dixie State College for the updated and expanded driving range and lighting would be an additional source of revenue and help unify the College with the residents of St. George. He reiterated that the proposed projects would not require any additional funding to implement, just a reallocation of the funding that has already been approved.


St. George City Council Minutes

January 23, 2020

Page Two


Councilmembers discussed different options and need to update and create a more appealing area for the city’s residents as well as the many tourists that frequent the course bringing in additional outside revenue.  Funding allocation amounts from both Sleepy Hollow and Dixie State College were discussed.  Merchandising and branding of individual golf courses was also discussed.  After lengthy discussion Council agreed that it was in the best interest of the City financially to continue researching the proposals as presented.



          Update from Energy Services.


Director of Energy Services Laurie Mangum and GIS/Asset Management Administrator Bryan Dial presented the  Energy resources 2020 PowerPoint which covered the following topics: Types of energy in the City’s portfolio for the years 2020, 2024, 2028 (summer); Coal (contract limitations & renegotiations end in 2023); Hydro Power (contract recently renegotiated for 40 years); Natural Gas Generation, Market (prices); Renewables; Summer Day vs. Winter Day graph(Megawatt energy usage);  July day hourly usage; December day hourly usage


Council discussed the different energy options and the cost effectiveness and reliability of each.  Mayor Pike thanked staff for all their hard work and diligence in keeping this city’s energy needs met and costs as low as possible for the residents.



          Presentation and discussion regarding the proposed adoption of Title 4, Chapter 10 of City Code – Health, Safety and Property Maintenance.


Community Development Director John Willis presented a PowerPoint presentation

highlighting the following topics:  Definitions; Outside Storage; Inoperable vehicles and vessels (council instructed staff to striking registration verbiage, leave adjoining property); Weeds and Plant Material; Dumping or Disposal; Habitable Dwelling


Council discussed the various points and it was agreed that staff should strike the registration phrasing under the inoperable vehicle section.  Council and staff also discussed various subjects about public health and safety issues in regards to residential properties. 




Councilmember Larkin reported on the Art Commissions suggestion to nominate former Councilmember Bette Arial for the annual Arts honoree in March of 2020.  She also reported on scheduled events for the Electric Theatre as well.


Councilmember McArthur reported on the Washington County Historical Society he attended.

St. George City Council Minutes

January 23, 2020

Page Three



Consider approval of an MOU between the City, the Bureau of Land Management Color Country District, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service concerning the preparation of a EIS for the Northern Corridor.

City Attorney Shawn Guzman presented the prepared MOU to council for approval.  He briefly explained the purpose of this MOU enables the entities to share information between each other.  He suggested that it be approved subject to legal approval.


MOTION:        A motion was made by Councilmember Hughes to approve the MOU between the City, the Bureau of Land Management Color Country District, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as presented subject to legal review and approval.

     SECOND:         The motion was seconded by Councilmember McArthur.

     VOTE:              Mayor Pike called for a vote, as follows:


                             Councilmember Hughes – aye

Councilmember Randall - aye

Councilmember Smethurst– aye

Councilmember McArthur– aye

Councilmember Larkin – aye


                   The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.


Council Adjourned at 6:20 pm




Annette Hansen, Deputy City Recorder