City Council Minutes
City Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 9,2020



JANUARY 9, 2020 4:00 P.M.




Mayor Jon Pike

Councilmember Jimmie Hughes

Councilmember Michele Randall

Councilmember Bryan Smethurst

Councilmember Gregg McArthur

Councilmember Dannielle Larkin

City Manager Adam Lenhard

City Attorney Shawn Guzman

City Recorder Christina Fernandez



Mayor Pike called the meeting to order and welcomed all in attendance. He noted that a regular meeting will be held at 5:00 p.m.; the invocation and Pledge will be given during that meeting.



Leisure Services Director Shane McAffee mentioned a feasibility study that was done in 2011 or 2012.  At that time the City was not quite ready yet.  More recently, the Council requested a new study be performed.  He introduced Duncan Webb and his team.


Duncan Webb with Webb Management Services provided a PowerPoint presentation covering the following topics: Assessment & Opportunities; Population Growth; Age Distribution; Tourism; Seasonal Residents; St. George Regional Performance Facilities Inventory; Facility Utilization; Performance Facilities Inventory; User Demand; Broadway Potential; Benefits & Impacts; Recommendation.


Architect Alberto Cavallero took over the PowerPoint presentation covering the following topics:  Preliminary Program (Comparison); Graphic Program; Candidate Sites; Site 1 – Test Fit; Site 2 – Test Fit; Site 3 – Tech Ridge; and Site Comparison – Pros & Cons.


Mr. Webb continued with the PowerPoint presentation covering the following topics:  Operating Goals; Governance; Activity Profile; Activity Profile; Operating Budget; Funding Scenarios; How Options Support Local Users; and St. George Performing Arts Center Critical Path Plan.


Mayor Pike noted the Council asked for this study and commented that this is a huge project; it will take significant help from the private sector to accomplish.  The Council will determine levels of assistance. He asked the Council to review the full report when they receive it. 


City Manager Adam Lenhard commended those involved and stated the consultant did a great job.  It puts the City in a great position to make decisions.


Mayor Pike noted as part of this project, significant time was spent gathering information from the arts community.  Although there have been comments made

St. George City Council Minutes

January 9, 2020

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about financial assistance where there is a plan; it is fairly conceptual at this time. A number of groups said they would like to be involved but it is not known what level.   He feels the Council needs to think about where they would like to head. 


Councilmember Hughes noted it will take the private sector to help pay for the building.  He explained he is concerned with the ongoing costs of operation and maintenance.  He commented this needs to be a performing arts center, not just an auditorium; if a center is built, it needs to be done right.


Councilmember Randall reiterated what Jimmie said.


Councilmember McArthur he would like to see a performing arts center, indoors so it can be year-round and in the downtown area.  He would like to see comparable facilities and how it can be funded. 


Mr. Webb encouraged the Council to visit other communities that have built a center like this.


Councilmember Larkin echoed what the other Councilmembers said.  She noted the renderings are fantastic.


Mayor Pike stated you never know until you ask what financial support will be received. 


The consensus of the Council is not to fund this proposal with increased taxes. Rather than “kicking the can around” they would like to focus more on how it’s going to get done the right way and see what the private sector can do to help build it and how it will be maintained and operated.


Mr. Webb explained other communities operate these buildings in a sustainable fashion; supported with earned income and donations.  


Mayor Pike noted he would like the Council to look at and digest the study. There has to be a plan at some point. 


Lucas Darger with the Southwest Symphony stated they are appreciative of the group and to the City for getting the study done.  They are trying to continue to raise the bar and consistently sell out.  He noted they have a lot of constraints with existing facilities.


Diamond McPherson mentioned that he would like to come back with more detail about plans for the St. George Musical Theater.  






Christina Fernandez, City Recorder