City Council Agenda
City Council Meeting Agenda

Thursday, May 16,2019






Public Notice


Public notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of St. George, Washington County, Utah, will hold a regular meeting in the City Council Chambers, 175 East 200 North, St. George, Utah, on Thursday, May 16, 2019 commencing at 5:00 p.m.


The agenda for the meeting is as follows:


Call to Order                                                                                                           


Flag Salute


1.            Consent Calendar.


a.    Consider award of bid to Feller Enterprises for the Horseman Park Drive Landscape and Drainage Project.


BACKGROUND and RECOMMENDATION:  This project includes installation of landscape along the south side of Horseman Park Drive from Little Valley Road to 3000 East and includes a retaining wall and increased height of the existing masonry block wall on the east end.   Work includes removals, site grading, retaining wall, masonry wall, landscape, irrigation, asphalt paving, and other related work items.  The City received a total of five (5) bids for the project.  Staff recommends approval.


b.    Consider approval of a Professional Services Agreement with Corrosion Control Technologies, LLC for the design and construction management of a cathodic protection system for the Ledges and City Creek Wells.


BACKGROUND and RECOMMENDATION:  The three (3) wells located in the Ledges area and the City Creek well tend to experience corrosion to the well casing, column pipe, tube, and shaft more than what is expected.  This PSA is for the design of a cathodic protection system, utilizing a deep anode ground bed, and for the construction management and inspection of the anode bed installation.   Staff recommends approval.


c.    Consider approval of an agreement with Dixie Power to relocate a power line on west side of the airport.


BACKGROUND and RECOMMENDATION:  Part of the Airport Runway Repair Project includes obtaining usable fill material located on the airport property on the north and west side of the airport.  This required the vehicle service road (VSR) to be relocated including the waterline and utility trench (power, phone, cable). This relocation was identified in the project.  The cost to move the joint utility trench (JUT) by Dixie Power has been provided to the City and is for $68,593.40 for a length of approximately 2,000 linear feet.  Staff recommends approval.


d.    Consider approval of an Airport Hangar Lease with Jordan Valley, LLC for Lot 55A.


BACKGROUND and RECOMMENDATION:  This is a new hangar lease with Ron Taylor (Jordan Valley, LLC) for lot 55A at the airport.  Staff recommends approval.


2.            Consider approval of a resolution approving the 2018 Municipal Wastewater Planning Program (MWPP) Self Assessment.


BACKGROUND and RECOMMENDATION:  The state Water Quality Board administers the Municipal Wastewater Planning Program for all publicly owned wastewater treatment facilities.  As part of the MWPP, we are required to perform an annual self assessment of the wastewater collections and treatment systems to ensure that the facilities are adequate and that we are planning and preparing for future growth and expansion.  A resolution is required to demonstrate that the City Council has reviewed and approves the results of our self assessment.  Staff recommends approval.


3.            Consider approval of the final plat for Blackhawk Townhomes St. George Phase 2.


BACKGROUND and RECOMMENDATION:  This is the final plat for Blackhawk Townhomes, a 22-lot residential subdivision located at 1001 West Curly Hollow Drive; zoning is R-3.  The Planning Commission recommended approval.


4.            Consider approval of an amended subdivision plat for Lot 38 & 39, The Highlands at Green Valley Phase 1.


BACKGROUND and RECOMMENDATION:  This request is to consider amending the final subdivision plat for lot 38 & 3 of the Highlands at Green Valley Phase 1, located at 661 & 673 South Rainier Drive.  The purpose of the amendment is to adjust the lot line between lots 38 & 39 to match the block wall that was built on the ground.  The public utilities and drainage easement does not change and will remain the same; zoning is R-1-10.   Note: a public hearing is not required because the public utilities and drainage easement is remaining in the same location.  The Planning Commission recommended approval.


5.            Appointments to Boards and Commissions of the City.


6.            Reports from Mayor, Councilmembers, and City Manager.


7.            Request a closed session to discuss litigation, property acquisition or sale or the character and professional competence or physical or mental health of an individual.






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Christina Fernandez, City Recorder                     Date


REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION:  The City of St. George will make efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to disabled members of the public in accessing City programs.  Please contact the City Human Resources Office, 627-4674, at least 24 hours in advance if you have special needs.