City Council Minutes
City Council Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 7,2018



DECEMBER 7, 2018, 11:30 AM




Mayor Jon Pike

Councilmember Jimmie Hughes

Councilmember Michele Randall

Councilmember Joe Bowcutt

Councilmember Bette Arial

Councilmember Ed Baca

City Manager Adam Lenhard



Financial Planning and Budget Manager Deanna Brklacich

Support Services Director Marc Mortensen

Leisure Services Director Shane McAffee

Police Chief Richard Farnsworth

Community Development Director John Willis

Fire Chief Robert Stoker

Human Resources Director Sharon Hokanson

Energy Services Director Laurie Mangum

City Attorney Shawn Guzman

Communications and Marketing Director David Cordero

Water Services Director Scott Taylor

Public Works Director Cameron Cutler

Administrative Services Director Trevor Coombs

City Recorder Christina Fernandez

Assistant Budget Manager Chad Moultrie



Mayor Pike called the meeting to order and welcomed all in attendance.  The invocation was offered by Councilmember Michele Randall and The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Councilmember Bowcutt.


Speaker Deven Macdonald provided a PowerPoint presentation covering the following topics:  Professional and Personable Service (…and doing it at a Team); Why do business Differently?; Definition of Service Culture; A Service Culture Starts at the Top; Hire and Develop the right People; Bet on Your People; Make Your Culture Your Brand; and Doing it All Right.


The Council took a brief recess.




The Council discussed their priorities for the upcoming budget year.  Some of their priorities and projects include: busy roads, traffic signals, and transit; need for new police vehicles; uses and improvements at the SunBowl; park upgrades; performing arts center; fire station #9; general plan update; city buildings expansion; and the scar on the hill.



St. George City Council Minutes

December 7, 2018

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David Cordero provided and outlined a public relations plan for the airport runway project after which Public Works Director Cameron Cutler provided an update on the timeline for the project. 


City Manager Adam Lenhard noted that staff has been thinking about and discussing bold, visionary-type items; he asked the Council to be thinking about their ideas for the future. Come of the items on his list include: water conservation; Main Street as a pedestrian plaza; a St. George foundation; updating the City’s strategic plan;  communications; the northern corridor; and open space conservation.


Mayor Pike briefly spoke about the cost for vote by mail.



MOTION:      A motion was made by Councilmember Hughes to adjourn.

SECOND:        The motion was seconded by Councilmember Arial.

VOTE:             Mayor Pike called for a vote, as follows:


Councilmember Hughes – aye

Councilmember Randall – aye

Councilmember Bowcutt – aye

Councilmember Arial – aye

Councilmember Baca – aye


The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.






Christina Fernandez, City Recorder