City Council Minutes
City Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 27,2018



SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 4:00 P.M.




            Mayor Jon Pike

            Councilmember Jimmie Hughes

            Councilmember Joe Bowcutt

            Councilmember Ed Baca

            City Attorney Shawn Guzman

City Manager Adam Lenhard

Deputy City Recorder Annette Hansen  



Councilmember Michele Randall

Councilmember Bette Arial



Mayor Pike called the meeting to order and welcomed all in attendance.  The invocation was offered by Councilmember Hughes and The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Pike.


Mayor Pike mentioned the recent retirement party held for Police Chief Marlon Stratton and noted the Council will officially appoint the new Police Chief Rich Farnsworth at the next meeting.



Support Services Director Marc Mortensen introduced Danny Fox and Jim Child with JRCA; they prepared a conceptual design for the Police Department and the City campus.  A facilities task force, consisting of Department Heads, was formed. 


Mr. Fox explained the process after which he presented a PowerPoint presentation covering the following topics:  PD: needs assessment, space needs summary, concept design, concept plan; and City Hall: include, site plan, concept plan main level, and lower level.


A discussion took place regarding concerns with flow and security, entrances into building, and departments that can stay in their current area but increase space.  The Council also discussed an information counter, customer service center, and privacy issues.   


Mr. Child mentioned parking.  Over the years, City offices should see less public because of online, but expanding for more employees, not losing any parking.  He then spoke about staff parking options.


After being asked by Councilmember Baca, City Manager Adam Lenhard explained a portion of police impact fees can be used to fund the new growth. 


Mr. Fox suggested different rooms for drug and weapons storage.



St. George City Council Minutes

September 27, 2018

Page Two


After being asked by Councilmember Bowcutt, Administrative Services Director Trevor Coombs explained that more payments are taken through the drive thru than at the counter; staff has a hard time keeping on top of phone calls.


A discussion took place regarding the potential budget for the proposed project.  The City will most likely have to bond for the project as it will be costly, but less expensive than a new building.  Mr. Fox showed a slide outlining the potential costs. 


Mayor Pike commented there is a need to understand how space is used.  He feels this proposal is on the right track and believes there is a need to be prudent but build all that can be now and use this site for as long as possible.


After discussing a time frame and a plan for financing, the consensus of the Council is to move forward.



Support Services Director Marc Mortensen introduced John Anderson with Lime, a company interested in coming into St. George.  He has been working with representatives from both Lime and Bird.  The technology is new; therefore, he has been looking at existing licensing agreements.  He noted the scooters are GPS monitored. 


Mr. Anderson explained how to check out the process works and also how to navigate the scooters, how payment is made, and a checklist of legal issues. He outlined how the scooters will charge and explained that they will determine routes and provide data to the City.


Mr. Mortensen stated the Active Transportation Committee commented these scooters are not “active” but “alternative” transport.  The Committee spoke about how electric scooters will affect the bike-share program; in talking with other cities, they do not feel it will negatively affect the bike-share program.  Electric scooters are used mostly by tourists and students while the bikes are typically used by residents.   There is nothing in place for ground rules for these companies on where they can and cannot park the scooters.  The ordinance was recently amended to allow bikes on sidewalks; the same would be true for the scooters.


The Council discussed concerns pertaining to clutter, parking scooters in areas they shouldn’t be or where the City would not like to see them, and how age limits are monitored.   


Mayor Pike commented he believes this is coming; this is the new economy and is perfect for St. George.  Education will need to be done and there needs to be communication with other cities.  Changes can be made when problems are seen.  


After being asked by Mayor Pike, City Attorney Shawn Guzman explained with regard to the agreement, staff needs direction from the Council.  Further, there will need to be a discussion with UDOT to look at roads or bike lanes.  Additionally, he would like


St. George City Council Minutes

September 27, 2018

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to speak with attorneys in Salt Lake City.  Right now, he would suggest making them available now and then work with the Police Department if they have any concerns.


The consensus of the Council is to move forward. 



City Manager Adam Lenhard mentioned the SwitchPoint board meeting he recently attended.  During their budget discussion, he noticed some figures they believed the City was going to contribute to that he was unaware of.  He clarified that in the current budget, the Council approved contributing $500,000 to Riverwalk with an additional $200,000.  Recently, the City committed to provide $120,000 for operational funding; this amount was taken from the approved $200,000 contribution.


Executive Director Carol Hollowell explained they still plan on going to the Legislators to get help with funding, she does not foresee this being an ongoing problem. It has been a tough year for them.  They have increased their fundraising efforts and programming; therefore, she feels like their budget shows they can make it.


Councilmember Bowcutt commented that he is worried this is affecting the case managers who help the homeless. 


Mayor Pike noted that City Attorney Shawn Guzman assisted with the bill to get the St. George Mayor a seat on the State’s Homelessness Committee, which will help quite a bit. 


Ms. Hollowell stated their outcomes have shown to the State that they have exceeded them in all avenues.  It takes money to get each client through the system.  SwitchPoint and the City have proven this model to be successful; a community resource center is the way to go.  As the population grows so does homelessness and poverty.  She is hoping to obtain funding based off numbers. 


Councilmember Hughes noted that SwitchPoint is working phenomenally.  Riverwalk is a separate project.  The operational funds were taken from the $200,000 contribution already approved in the budget.  He feels that the City should support them in all ways it can.  SwitchPoint is a model for the state.  They are not giving a handout; rather they give people resources they need.


City Attorney Shawn Guzman mentioned that Senator Don Ipson and Representatives Lowry Snow and Brad Last assisted in getting funding and helped getting the St. George and Odgen mayors on the state homeless board.  Looking at the square footage they are using per person in Salt Lake versus SwitchPoint, it could have reduced the census at the current building.  There is a need to expand if these requirements, which are already on the books, are imposed.  St. George and Odgen are the only cities with city sponsored shelters.




St. George City Council Minutes

September 27, 2018

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David Dangerfield with the SwitchPoint Board stated that Riverwalk will eventually be a funding source.  It is $12 million project, approximately $5 million comes from tax credits, $1.7 million was raised through charitable funds, some funds were received from the City and they have some loans.  He thanked the Council and commented they could not do without support from the City. 


Budget Manager Deanna Brklacich commented that it is great to hear thing are going well.  $183,000 was set aside for three (3) months for operational funds, if they need it.  It did not require a budget amendment as it was within the same fund, it was just reallocated to Riverwalk.  The housing fund is funded by property tax revenues received from the Economic Development Agencies (EDAs).  There is not an ongoing, even cash flow throughout the year; the numbers are not known until after the books are closed. 


Ms. Hollowell explained as long as they have a letter of commitment by closing, it satisfies the lender.


Ms. Brklacich added there are some Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds that can be used for the Riverwalk project, not for the actual housing portion itself, but for items such as a playground, pavilion, or parking lot.  Staff can write a letter of commitment and point out specific line items for the CDBG funds.  She pointed out that it is difficult to forecast the revenue in the housing.


The consensus of the Council is to support SwitchPoint and to find funding in the CDBG program to allocate for specific items at Riverwalk.


Ms. Hollowell mentioned that Grace Episcopal Church has asked them to move out the soup kitchen as they have outgrown it.  They are looking at a location in the industrial area. 



Diana Acevedo with the DinosaurAh!Torium Foundation provided and outlined a table showing current and proposed fees for admission to the Dinosaur Discovery Site.  She noted fees have not increased since 2005.


City Manager Adam Lenhard inquired about the discount for City employees. 


Ms. Acevedo believes it is a holdover from when the City ran it. 


Mayor Pike and the Council agreed there is no reason to maintain the City employee discount.


Ms. Acevedo handed out photos of proposed signage updates. 


The Council would like Ms. Acevedo to contact John Willis regarding sign ordinances and to make sure Facilities is involved so there is no damage to the building.   


St. George City Council Minutes

September 27, 2018

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Additionally, she will have to return to have the Council formally adopt the updated fee schedule.



Councilmember Bowcutt noted the recent Planning Commission meeting was a lengthy one.  He feels they are still micromanaging a bit too much.


Councilmember Baca reported on the recent Dinosaur Museum board meeting he attended.



MOTION:      A motion was made by Councilmember Bowcutt to adjourn.

SECOND:        The motion was seconded by Councilmember Baca.

VOTE:             Mayor Pike called for a vote, as follows:


Councilmember Hughes – aye

Councilmember Bowcutt – aye

                             Councilmember Baca – aye


The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.






Annette Hansen, Deputy City Recorder