Planning Commission Agenda

Tuesday, November 24,2015


Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Planning Commission of the City of St. George, Washington County, Utah, will hold a Planning Commission meeting in the in the City Council Chambers, 175 East 200 North, St George, Utah, on Tuesday, November 24, 2015, commencing at 5:00 p.m.
The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

Call to Order
Flag Salute

1. ZONE CHANGES (ZC) (Public Hearings)

A. Consider a zone change request to change approx. 47.957 acres from M&G (Mining & Grazing) and A-1 (Agriculture) to R-1-8 (Single Family Residential 8,000 sq. ft. minimum lot size) to accommodate the future development of a residential subdivision (‘Hawthorn’). The property is located at approximately 3500 South and 3400 East. The owner and applicant is Development Solutions Group and the representatives are Mr. Steve Kamlowsky and Mr. Brad Petersen. Case No. 2015-ZC-029 (Staff Ray Snyder)

B. Consider a zone change from RE 37.5 (Residential Estate 37,500 sq. ft. minimum lot size) to R-1-10 (Single Family Residential 10,000 sq. ft. minimum lot size) on 3.131 acres to accommodate eight (8) single family residential lots. Located north of 750 North Street between 1300 West Street and Picturesque Drive. The owner is Mr. Don Cannon, the representative is Mr. Mr. Todd West, and the Surveyor is Mr. Kevan Bundy. Case No. 2015-ZC-032 (Staff Ray Snyder)


A. Consider a zone change amendment to the Hidden Valley PD (Planned Development) area by relocating the proposed church site 3.2 to the intersection of Road A (Hidden Valley Drive) and Road E (Athens Drive) and to move the school site 3.1 to the church’s previous location. The church site is currently 5.2 acres and with this amendment will be reduced to 4.7 acres. The school site is currently 13.3 acres and with this amendment will be reduced to 8 acres. The reduction in size of both the church and school creates a reminder of 5.8 acres which would become a part of residential site 3.4 at the density of 8 du/ac. Residential area 4.1 will be reduces in density from 12 du/ac to 8 du/ac. The overall unit count and density will remain the same. The property is zoned PD-R (Planned Development Residential). The development is generally located south of Hidden Valley Road and west of Brigham Road. The land owner is SITLA, the applicant is Ivory Homes, and the representative is Mr. Darin Haskell. Case No. 2015-ZCA-031 (Staff Ray Snyder)

B. Consider a zone change amendment request to change the Ledges PD (Planned Development) Master Plan from Golf Course / Park Open Space to residential and increase designated short term rental areas on 11.8 acres. The proposed areas are located on the east side of Highway 18. The applicant is Development Solutions Inc. and the representative is Mr. Stacy Young. Case No. 2015-ZCA-030 (Staff John Willis)


Consider a zoning regulation amendment to Title 10 Zoning Regulations Chapter 8A Traditional Neighborhood District (TND). Case No. 2015-ZRA-006 (Staff John Willis)


Consider approval of a conditional use permit to construct a 4,484 sq. ft. accessory garage that would be approximately 21 ft. high (midpoint of roof). Mr. and Mrs. Judd Palmer are the applicants. The property is located at 1842 South 3430 East Circle and is zoned A-1 (Agricultural). Case No. 2015-CUP-013 (Staff – Ray Snyder).


Consider approval of a final plat for a ten (10) lot commercial subdivision for “Dinosaur Crossing Subdivision Phase 2.” The property is zoned PD-C (Planned Development Commercial) and is located at the north east corner of Riverside Drive and Mall Drive from Mall Drive to 2200 E and Riverside Drive to the river. The owner is ‘Dinosaur Crossing LLC’, the applicant is ‘Smith’s Food and Drug Center’, and the representative is ‘AWA’ (Anderson Wahlen and Associates). Case No. 2015-FP-052. (Staff – Wes Jenkins)


Consider approval of a preliminary plat amendment to revise the original approval of eight (8) single-family residential lots and fourteen (14) pads to twenty-one (21) pads in a residential subdivision development called “Red Cliffs Park.” The original unit count for the development was 103 units, but with previous phases eliminating units and the addition of these patio homes the count will become 95. The property owner is Red Cliffs park LLC and the representative is Mr. James Sullivan. The property is zoned PD-R (Planned Development Residential) and is located at Colorado Drive and 2500 East. Case No. 2015-PPA-032 (Staff – Wes Jenkins).


Discuss current items as required

Reasonable Accommodation: The City of St. George will make efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to disabled members of the public in accessing City programs. Please contact the City Human Resources Office at (435) 627-4674 at least 24 hours in advance if you have special needs.