Planning Commission Minutes

Tuesday, October 28,2008

October 28, 2008 4:00 p.m.

PRESENT: Acting Chairman Ron Bracken
Council Member Gloria Shakespeare
Commissioner Kim Campbell
Commissioner Ross Taylor
Commissioner Julie Hullinger

CITY STAFF: Assistant City Attorney Joseph Farnsworth
Community Development Director Bob Nicholson
Planner Ray Snyder
Planner Craig Harvey
Engineer Jay Sandberg
Deputy City Recorder Linda Brooks
EXCUSED: Commissioner Chapin Burks
Commissioner Ron Read
Commissioner Mike Nobis

Acting Chairman Bracken called the meeting to order and welcomed those in attendance. Acting Chairman Bracken led the flag salute.


A. Consider approval of an amended and extended subdivision final plat for Beehive Homes with three (3) lots located at the intersection of Tonaquint Drive and Mesa Palms Drive at approximately 2041 South and 800 West. Mr. Brandon Anderson, Rosenberg Associates, representative. Case No. 2008-FP- 041
(Note: Required to adjust easterly boundary of Lot 2 and to extend subdivision to include Lot 3)

City Project Manager Todd Jacobson said the purpose of this Amended and Extended Plat is to adjust the easterly boundary of Lot 2 and extend the subdivision boundary to include Lot 3. The public utility and drainage easements associated with these amended lot lines will also be considered to be amended to conform to the new lot line positions. The road portion of Tonaquint Drive shown on the original plat is not included in this amendment as the road has sense been dedicated per Tonaquint Drive Road Dedication Plat. Todd stated this is ready for Planning Commissions approval.

MOTION: Commissioner Campbell made a motion to recommend to City Council approval of the final plat and authorize Chairman to sign. Commissioner Hullinger seconded the motion. All voted aye.
October 28, 2008
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B. Consider approval of a final plat for Villa Bonita Courtyards a 22 lot residential subdivision located north of the Sunbrook Golf Course at approximately 2200 West and 450 North. Mr. Brandon Anderson, Rosenberg Associates, representative. Case No. 2005 - FP- 106
(Note: This plat has expired and requires re-approval. It has never been recorded)

C. Consider approval of a road dedication plat for 200 West Street located at 200
West between St George Blvd. and Tabernacle Street. Case No. 2008-FP-042

MOTION: Commissioner Campbell made a motion to recommend to City Council approval of the final plats read into record and authorize Chairman to sign. Commissioner Taylor seconded the motion. All voted aye.


Consider a request for a conditional use permit to construct a detached accessory garage that would exceed the allowable height of fifteen feet (15), unless a conditional use permit is granted for a greater height. The proposed accessory structure would be approximately twenty-one feet (21) high. The subject property is located at 964 Manzanita Road, Bloomington Gardens. The zoning is R-1-10 (Residential Single-Family 10,000 square foot minimum lot size). The applicants are Mr. and Mrs. Dave Seely. Case No. 2008-CUP-019

Planner Craig Harvey said this request is to construct a detached garage that would exceed the allowable height of fifteen feet. The proposed height would be approximately 21 ft. high. Craig said staff comments are as follows;

The structure will be located eighteen feet (18) from the primary structure, ten feet (10) from the side yard, and ten feet (10) from the rear yard property line.
The garage is for storage of an RV. The garage will not have bathroom facilities.
The exterior finish material will be stucco and the roofing will be a metal shake-style shingle that matches the existing homes roofing material.
The structure will not exceed twenty-one feet (21) in height to top of ridge.

Michael Woodward lives across the street from this home. He would like to mention the concerns adjacent neighbors which would be the blocking of their views and may bring depreciation to their homes in the area.

Gail Maxwell said he is on the Bloomington Architectural Control Committee and they are representing the neighbors. He said they should have come to the Architectural Committee before this was presented to Planning Commission. He does not have a
October 28, 2008
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problem with what has been submitted. But he would strongly suggest that the applicant come before the Architectural Control Committee as soon as possible especially before he receives his building permit.

Chris Cannon a neighbor to Mr. Seely said they felt as a council that they need to be reassured that this structure would not turn out to be a commercial use in a residential area.

Dole Robertson is the adjacent neighbor to the rear. He has no objections to this request.

Dave Seely said regardless the height of the building it will block some of his neighbors views.

MOTION: Commissioner Taylor made a motion to recommend to City Council approval based on these features that the garage architectural design will fit into the neighborhood and that the height of 21 ft. is not extreme compared to the other heights within the neighborhood and no commercial activities. Commissioner Campbell seconded the motion. All voted aye.


Consider a request for an amendment to a portion of an existing PD-COM (Planned Development Commercial) zone. The amended area consists of 3.07 acres. The amendment will change the layout, design, and use of the property. The site is generally located on Riverside Drive (west of the adjacent United States Post Office). The applicant is SIMLEW LLC, Mr. Rich Lewis. Mr. Reid Pope is the representative. Case No. 2008-ZCA-022

Planner Ray Snyder presented this item. It is proposed to amend a portion of an existing PD Commercial zone. The change affects the layout, elevations, and uses. Previously in 1997 the site layout was approved for eight (8) individual commercial buildings and for a specific elevation design style. This request would change the layout into two (2) buildings; a 25,000 sq. ft. care facility and a future 11,750 sq. ft. building. The elevations design would also change from those previously approved. The list of permitted uses would also expand to include a long term health care facility and an Alzheimers care facility.

Ray said staff conditions are as follows;

1. Approval is recommended to the City Council for the amended PD-COM zone change.

October 28, 2008
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2. Elevations, design, and colors shall match the submittal presented to the Planning Commission on October 28, 2008.
3. Mitigate Erosion Hazard Boundary per City Ordinance.
4. If an easement for the trail system does not presently exist then the applicant shall provide one to the satisfaction of the City (NOTE: The applicant has agreed to resolve this as required).
5. A Site Plan Review application shall be submitted to Development Services for processing. It shall include a site plan, landscape plan, grading plan, cross sections, erosion control plan, and other details as deemed applicable by staff.
6. The applicant shall provide a photometric plan.
7. All standard conditions apply (parking, setbacks, etc.).

Reid Pope with Pope Engineering said they are working on this project. He said the concept is practically the same but it has lesser buildings.

MOTION: Commissioner Hullinger made a motion to recommend to City Council approval and include staff comments and add the care center to the use list. Commissioner Taylor seconded the motion. All voted aye.


A discussion regarding a future annexation and general plan amendment for approximately 2,000 acres of land located in the Tonaquint area. The property is in Section 2 and 3, T43S, R16W, generally located westerly of the termination of Curly Hollow Drive and the Tonaquint Intermediate School. The area includes Moes Valley, and the proposed Rock Park. The property is owned by the State Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA).

Community Development Director Bob Nicholson said this is a discussion on 2,260 acre property owned by State Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA). Kyle Pasley from SITLA is present here for this item. The request is to consider a land plan for the area. This is mostly unincorporated land which is proposed for annexation. This will be another discussion for another time. SITLA has hired Dave Bell for the land use plan design. They have completed a geological study. The area contains significant areas of rocky hillsides and also areas of expansive soils (blue clay). The hillside areas which constitute the areas west boundary create drainage channels that must be accommodated when development occurs to the east (down slope).

Bob said SITLA is developing wastewater culinary water service, and electric power plans. The utility studies will be reviewed by the City in the coming weeks. Bob said there is about 890 acres that will be used for residential development with some
October 28, 2008
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neighborhood commercial areas, parks, open space and public buildings. The road layout will be reviewed by the City Traffic Engineers. Bob pointed out the power line corridor.

Bob suggested they do a site visit at some point, and also have a neighborhood input meeting to gather input from residents in the area.

Bob showed slides of the area pointing out areas that would be difficult to develop. The Planning Commission in the coming months should modify the draft plans as necessary and make recommendations to the City Council.

Commissioner Taylor mentioned that he thought it would beneficial to have representatives from each of the schools be involved with input on the design of this area.

Kyle Pasley from SITLA said in regards to the school district they have involved them in these plans and has done so for the last two years. He stated this has been a 2-year process for this parcel of land. He said the process of this was first to determine who uses this piece of property. He said they gave them blank topographic maps to each of the groups so they could outline the areas they use and for what use. The uses would be climbing, mountain biking, and hiking. Their planning concepts would be a walkable neighborhoods with trails, feathering density, and a front yard mentality. Kyle said they are tossing around the idea of a resort area.

Council Member Shakespeare asked if people want to do some of these activities would they have access instead of going through neighborhoods. Kyle said it would be planned so they could use roads that would go directly to their activity locations.

Kyle talked about the management of the open space. He said currently the users of this space have been taking the job of caring for the open space. He would hope that would go on and be maintained not only by the previously caretakers but also the new residents as well.

Bob said he would like to set a time for a site visit. It was set for Friday, November 21st at 11:00 a.m. and the City will provide lunches.

Meeting adjourned at 5:25 p.m.