Planning Commission

Tuesday, April 8,2008

April 8, 2008 4:00 p.m.

PRESENT: Acting Chairman Ron Bracken
Council Member Gloria Shakespeare
Commissioner Kim Campbell
Commissioner Ross Taylor
Commissioner Mike Nobis
Commissioner Chapin Burks
Commissioner Ron Read
Commissioner Julie Hullinger

CITY STAFF: Community Development Director Bob Nicholson
Assistant City Attorney Joseph Farnsworth
Planner Ray Snyder
Engineer Cathy Hasfurther
Engineer Jay Sandberg
City Project Manager Todd Jacobson
Deputy City Recorder Linda Brooks

Acting Chairman Bracken called the meeting to order and welcomed those in attendance. Acting Chairman Bracken led the flag salute.


A. Consider approval of a final plat for The Estates at Hidden Valley Phase 4. This is for a five (5) lot residential subdivision plat. Located in the Hidden Valley Development at approximately 470 East and 3500 South (across the street from Hidden Valley Park). Mr. Jim Raines, representative. Case No. 2008-FP-013

B. Consider approval of a final plat for Boulevard Centre Pad C. This is for a one lot commercial subdivision plat; the building has been constructed under previous approvals and this is for a condominium subdivision. Located at 162 North 400 East. Mr. Bob Hermandson, representative. Case No. 2007-FP-065

City Project Manager Todd Jacobson read the final plats into the record. He stated that the plats have been reviewed by City staff and are ready for Planning Commissions approval.

MOTION: Commissioner Taylor made a motion to recommend to City Council approval of the final plats for The Estates at Hidden Valley Phase 4 and Boulevard Centre Pad C and authorize Chairman to sign. Commissioner Campbell seconded the motion. All voted aye.


Consider a preliminary plat request for Peterson Estates with seven (7) single-family lots located on Little Valley Road and 3670 South. Mr. Corey Shamblen, applicant. Case No. 2008-PP-007

City Engineer Jay Sandberg stated this is a request to create seven single-family lots on 7.38 acres between two existing subdivisions in the Little Valley area. The lot sizes will range from 37,500 sq. ft. to 46,095 sq. ft. Jay pointed out that 3670 South Street has a 50 ft. public right-of-way and Little Valley Road has a 66 ft. public right-of-way. Jay said lots less than one acre in size are required to install curb, gutter and sidewalk so it is expected that this subdivision will install such. Those details will be part of the subdivision construction drawings for roads, utilities and other public improvements.

Commissioner Taylor said curb and gutter will be required for all lots except lot 1. He has trouble with the requirements when they dont do the improvements on the other side. Jay Sandberg said he knows but this is the way the ordinance reads. There is a master plan equestrian trail that runs along that side of lot 1 which means there will need to some land reserve from that lot for that use.

MOTION: Commissioner Taylor made a motion to table this item due to the fact the applicant is not present and there are issues that need to be discussed. Commissioner Hullinger seconded the motion. All voted aye.


Consider a request for a conditional use permit to establish and operate an indoor soccer facility. Mr. Dave Clark, applicant. The property is located at 1850 West 400 South (on Dixie Drive). The zoning is M-2 (Industrial). Case No. 2008-CUP-010

Planner Ray Snyder said this request is for permission to establish and operate an indoor soccer field in the M-2 zone. This was heard by Planning Commission on March 25th to determine if an indoor soccer field is similar to and in harmony with a recreational enterprise use which is a Conditional Use in the M-2 zone.

Ray said this site is being proposed for the old Moore Business Forms building off Dixie Drive at approximately 1850 West 400 South. The applicant proposes to provide a place to play soccer year round. The facility will operate with four employees. Hours of operation will be 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Saturdays, and 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Sundays. Indoor soccer is played on artificial turf in an enclosed field. The games are two (2) halves at 20-22 minutes depending on the age of the players.

Ray said there is not a specific parking requirement for the proposed use. But they are proposing 137 parking spaces shown on the record of survey plus another 20 spaces in another area.
Ray stated 10-19-5 Nonresidential area requirements and 10-19-11 Uses Not Specifically Identified.

Ray said he was in touch with Bill Swensen Development Project Manager regarding the empty lot behind this building. The lot is zoned M-2. Currently it is being used by Quality Development/Desert Canyons Development where they are parking their construction vehicles on the empty lot which is not allowed in an M-2 zone.

Commissioner Burks said they have farmed this property in the front and currently one of the owners of a car dealership storing their cars. Ray explained City staff said they could use that paved parking lot at that time because the building was empty.

Roger Stratford the representative for applicant stated that two weeks ago they were here to add the use of soccer to the use list for the M-2 zone.

Commissioner Taylor asked what the aesthetics would look like inside. Roger replied said the field would be completely enclosed and there will be only one field for now. There will be stands for the viewers and that would be all.

Commissioner Taylor said there will be one soccer game at a time which means there will be two teams at a time. So there will be 16 players at a time playing and they will each need a parking space. Commissioner Taylor said it seems he would be using up the proposed 55 spaces of parking awful quick.

Roger said there will be one restroom for each one for females and one for males. He said there will be no concessions at this time.

Commissioner Campbell asked about the Saturday times lasting till midnight. Roger said the last game starts at 11:00 p.m.

Commissioner Burks said he is concerned with the noise of the spectators at the games.

Allan Basco a nearby resident said he is concern with the noise after the games.

Another nearby resident said there are two issues that neighbors are facing. The biggest concern is the hours of operation. The neighbors are opposed to anything after 10:00 p.m. The other concern is the activity after the game. He also asked about the construction vehicles.

Assistant City Attorney Joseph Farnsworth explained that the application is being heard tonight is for a Conditional Use Permit. Tonight is the not the place to discuss the construction vehicles. As Mr. Snyder said it has been brought to Mr. Bill Swensens attention and he will be addressing that issue in the very near future.

Community Development Director Bob Nicholson said the construction vehicles are a code violation which will be brought to the City Code Violation Officers attention in the morning.

Jack Wood a nearby resident asked if there was a traffic study done on this use. Acting Chairman Bracken said the number of cars does not warrant a traffic study.

Roger said the indoor soccer field will be on the west side of the building. He said there will be room for another field right next to it.

Commissioner Burks asked if they are going to charge viewers? Dave Clark the applicant said the players pay to play in the league. They will not be charging the spectators. Dave said it is a very controlled environment. He said there are not 150-200 spectators at one game. It is very small crowd.

Ray asked Assistant City Attorney if Planning Commission could make their motion for approval for just one soccer field and in the future come back to Planning Commission for any additional fields to be added.

Assistant City Attorney Joseph Farnsworth said he believed that this an approval for soccer use. It was not for just one field but as many as the building could house. He did not feel that they would need to come back for any additional fields.

Council Member Shakespeare asked if there was a wall surrounding this property from residential subdivisions. Bob said there are no walls. Some residents have put up their own walls. So there are a different variety of walls around the parcel.

Assistant City Attorney Joseph Farnsworth spoke on the hours of operation. He feels Planning Commission can put a condition on the hours of operation.

MOTION: Commissioner Taylor made a motion to recommend to City Council approval by meeting these findings; that the noise involved and the business would be indoors and efforts would be consistently made by the manager to be sure that the noise outdoors limited, controlled and reduce, if the neighbors complain about significant noise then efforts will be made by management that is resolved. As regards to dust it appears the parking lot is paved and is dust free and they need to make sure that traffic doesnt go around to the other side of the building and create a dust problem. With regard to aesthetics they should blend harmononize with the neighborhood and they do not impact the use of the surrounding properties so night lighting and late use is going to be an issue and will need to be resolved. In regards to traffic entry and exit with traffic is a concern and the City Traffic Engineer may need to work with them in terms of how resolve any traffic problems, hours of operation he would impose a limit of 10:00 p.m. any night of the week. He said there should be restrooms available for each field, the parking there should be 50 spaces of parking for each field. Commissioner Campbell seconded the motion. Commissioner Nobis voted nay. Motion passes 5 to 1.


Consider a building design and conceptual site plan (BDCSP) to construct a commercial shopping center with four (4) buildings. The total aggregate footprint for all buildings would be approximately 25,760 square feet. The first phase building would serve as an auto parts retail business. The first phase project name is Carquest. The owner is Mr. Ivan Cannon. The representative is Pope Engineering. Located at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and 2100 West Street. The zoning is C-3 (General Commercial). Case No. 2008-BDCSP-001

Planner Ray Snyder said this was last heard by Planning Commission on February 26, 2008. The changes in this plan is to construct a commercial shopping center with four (4) single-story buildings. The project has been redesign to accommodate the cross access. Ray said tonight the request is for the Carquest. Carquest would be the construction of the first phase of this shopping center. Ray said proposed Building 2 would be a restaurant and Building 3 and 4 would be retail. The property is located between Lins Market and Mountain America Credit Union. A residential neighborhood is adjacent to the north.

Commissioner Campbell asked about the aesthetics of the building. He would also like to know how the parapets will be hid. He said the stalls of an auto shop are in the front facing the street, he would suggest that the stalls in the front would have a concrete apron so they can be pressured washed and cleaned off. Reid Pope is the representative for the applicant he understands the concerns he has and adjusting those designs would not be a problem. More design concepts were discussed.

Council Member Shakespeare said the residential subdivision that is there has a block wall, what she wanted to know if they would do a block wall around their building. Reid said they could do that but he thinks they could fill in the areas where there is no wall.

MOTION: Commissioner Campbell made a motion to approve with the following items that will need to be address; that the parapets on this building screen the mechanical units at least from the street sides and the owner would provide material out front that could be pressure washed off. Commissioner Burks seconded the motion. All voted aye.


A. Consider a zone change request from R-1-10 (Residential 10,000 square feet minimum lot size) to PD-AP (Planned Development Administrative Professional) on 1.42 acres located at 1350 East 900 South. The applicant is Blue Mountain. Mr. Jim Raines, representative. Case No. 2008-ZC-010

Commissioner Campbell stepped down on this item due to the fact he is the hired architect on this project.

Community Development Director Bob Nicholson said this item is being heard this evening is for one building with two-stories with underground parking. The total square footage is about 12,000 sq. ft. for each level. The building height is 32 ft. 1 in. to the mid-point and 38 ft. to the roof peak. They should 99 parking spaces (which includes 30 underground spaces).

Bob stated staff comments;

1. This project has been scaled back from previous requests (1 building rather than 3) and is proposed adjacent to the existing building on the corner of 900 South and River Road. The project driveway lines up with the LDS Church driveway across the street the north.
2. The rezone area is limited to the 1.43 acres and does not wrap around the Blake residence as was the case with the previous requests.
3. The 2-story design blends well with the office building to the west. 30 parking spaces will be under the building.
4. The City General Plan (p. 6-9) states that within residential areas there are small isolated sites that are less desirable for residences and may be suitable for commercial or business establishments, even though not designated on the Land Use Map. These sites need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Staff suggests that this site is such a site that merits consideration for office use.

Neil Glauser the applicant mentioned the rezone for this area has gone through for many different zone changes which have all been approved. He said they feel today this area is not as desirable as it once was for residential. He wished the neighbors would see that this would be a better use as a commercial business park.

Gary Campbell a nearby resident said he thought this was going to be the end of this when this was last heard. But he understands that if there is a significant change they could come back. He asked if this is allowed to go forward then what would happen to the other 2/3 of the property. He believes that this should be denied.

Brian Black from Meadow Creek said he believes that this is doing just one building and then they will come back for the other two buildings. He feels this should not be heard for at least another year.

Assistant City Attorney Joseph Farnsworth said the City ordinance states that you cant bring back a zone change once it is heard for at least one year unless there is a significant change to the proposal. A significant change includes a reduction in density and land area used. They have done some significant change from losing the residential use and lowering the density.

Darwin Whitaker from Meadow Creek said this has been heard many times here. The residents do not want commercial they want to have residential.

Kim Campbell the architect on the facility said this particular building is a 2-story building and is residential in height. This has been significant change because he has made the changes. Kim pointed out the parcel is adjacent to commercial already. This is not a spot zoning.

Commissioner Burks said didnt Planning Commission deny this one. Neil Glauser said this was denied for the residential use and then you approve the office use only but then it was turned down by City Council.

Commissioner Taylor asked if this was a way to phasing this in. He is concerned that if they support this then they would be supporting the other planned buildings in the future. He would not mind approving one building but if this is a ploy to have the other buildings coming in.

Neil Glauser said the concern was that they were encroaching upon the Blake family. There is a property owner to the south they feel good about this use. The point that is missing is that the only thing that has been build here in the last 10 years is commercial.

MOTION: Commissioner Burks made a motion to recommend to City Council denial. Commissioner Nobis seconded the motion.

Commissioner Hullinger voted nay Commissioner Burks voted aye
Acting Chairman Bracken voted nay Commissioner Nobis voted aye
Commissioner Taylor voted aye Motion does not pass due to 3 to 2 vote.

Motion died for lack of a quorum vote of 4 members.

MOTION: Commissioner Taylor made a motion to table this item until such time the absent commissioner could attend and have enough members for a vote. Commissioner Hullinger seconded the motion. All voted aye.

Commissioner Campbell returned to his seat for Planning Commission.

B. Consider a zone change request from RE-12.5 (Residential Estate 12,500 square feet minimum lot size) to PD-RES (Planned Development Residential) on 34.58 acres located generally at 2050 East 150 North. The applicant is Red Cliffs Park (Escalara Phase 4 9). Case No. 2008-ZC-002

Planner Ray Snyder said this item was continued from the last Planning Commission meeting to allow time for a site visit by the Planning Commission and City Council. This request is to rezone form RE-12.5 to PD-RES. The site is located east of Escalara Phases 2 and 3 located generally at the north end of 2050 East Circle at approximately 1000 North. The site is south of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. Ray said the goal of the applicant is to develop in seven phases approximately 108 single-family residential lots of various sizes with open spaces area. The break down of the 108 lots would be; 74 single-family detached patio homes, 21 single-family auto court product, and 13 single-family lots. Residences would consist of single-story, two-stories, and some walk out basements.

Ray pointed out the new site plan the applicant has made some minor changes to the open space and trails.

Ray said these are comments that were heard at the March 25th Planning Commission meeting;

1. Applicant shall provide elevations for typical 2-story homes.
2. Lot 45 should be removed from the site plan.
3. Update PD text.
4. Parks Department (Laura Taylor) shall accept design of trail head and off street parking.
5. Development Services shall determine if Escalara Phase 3 requires amending for access.

Commissioner Burks said his concern there is only one access street which is 2150 East. He has concerns about the construction equipment for this project coming up on this one access. Ray said the applicant would have to answer his concerns.

Commissioner Nobis left the meeting at 6:00 p.m.

City Engineer Jay Sandberg pointed out the private street and the public streets on the site plan. Jay did not believe there would be any issue with the developer putting a restriction on the one access with the construction equipment.

Jim Raines spoke on Lions Head development in Washington City with their road issues. Jim made a statement regarding their access problems versus this development.

Council Member Shakespeare left the meeting at 6:15 p.m.

Merrill Langston a resident of Middleton spoke on the roads and there access. He said the access area cannot be used because it will go down into an existing trucking business. He said they are not all supportive for this project coming in. He suggested they secure those other access on the other roads. He feels if they dont, there could be a cause of an accident. Merrill spoke on the drainage for this area.

Commissioner Hullinger said if she lived on that street she would not want that impact even for one phase.

Commissioner Taylor said he thinks that one of the things that is favorable about this is the first phase will only be 5 lots on that street and then at that point in time the Escalera connection road can come in. So you will find that the major construction that will go on will have extra accesses to it. He said one of the things he does like about the project is there is a water catcher system in it that the neighborhood has not had in the past.

MOTION: Commissioner Taylor made a motion to recommend to City Council approval of a zone change request from RE-12.5 (Residential Estate 12,500 square feet minimum lot size) to PD-RES (Planned Development Residential) on 34.58 acres located generally at 2050 East 150 North with staff comments and particular the developer in their plans that they open up a second access through Escalera as soon as they can to reduce the burden on 2050 Street during construction phases. Commissioner Campbell seconded the motion. All voted aye.

Acting Chairman Bracken introduced Troop 1758 and working on their community merit badge.


Consider an amendment to the City General Plan Land Use Map. The existing land use designation is MR (Mixed Residential). The requested land use designations are PO (Professional Office), COM (Commercial), and MR (Mixed Residential). The MR includes both single family and multi-family housing. The site is the presently St. George City Airport. The area encompasses approximately 274.00 acres. The applicant is Anderson Development. The project is Airport Redevelopment Mr. Stewart Park, representative. Case No. 2008-GPA-001

Community Development Director Bob Nicholson said this is a public hearing to amend the General Plan Land Use map to change the land use designation from MR (Mixed Residential) to the designations of PO (Professional Office), COM (Commercial), and MR (Mixed Residential) on 274 acres. The land will not be available to the developer until the new airport is operational which is expected to be in 2011.

Bob said the property has been purchased now and the developer (Anderson Development Inc) would like the concept plan adopted as part of the Citys General Plan prior to completing the purchase. More detailed plans will accompany the rezoning request which is anticipated to come forward for public consideration in 2010 or 2011.

Bob said the proposed concept plan includes 42 acres for commercial development for office use and possibly including mini-storage, 50 acres of open space, 10.5 acres for arterial streets, and 154 acres in a variety of housing types ranging from approximately 70 estate type lots to 658 medium and high density housing units. In total 1,328 dwelling units are proposed in the conceptual plan.

Bob spoke on the roads. He said there is very little traffic that will impact Donlee Drive. There will be two accesses. There will be a road that will eventually go to Dixie Drive.

Bob said this is just a concept not a zoning change request. All the necessary utilities are extended to the area. Staff has suggested to the applicants to have neighborhood meetings specially along Donlee Drive. They are planning a neighborhood park on the south area.

Commissioner Burks asked if the resort housing is for 24-hours or more. B ob said the applicant should answer that question.

Commissioner Campbell asked if the proposed roads are on the master road plan

Commissioner Taylor asked about traffic impacts would Donlee Drive be better served to serve from north?

Bob spoke that the applicants Traffic Engineer is here tonight to address traffic issues and also City staff member Shari McTiver will have comments to make on traffic.

Chairman asked several questions about park issues.

Bob said this is a general plan amendment and not specific zoning information, but a concept park could definitely be added to plan.

Ronald Feldberg; with the developer spoke: There are written materials before you we can use tonight. Consistent with the previous URS plan. Began with it for bid. Now have higher densities because worked backwards from asking price of City ($44 million). He explained the need for the rush to hear this item now.

Tyler Hospkins spoke on the traffic for this project. He stated they work closely with the Engineering Department. It makes it difficult to try and anticipate what traffic will be like when this project is build out in 2025. They use a model in order to generate a lot of the numbers that are in their report. They came up with a number that they feel good with. He feels they need to do more of a concise look at those models, especially around the airport area. St. George and Bluff Street are at maximum capacity right now. He spoke on the percentages of trips on the roads that will be used. The intersection at 1700 South and Blackridge Drive can handle additional traffic right now. But over time that intersection will need to have a traffic signal. Indian Hills Road will not be able to handle the 25% traffic that they will send out to that site. The new Dixie Drive interchanges will service a lot of those. He said they can control the amount of traffic coming off that hill but it is the major roads below that may have a problem. That needs to be worked out. He suggested they use some techniques to slow the traffic on Donlee.

Bruce Cox lives in Las Vegas. He and his two sisters owns property between the airport and Bluff Street. The State put Bluff Street through and said no access because their property went over the top. Between his property and airport road somewhere there needs to be access for his property. Acting Chairman Bracken said you may want to get in touch with the Mayor and he may have some suggestions. Bruce Cox would like to see that deeded out before this moves forward.

Bob Nicholson suggested he could meet with City staff.

Ronald said one of the reasons they included a park area it is so unique suited for an amphitheater. One of the things they hope this would be a largely they are working hard with staff so they can understand and take advantage of some of the other things. Ronald said this plan is very conceptual.

Commissioner Campbell said the area that is commercial he feels that it should be moved or screened. It would not be good to see the back of the buildings up on the cliffs.

MOTION: Commissioner Campbell made a motion to recommend to City Council approval of an amendment to the City General Plan Land Use Map. The existing land use designation is MR (Mixed Residential). The requested land use designations are PO (Professional Office), COM (Commercial), and MR (Mixed Residential). The MR includes both single family and multi-family housing. The site is the presently St. George City Airport. The area encompasses approximately 274.00 acres. Commissioner Burks seconded the motion. All voted aye.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.