City Council Minutes

Thursday, June 12,2014

JUNE 12, 2014, 4:00 P.M.

Mayor Pro Tem Gil Almquist
Councilmember Jimmie Hughes
Councilmember Michele Randall
Councilmember Bowcutt
Councilmember Bette Arial
City Manager Gary Esplin
City Attorney Shawn Guzman
City Recorder Christina Fernandez

Mayor Pro Tem Almquist called the meeting to order and welcomed all in
attendance. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was led by Kent Perkins and the invocation was offered by President Thales Derrick with the St. George Stake.

City Manager Gary Esplin advised that per state law, impact fees need to be reviewed periodically to make sure the capital facilities plans are up to date.

Jason Burningham with Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham, Inc, presented a powerpoint presentation which covered the following topics: 2014 Impact Fees; Introduction to Impact Fees; Scope of Work; Impact Fee Process to Date; Recent Revisions; Culinary Water Impact Fee; Sanitary Sewer Impact Fee; Storm Drain Impact Fee; Transportation Impact Fee; Fire Impact Fee; Police Impact Fee; Parks, Recreation & Open Space Impact Fee; Energy Impact Fee; Summary (Residential Dwelling); Summary; and Next Steps.

Mayor Pro Tem Almquist asked Mr. Burningham to explain why some cities do not have impact fees.

Mr. Burningham stated that cities do not have certain impact fees since the fees are absorbed within another fee. Additionally, some cities have chosen to not charge impact fees rather they add the fees into user rates. He explained that impact fees for St. George were revised last in 2006. Although there is not a legal requirement to review them in a certain time frame, impact fees that are collected have to be used within 6 years.

City Manager Gary Esplin advised that in 2006 impact fees were based upon projects that were going to be done at that time.

Mr. Burningham stated that the Impact Fee Act defines system improvements as regional, beneficial improvements that are beyond one subdivision. These improvements are major improvements. Project improvements are defined as lateral improvements such as curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements.

Mari Smith, Executive Director of SUHBA, thanked the Mayor and Council for involving them in the process. She inquired if the only fees that were changed from the first draft are the water and power fees.

St. George City Council Minutes
June 12, 2014
Page Two

Mr. Burningham replied yes, those were the only fees that were changed.

Larry Gardner stated that he is concerned with developments in the Ledges area that
pay impact fees. He feels that if they pay impact fees, they should have some of the system improvements in that area. He mentioned that on page 14 of the Municipal Power Impact Fee Analysis, the Ledges development was singled out. They are looking for fairness, not only in the application, but also how it is administered. Additionally, he wondered if capital facilities can be put into that fee.

Mr. Burningham stated that there can be a debate as to whether or not they are included in the overall fee. It is an issue of system improvement versus project improvement. He does not know if the consultants knew enough about the system to determine what constitutes a system improvement or project improvement. It does seem to him that the language was included to demonstrate that for this study, it was treated as a project improvement.

City Manager Gary Esplin stated that there has been this debate for a number of years. Staff’s position is that the developer is required to bring the power to their development. To date, the developer has not paid anything toward getting power to the development. Per City ordinance, the developer is required to go to the nearest point of where the source of power or water is and bring it to their site. He is not opposed to allowing language to not preclude impact fees from being charged in that area. Staff is working with Rocky Mountain Power to determine how to serve power to other areas in the City, including this area.

Mr. Burningham read the bullet point in which the Ledges was mentioned.

City Manager Gary Esplin stated that the language can be changed to identify the area, not the Ledges development specifically.

Stacy Young mentioned the other element goes back to the exactions law that is caused by the Impact Fee Act. The exaction has to be roughly proportionate to the impact of the development. Some areas will have impact fees, under this fee system, of approximately $15 million over its buildout.

City Attorney Shawn Guzman stated that there has been that same discussion with other developers. Sometimes there is a minimum that has to be paid. If there is a need for one specific development, they will have to bring the power in. It does not necessarily mean it is a system improvement.

City Manager Gary Esplin recommended to make the proposed revisions and go forward with a public hearing.

Ms. Smith inquired if the updated fees will go into effect immediately.

City Attorney Shawn Guzman replied that there may be a legal issue with regards to the fees that will be increasing.

St. George City Council Minutes
June 12, 2014
Page Three

Wayne Pace with the Sons of the Utah Pioneers stated the quarry is located just east of the Red Hills Golf Course. There are some issues that include the fact that the east side was the site of a major Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp. The CCC would like to have a monument in that location. There is an agreement with the Sunstone HOA to install that monument on their property. It would be nice for the community to have both monuments together. Additional issues include the tortoise reserve and the path being installed along their fence as well as keeping people from being hit by players while on the path.

William Sylvester mentioned that this is the quarry from which stone was brought for many major buildings in the City.

Mr. Pace presented pictures of the area and proposed monument and trail. The idea is to create a pleasant park atmosphere including plaques that explain the area. There are two parts of the quarry, one is near the third green. The entrance would be near the maintenance area.

City Manager Gary Esplin stated that staff is concerned with the path being in the direct line from the back tees. Staff is not opposed to the trail if it is further back. The other issue is bringing cars into the area. There would need to be a secure fence to keep vehicles out.

Mr. Pace stated that he would like to meet with staff to coordinate this.

Mayor Pro Tem Almquist commented that the best thing is to look at the number of golfers who hit through that corner. He would like to see if an alternate route can be found.

Mr. Sylvester stated that there is one other place to put a trail.

Development Services Director Matt Loo presented a powerpoint presentation covering the following topics: Existing Color Scheme; Resource Center Organization Chart and St. George Resource Center Floor Plan.

Carol Hollowell, Executive Director, explained that when a client is in need of a service, they will come in the main intake. At that point, they will be given a menu card detailing the services they will need. The client will have a buzzer to let them know when it is their turn rather than calling out their name for privacy. She continued with the powerpoint covering the following topics: Friends fo the Volunteer Center (501.c3) and Progress in 10 days. She thanked the many partners that have come on board including, but not limited to, the Utah Food Bank, Department of Workforce Services, Five County Association and the LDS Community.

City Manager Gary Esplin commented that the intake process is intriguing.

St. George City Council Minutes
June 12, 2014
Page Four

Ms. Hollowell explained that clients will be given color coded cards with specific time slots.

Ed baca inquired how the center will be keeping families together when space is limited.

Ms. Hollowell stated that she does not feel that they will run out of space because they will try to get clients in and out. The process of getting people permanently housed will help the flow. The support team will be hired within the next 3-4 weeks.

Sherri Dial stated that Ms. Hollowell has been spending the last three years helping homeless people find homes.

Ms. Holloway explained that she did a point in time count and since February 3, 2014, 135 people have been housed. They try to help the clients get housing on their own. She stated the center already has a basketball court, a sand volleyball court, a track around the property and plenty of room for a nice garden. The play set is an outdoor play set which was received through a grant. There have been numerous volunteers assisting with remodeling and there will be plenty of volunteer opportunities in the future. She mentioned a backpack program for kids who are hungry and do not have enough food for the weekend. SUHBA has committed to donating labor hours to remodel the center. They will partner with the Senior Center to have a senior day at the food pantry. Having everything under one roof helps the person who has given up a better chance to get help. Looking forward, there can be dynamic changes, but by forcing the client to take action on their own, it will help them to stay of their feet. Clients will not be charged a fee to stay in the shelter, but they will have to do chores and keep up their action plan. She is working on applying for several grants. She has contacted Dixie State University, who will have a mobile dental van come to the center twice a year.

Councilmember Pro Tem Almquist inquired if this presentation can be taken to the other shelter in town to see where they may fit in.

Ms. Dial stated that they had contacted the Dixie Care & Share Board, they are still deciding how their mission will fit together with the center.

Councilmember Randall commented that she mentioned to Mayor Pike regarding having a bus stop closer to the Doctors Volunteer Clinic.

City Manager Gary Esplin stated that staff is looking at that.

Support Services Manager Marc Mortensen inquired about having a bicycle program. He would like to head up a bike program in which impounded bikes are fixed up and used by clients to get around town.

Mr. Loo stated that the next step is affordable housing. They have ideas and entities that have some land. He mentioned that Brand Iconic has donated time and developed a messaging map.

St. George City Council Minutes
June 12, 2014
Page Five

City Manager Gary Esplin stated that Ms. Hollowell and Mr. Loo will come back with a date to launch these programs. The cost of the project has been funded by CDBG funds, State funds and grants. He anticipates that no funds will be used from the City’s general fund to operate the facility. He does not know of any other city that is doing anything like this.

Councilmember Hughes stated that he has talked with private individuals who have been inspired by what Ms. Hollowell has done. There may be private individuals and corporations that would like to donate to the center. Additionally, the Homeless Coordinating Council has been doing things to coordinate services in the center.

Kent Perkins took the Mayor and City Council on a tour of the City Commons building.

Councilmember Randall mentioned the Flag Retirement ceremony that will take place on Saturday, June 14 at the SunBowl.

Councilmember Arial stated that the Arts Commission would like to buy a sculpture.

Mayor Pro Tem Almquist mentioned an art shop owner on Main Street who used to be very negative is now jazzed about the Red Cliff Gallery.

Councilmember Arial commented that the Children’s Museum is almost at 98,000 visitors. When they reach 100,000 visitors, they would like to hold a big fundraising event to raise $100,000.

Councilmember Bowcutt inquired if the City could advertise the Children’s Museum.

Support Services Mar Mortensen stated that although the City’s website has a link to the Children’s Museum, they are responsible for their own marketing.

Councilmember Hughes stated that he was at eating dinner at 25 Main at 8:30 one evening and everything was closed. He would like to attract people to the downtown area. He mentioned the Animal Shelter grand opening on Saturday, June 21st.

Mayor Pro Tem Almquist mentioned that the Mosquito Abatement Board holds their meeting on Thursday. They had a big agenda for tonight’s meeting.

Councilmember Hughes commented that at the Flood Control meeting, they were wondering if they were going to take over the responsibility for detention basins in Warner Valley.

Mayor Pro Tem Almquist mentioned that although the Hillside Board has not met in quite a while, he would like to give them an update on Stone Cliff.

MOTION: A motion was made by Councilmember Bowcutt to adjourn to a closed session.
St. George City Council Minutes
June 12, 2014
Page Six

SECOND: The motion was seconded by Councilmember .
VOTE: Mayor Pro Tem Almquist called for a vote, as follows:

Councilmember Almquist- aye
Councilmember Hughes - aye
Councilmember Randall - aye
Councilmember Bowcutt - aye
Councilmember Arial - aye

The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

The meeting then adjourned.

Christina Fernandez, City Recorder