City Council Minutes

Thursday, March 29,2012

MARCH 29, 2012, 4:00 P.M.

Mayor Daniel McArthur
Councilmember Jon Pike
Councilmember Gail Bunker
Councilmember Gil Almquist
Councilmember Ben Nickle
Councilmember Jimmie Hughes
City Manager Gary Esplin
City Attorney Shawn Guzman
City Recorder Gay Cragun

A site visit was taken of potential park sites for purchase. Upon the conclusion of the tour, the meeting reconvened at the City Office, Administration Conference Room.

Cameron Cutler introduced Rick Torgerson from UDOT and Lee Cabell with Horrocks Engineers.

Rick Torgerson presented a power point presentation titled I-15 South Environmental Assessment which covered the following topics: Project Overview, What Has Been Done To Date, Project and Need, Travel Demand, Managed Lanes Study, Freight Study, Preferred Alternative, Draft Preferred Alternative, Brigham Road Interchange (MP4), St. George Blvd. Interchange (MP8), Mall Drive Overpass, Green Springs Drive Interchange (MP10), SR-9 Interchange (MP16), Draft Project Phasing, CEVP Report, Key Environmental Resources, Next Steps.

Lee Cabell advised that UDOT will also be looking at noise walls.

City Manager Gary Esplin advised that the Riverside Drive project is ready to go to bid. He inquired of the City Council if traffic should be allowed to continue around Riverside Drive from the light to River Road, or if Riverside Drive from River Road to the intersection of Foremaster Drive should be closed during the project. This will put a lot more traffic over Foremaster Hill but will save the City potentially $245,000 in construction costs. The project should be finished by the end of the summer.

It was the consensus of the City Council to close the road in order to complete the project in 140 days.

Cameron Cutler advised that if the road was not closed, it would increase the length of the project by 30-40 days.

City Manager Gary Esplin explained that two parking spaces per unit are required in multiple family zones. Student housing requires one parking space for each student. Dennis Garr is proposing a much needed student housing project, but it is not feasible due to landscaping and parking requirements.

St. George City Council Minutes
March 29, 2012
Page Two

Stan Plewe, representing Dixie College, advised the College will have 9,000 students this fall, with no new housing on campus. The College years ago adopted a policy to let the private sector build student housing, and it worked well for a season. These apartments are now 20-30 years old and are not attractive when compared to other student housing throughout the state. Something has to be done in a major way to be competitive with other colleges yet still cut down on the number of cars driving the campus. While he sympathizes with the parking ordinance, the College also has a culture of trying to get the students to ride bicycles. Mr. Garrs proposed project site is located at 45 South 1100 East and backs up to Skywest.

Councilmember Almquist inquired about parking underneath the structure.

Mr. Garr replied the water table in this area is very close to the surface.

Mr. Esplin expressed concern about giving a variance for open space, and suggested that perhaps a height variance could be given instead.

Mr. Garr advised his original plan was for two eight-plexes.

Bob Nicholson distributed a handout titled Parking Requirements for Off-Campus Student Housing and reviewed it.

Councilmember Almquist suggested, because of the groundwater issues, the building could be made taller with parking underneath the structure, with some partial walls and landscaping required to lessen the impact of the underneath air space. He stated in the past the City Council has been amenable to allowing taller buildings away from the central core of the City. He stated the solution is to have the parking underneath somehow.

Mr. Garr commented that if he can build a three story twelve-plex, he has room for five parking stalls per unit.

The consensus of the City Council was that five stalls was adequate.

Mr. Garr commented this would still put him underneath the height restriction.

Councilmember Gail Bunker inquired if the City Council and College staff could review a map and work out bubble areas suitable for campus residential areas and perhaps change parking regulations for student housing.

Mayor McArthur inquired about a passageway under the freeway.

Mr. Plewe replied there is trail enhancement money out there for a passageway, and the smartest thing is to encourage use of bicycles and walking.

Councilmember Nickle suggesting expanding on-line classes to cut down on parking needs.

Mr. Plewe replied the College is expanding its on-line classes and offers three
degrees on-line. However, there is something about an on-campus freshman

St. George City Council Minutes
March 29, 2012
Page Three

experience that cannot be replaced by on-line classes. The College wants to provide a good mix of both.

Councilmember Nickle inquired about holding general courses at the Udvar Hazy building instead of at the older buildings where there is less parking.

Mr. Plewe replied that because of enrollment growth, every classroom is being used.

Councilmember Almquist inquired about using campus bikes.

Mr. Plewe replied that bike paths were painted all over campus and bikes provided, but no one used them.

City Manager Gary Esplin suggested that the City Council could grant a variance down to four or five parking stalls based on the specific project. The item will be scheduled on an upcoming agenda.

MOTION: A motion was made by Councilmember Almquist to adjourn to a closed session to discuss a personnel competency issue, a property issue, and potential litigation.
SECOND: The motion was seconded by Councilmember Pike.
VOTE: Mayor McArthur called for a roll call vote, as follows:

Councilmember Bunker - aye
Councilmember Almquist - aye
Councilmember Nickle - aye
Councilmember Pike - aye
Councilmember Hughes - aye

The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

MOTION: A motion to reconvene and adjourn was made by Councilmember Bunker.
SECOND The motion was seconded by Councilmember Nickle.
VOTE: Mayor McArthur called for a vote, as follows:

Councilmember Bunker - aye
Councilmember Almquist - aye
Councilmember Nickle - aye
Councilmember Pike - aye
Councilmember Hughes - aye

The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Gay Cragun, City Recorder