City Council Minutes

Thursday, July 14,2011

JULY 14, 2011, 4:00 P.M.

Mayor Daniel McArthur
Councilmember Gail Bunker
Councilmember Jon Pike
Councilmember Gil Almquist
Councilmember BenNickle
Councilmember Gloria Shakespeare
Deputy City Recorder Paula Houston
City Recorder Gay Cragun

City Manager Gary Esplin

Mayor McArthur called the meeting to order and welcomed all in attendance. The pledge of allegiance was led by Jace Hughes and the invocation was offered by Gil Almquist. Mayor McArthur then invited a Scout in the audience to introduce himself. Mayor McArthur announced that Fly Boys will be shown in the Town Square next Friday night.

Michelle Delloso, representing the Adidas Future program, explained the Adidas Futures tournament will be held here next week with over 750 high school all star girls participating. It is anticipated this tournament will provide $4 million dollars in economic benefit to the community. She was able to provide uniforms for every girl in the tournament. In attendance will also be 100 college scouts. So far the program has sent 500 girls to college on scholarships through the camp. She has started a 501C3 charity called the Go Girl Futures program and her goal is to get her message into the school systems to inspire and motive young women. There is no gate charge for the tournament. A former Olympian will also speak at the event.

Steve Bingham advised that Ms. Delloso could take her tournament to the Walt Disney World of Sports and they would love to have it, but Michelle loves St. George and is committed to this community. This tournament is larger than the NJCAA national championship tournament and is on par with the All American tournament for all the best players in the nation. It has been two years in the planning. The Utah Sports Commission determined the economic benefit to the community is $4 million dollars, on par with the marathon. Michelle formerly was in an olympic program and played on a professional baseball team which competed against minor league baseball teams. Her ties to major groups across the nation is amazing and she has put St. George softball on the map even more than it has been before. Adidas has put $800,000 into running this program over the past six years.


Ty Tippetts, representing Color Country Community Housing, a non-profit housing organization, explained they have not done anything in St. George since 2004. There is now a qualified census track which provides for a 30% increase in the amount of tax credits, so that allows something to happen in St. George again. They have found

St. George City Council Minutes
July 14, 2011
Page Two

2.5 acres at the southern end of 400 East by the substation that they would like to use for a 56 unit senior housing complex, targeting those within 44% of the area median income. A majority of the units will be for those 55 and older. They need the full support of the City and will need a general plan amendment, a zone change to PD, and a community revitalization plan in order to submit the application in on time.

Jason Wheeler, architect, distributed an architectural plan and reviewed the project. There will be 96 parking stalls. The total housing project will be 54,000 sq. ft., with 1,000 sq. ft. per apartment. This includes common spaces. The building will be higher than 35' and will provide a buffer between the freeway and the nearby mobile home park. There will be one and two bedroom units.

Councilmember Shakespeare inquired why all of the units were not going to be designated for senior citizens.

Mr. Tippetts replied his intent is to make it a senior project and by statute they have to make the project at least 80% for seniors. Even though there is flexibility to have those less than 55 years old, he does not want to mix families with seniors.

Mr. Wheeler stated their intention is to have the entire project for seniors. All they are saying is that they will commit to be at least 80% for seniors. It will not be marketed for families. The two bedroom units are for married couples.

Mr. Tippetts advised that if the City needs the project to be for seniors only, that is what they will do, but they would prefer flexibility, for example, to have a brother and sister, with one being under the age of 55, or an adult child caring for an aged parent.

Rebecca Jensen explained that part of the application will include a community revitalization plan. This is already with the state for their input.

Mr. Tippetts advised the deadline for the application is October 1.

Public Works Director Larry Bulloch introduced Rich Stahmeier, the new airport manager who was hired a month ago.

Mr. Stahmeier explained he was the airport manager in Logan for six years and turned that airport from a sleepy little general aviation airport into a commercial airport. He reviewed his goals for the airport and what he has accomplished so far and advised his goal is to not have the Mayor or City Manager receive any phone calls about the paid parking system.

The Mayor and several Council members stated they would like to see the free parking period extended to 1.5 hours from one hour.

Mr. Stahmeier stated that long term parking passes are available for purchase at the ARFF building. He updated the Mayor and Council on the FBOs and hangars and stated he is busy working on a punch list of items that need to be completed.

St. George City Council Minutes
July 14, 2011
Page Three

Public Works Director Larry Bulloch advised that all issues at the old airport have been resolved.

Support Services Manager Marc Mortensen advised that the City has unofficially adopted a policy for requests to use the old airport. The City will require groups not sponsored by the City to meet the government immunity maximum for liability insurance coverage which is $2.126 million. If they cant meet this, then they cannot use the airport.

Finance Director Phil Peterson advised that utility customers for some time have had the ability to go on-line to view and pay their utility bills. Finance is working with IT to simplify this registration process. They are in the process of upgrading software for e-mail presentation. 45% of utility payments come through regular mail. There is a $1.25 charge by the website provider to make a payment on-line. He then reviewed payment statistics.

Budget and Financial Planning Manager Deanna Brklacich reviewed the General Fund revenues budget, property and sales taxes received, and sales tax distribution.

James Duckett presented a power point presentation on the following topics: mission statement, network, fiber connectivity, locations on fiber, wireless connectivity, VOIP, data security, virtualization, co-locating to the Tonaquint Data Center, and a four year plan.

Dave Evans presented a power point presentation covering the following topics: survey control grid, monumentation, parcels, streets, addresses, water system, waste water system, power system, city limits, zoning, master plan, hillside overlay zone, census, terrain, contours, rivers and floodway data, police and fire, aerial photos, buildings, geologic hazards, analysis capabilities, web mapping site, and Cityworks.

Cory Frost, Webmaster, presented a power point presentation on the webpage and statistics on visitors to the various webpage sites.

The meeting then adjourned.

Gay Cragun, City Recorder