City Council Minutes

Thursday, July 31,2008

St. George City Council Minutes
Special Meeting
July 31, 2008, 4:00 p.m.
Administrative Conference Room

Mayor Daniel McArthur
City Council Member Gail Bunker
City Council Member Gloria Shakespeare
City Council Member Suzanne Allen
City Council Member Jon Pike
City Council Member Gil Almquist
City Manager Gary Esplin
City Attorney Guzman
Deputy City Recorder Ren? Fleming
Assistant to the City Manager Marc Mortensen

The pledge of allegiance was led by Mayor McArthur and the invocation was offered by Reverend Wilkey.

Mayor McArthur indicated the movie Flyboys, filmed in part in St. George, is scheduled to be released on August 15, 2008.

A trailer of the movie Flyboys was shown.

Consider approval of a final plat for the Milne Estates subdivision located at 3430 East and 2090 South Circle.

Jay Sandberg indicated there is only one home that will be built in the four lot subdivision.

Travis Milne indicated a delayed developer agreement will be signed shortly and confirmed that only one home will be built at this time.

Council Member Bunker made a motion to approve the final plat for the Milne Estates subdivision located at 3430 East and 2090 South Circle.

Council Member Shakespeare seconded the motion.

All voted aye, motion passed.

St. George City Council Minutes
July 31, 2008
Page Two

Presentation from the Best Friends partnering program

Khris Neal indicated she runs an adoption program in the area. She explained the group making the presentation includes representatives from several organizations and are experts in reducing the stray and feral cat populations via a program that also saves municipalities money.

Ms. Neal began a Power Point presentation titled ?The Feral Fix, A Service of Adopt-A-Friend.?

Shelly Kotter with Best Friends Animal Society continued the presentation. She indicated Dr. Ball and Dr. Max Brinkerhoff have worked with the Trap, Neuter and Release program, providing medical services at a reduced rate.

Holly Sizemore with No More Homeless Pets in Utah continued with the presentation.

The group briefly discussed the Trap, Neuter and Release program. There was discussion concerning funding amounts and if over time funding requirements reduced as feral populations reduced. There was discussion regarding the population increase of feral cats as a community grows.

The educational component of the program was discussed as was the success of the program in West Valley City and Salt Lake City.

Presentation regarding the corridor for I-15 freeway from mile post zero to mile post 42

The item was tabled as no one from the State was in attendance.

Discussion regarding the City Arts building

Leisure Services Director Kent Perkins updated the council on the Arts building renovation. It is anticipated the project will be completed by the middle of September 2008. He displayed a depiction of the paint color selection.

The council indicated they approved of the paint color selection.

St. George City Council Minutes
July 31, 2008
Page Three

City Manager Esplin explained the effort to raise money to meet the matching funds requirement from the Eccles foundation continues. He explained Dixie State College (DSC) has indicated an interest in reestablishing a partnership with the City to fund and use the building.

Presentation on proposed airport standards and regulations for the new airport

Mayor McArthur indicated this is a preliminary discussion regarding the proposed standards.

Rick Crossman, Airport Manager, distributed copies of the proposed minimum building standards. He explained he has discussed the proposed standards with several of the tenants and is working to address concerns. The document distributed is a draft and continues to be a work in progress.

The group discussed the reasons why the minimum standards are being changed.

An unnamed person asked if the new standards will apply to existing lease holders at the existing airport.

Mr. Crossman indicated that current lease holders will be grandfathered in and not required to meet the new standards at the existing location.

There was discussion concerning the designation of the Airport Manager to approve plans with respect to building colors, landscaping etc. and if that was the most appropriate individual to make those decisions. The option of plan review by a different department with the Airport Manager as part of the process due to the need to comply with aviation requirements was discussed.

There was discussion regarding coordination with appropriate authorities with respect to airside control for takeoff and landings. New security regulations regarding access which will be stricter than existing regulations were discussed.

There was discussion regarding signage rules such as advertisements on roofs that would be seen from the air.

Jim Able, representing the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), indicated the CAP plane in St. George is required to be in a hangar, and he would like to discuss how that can be done. He also asked if it would be possible to design a roof top caf? that would allow people to come and watch planes takeoff and land.
St. George City Council Minutes
July 31, 2008
Page Four

Public Works Director Bulloch asked if the council has any concerns about the proposed standards.

The council indicated they haven?t had a chance to review the documents.

Council Member Allen reiterated that the public will be provided with opportunities to provide comments and complimented Mr. Crossman on his efforts to hold meetings with those who will be affected by the proposed standards.

It was noted that the building standards distributed is the new draft, currently there are no existing building standards.

Request an Executive Session

Council Member Allen made a motion to move into executive session to discuss potential ligation and property issues.

Council Member Almquist seconded the motion.

A roll call vote was taken and all voted aye, motion passed.

Reconvene regular meeting

Council Member Bunker moved to reconvene the regular meeting.

Council Member Allen seconded the motion.

All voted aye, motion passed.


Council Member Pike made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

St. George City Council Minutes
July 31, 2008
Page Five

Council Member Allen seconded the motion.

All voted aye, motion passed.

Minutes recorded by:

Ren? Fleming, Deputy City Recorder