City Council Minutes

Thursday, November 9,2006

NOVEMBER 9, 2006, 4:00 P.M.

Mayor Daniel McArthur
Council Member Suzanne Allen
Council Member Bob Whatcott
Council Member Rod Orton
Council Member Gail Bunker
City Manager Gary Esplin
City Attorney Shawn Guzman
City Recorder Gay Cragun

Council Member Larry Gardner

Site visits were taken to 2025 South Circle north of the Atria Assisted Living Center, east of Mirage Estates and adjacent to the I-15 freeway right-of-way in the Tonaquint area, and to 1461 West Geronimo Street in the Bloomington area.

Upon conclusion of the site visits, the meeting resumed at the City Office, Administration Conference Room. The pledge of allegiance was led by Scout Jordan Mickelson of Troop 536, and the invocation was offered by Reverend Wilkie.

Staff distributed drafts of proposed impact fees.

City Manager Gary Esplin explained that a new subdivision of 1000 residents would require four acres of park dedication. If the project is too small and does not require a park, it would pay an in-lieu fee based on the number of units which would equate to population to upgrade the nearest park.

Council Member Whatcott inquired if a subdivision with more than 1000 residents would require an eight acre park. He inquired where the line would be drawn.

City Manager Gary Esplin replied that an in-lieu fee could be paid for the units above 1000.

Council Member Orton suggested the amount be figured on percentage.

City Manager Gary Esplin replied that there must be something to base the actual costs on, such as the standard for a four acre park, and he suggested that this standard not be deviated from for a neighborhood park. The master plan requires up to six acres per 1000 residents for a community park, but this may too much based on all the open space already within the City. He suggested that this requirement be lowered to four acres for a community park, with the City paying for the property and

St. George City Council Minutes
November 9, 2006
Page Two

cost of construction. He stated that staff would have to come back with the answer to address how to implement the in-lieu fee.

Council Member Whatcott suggested that the requirements not be too rigid.

Staff reviewed the hand-outs.

City Manager Gary Esplin explained that the park impact fee is now $1200 per house, and the new recommended impact fee is $2729 per house. Spanish Fork?s park impact fee is $4,500 per house, and Ivins? is over $4,000 per house.

Mayor McArthur commented he felt the new impact fee was reasonable and suggested that a public hearing be scheduled.

City Manager Gary Esplin explained that the City?s current park impact fee does not include trails, trailheads and recreation centers. The new impact fee will be used for all of these, and is a change in philosophy.

David McBride, representing Skywire Communications, distributed a written proposal.

Support Services Manager Marc Mortensen explained that because the City owns all the prime property for wireless towers, it was been contacted by many wireless companies. The technology is now better and the antennas are smaller, and staff feels comfortable with the aesthetics and the benefits offered the City. Skywire is making a proposal which staff feels the City should take advantage of. They are offering 10 hot spots, four of which they will put up and pay for the equipment in exchange for location of a 10' antenna in the horn of the devil?s saddle. If the City Council agrees to the proposal, it would allow the City to put wireless internet at some of the parks which the citizens can use free of charge. It would also provide hot spots which the police and fire department could use. A brand new frequency would be dedicated for public safety.

Mr. McBride explained that the speed of the service is twice as fast as DSL. The service will cover Ivins, Entrada, Kayenta, Coral Canyon, and extend to the Knolls.

Mr. Mortensen explained that other wireless companies will be asking for similar treatment and there may be several towers located in one site. The City will determine where all ten hot spots are located.

City Manager Gary Esplin stated his only concern was how five or six towers located on one site would look.

The item will be scheduled on an upcoming City Council agenda.

St. George City Council Minutes
November 9, 2006
Page Three

The meeting convened in the Traffic Control Center located in the basement of the City Office Building where a demonstration of alternatives for traffic control at Tabernacle and 400 West, and River Road synchronization were presented.

MOTION: A motion was made by Council Member Orton to adjourn to an executive session to discuss potential litigation.
SECOND: The motion was seconded by Council Member Allen.

VOTE: Mayor McArthur called for a roll call vote, as follows:

Council Member Orton - aye
Council Member Allen - aye
Council Member Whatcott - aye
Council Member Bunker - aye

The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

MOTION: A motion to reconvene and adjourn was made by Council Member Allen.
SECOND: The motion was seconded by Council Member Whatcott.
VOTE: Mayor McArthur called for a vote, and all voted aye. The motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Gay Cragun, City Recorder