City Council Minutes

Thursday, April 13,2006

APRIL 13, 2006, 4:00 P.M.

Mayor Daniel McArthur
Council Member Suzanne Allen
Council Member Gail Bunker
Council Member Rod Orton
Council Member Larry Gardner
City Manager Gary Esplin
City Attorney Shawn Guzman
City Recorder Gay Cragun

Council Member Bob Whatcott

Mayor McArthur called the meeting to order and welcomed all present. He then led the pledge of allegiance. The invocation was offered by Scott Hirschi.

Mayor McArthur announced that the Art Festival is being held April 14 and 15 on Main Street, and invited the City Council to meet Friday at noon to make their selections for awards.

Mayor McArthur announced that Debris Free Dixie Day will be held next weekend for all areas east of Main Street, and then again the following weekend for areas west of Main Street.

City Manager Gary Esplin advised that Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham Inc. will present an overview of City-wide impact fees. This analysis has been based on the law and the most up-to-date state requirements. Public hearings on the matter will be scheduled in the future.

Jason Burninghamof Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham Inc. explained that they are a financial advisory and impact fee consulting firm retained by the City to look at updating the City?s capital facilities plans and associated impact fees. The study looked at what capital improvements need to be made to accommodate the growth. In 1995 the Utah Legislature required all communities to go through an impact fee analysis and update their capital facilities plans by 1997 for consistency. The main focus of today?s presentation will be the City?s capital facilities plan with the exception of parks and recreation as this master plan is in the process of being completed. He then presented a power point presentation providing an overview of impact fees, impact fee methodology, planning horizons, level of service standards, a summary of future capital project costs, proposed financings, recommendations and a proposed timeline. He advised that the capital facilities plan presented only applies for the next five years.

Water Services Director Barry Barnum reviewed the Water Services Department?s capital projects and expenditures.

Public Works Director Larry Bulloch reviewed the Public Works Department?s capital projects.

Energy Services Director Phil Solomon reviewed the Energy Services Department?s capital projects.

Carol Sapp advised that she is a member of a committee studying the issue of whether growth pays for itself and the analysis should be completed in two weeks.

Council Member Orton commented that to limit impact fees during runaway profitability did not make sense.

Ms. Sapp replied that land is driving the cost, not construction costs.

Washington County Economic Development Director Scott Hirschi commented that while growth should pay its own way, those costs are very difficult to determine and the full universe of costs and how they are paid should be looked at. He stated that everyone who was here 40 years ago is better off today because of growth.

Mr. Burningham commented that he is working with Budget and Financial Planning Manager Deanna Brklacich to customize the capital facilities plan to keep it updated so that future adjustments can be made quickly.

Public Works Director Larry Bulloch advised Council Member Allen that her suggestion that a double left turn lane at Bluff and Blackridge will be pursued.

City Manager Gary Esplin advised that the Water Conservancy District?s portion of the impact fee will be implemented on April 22, and inquired of the City Council which projects would have standing.

City Attorney Shawn Guzman advised that Ron Thompson agreed that the WCWCD is willing to lien the lots, with those in the pipeline moving forward and not having to pay the impact fees up front. When the permits are pulled, or the lot is sold, the impact fee will then be due.

City Manager Gary Esplin advised that in the meantime those projects with a preliminary plat being reviewed by the City will be considered in the pipeline.

City Attorney Shawn Guzman commented that he would schedule a meeting with Ron Thompson and Carol Sapp to work out details.

MOTION: A motion was made by Council Member Bunker to adjourn to an executive session to discuss purchase of an entity.
SECOND: The motion was seconded by Council Member Allen.
VOTE: Mayor McArthur called for a roll call vote, as follows:

Council Member Bunker - aye
Council Member Allen - aye
Council Member Gardner - aye
Council Member Orton - aye

The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

MOTION: A motion to reconvene was made by Council Member Gardner.
SECOND: The motion was seconded by Council Member Orton.
VOTE: Mayor McArthur called for a vote, and all voted aye. The motion carried.

Council Member Orton advised that he has had a number of calls on a home being used for drug rehab at 600 East 200 South which does not have a permit to operate.

Council Member Allen advised that she also has had a number of calls about a home at 153 South Main being used for drug rehab which does not have a permit to operate.

Council Member Orton inquired when the City was going to finish its portion of Snow Canyon Parkway by the ball diamonds.

Public Works Director Larry Bulloch replied that this area would be completed as part of a federal project.

Council Member Orton suggested that the City Council again meet with Ron Thompson to review the pooling agreement.

Mayor McArthur advised that he met with Jan Felt of the St. George Musical Theater about the City?s desire to have the SGMT remain downtown. She advised she felt the $5 million needed to remodel the existing building could be raised by year end. Mayor McArthur advised he told her if the money were not raised by then, the building would be demolished.

The meeting then adjourned.

Gay Cragun, City Recorder