City Council Minutes

Thursday, October 27,2005

OCTOBER 27, 2005, 4:00 P.M.

Mayor Daniel McArthur
Council Member Suzanne Allen
Council Member Rod Orton
Council Member Gail Bunker
Council Member Larry Gardner
Council Member Bob Whatcott
City Manager Gary Esplin
City Attorney Shawn Guzman
City Recorder Gay Cragun

Mayor McArthur called the meeting to order and welcomed all present. After the pledge of allegiance, he offered the invocation.

Community Development Director Bob Nicholson explained that the presentation on the South Block Master Plan is a summary of planning efforts which have been underway for the past six months. The City is a recipient of a $50,000 grant from the Federal Highway Administration to help in this effort. He then introduced Jeff Winston, the lead planner.

Mr. Winston presented a power point presentation on planning for sustainability in the 10,000 acre South Block growth area and a modeling analysis of land use impacts associated with the Southern Corridor project.

Ric McBrier, representing the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA), commented that zoning needed to be locked in before privatization begins through a joint effort between the City and SITLA.

Gary Wood commented that a site plan was needed for design of the community, as well as the architecture of individual buildings.

City Manager Gary Esplin commented that before density is granted, design criteria must first be agreed upon.

Mr. Nicholson suggested that a master plan with accompanying design guidelines first be established, then that can be followed up with zoning.

Council Member Orton commented that the size of the project would be a challenge.

Mr. Nicholson suggested the project be broken up into neighborhoods.

Mr. Winston commented that the most important decision would be the location of roads.

Mr. McBrier commented that the City should designate what the different pieces of the project should be. If not, design of the roadways could be all wrong. He suggested that a small group be assigned the task of figuring out the land uses.

Mr. Winston commented that density was the answer to affordable housing.

Mayor McArthur advised that the document entitled ?Planning Directions for the South Block? distributed by Mr. Nicholson would need to be studied by the City Council for several weeks, after which it would be scheduled on an agenda for adoption.

Mr. Nicholson advised that three applications to amend the general plan in the Little Valley area were pending. He inquired if there was interest on the part of the City Council in adopting a density bonus program to encourage attainable housing.

City Manager Gary Esplin replied that a joint meeting with the Planning Commission was needed to discuss goals and objectives before the general plan is amended.

A joint meeting with the Planning Commission was scheduled for November 15 at noon.

The meeting then adjourned.

Gay Cragun, City Recorder