City Council Minutes

Thursday, August 11,2005

AUGUST 11, 2005, 3:30 P.M.

Mayor Daniel McArthur
Council Member Suzanne Allen
Council Member Gail Bunker
Council Member Rod Orton
Council Member Bob Whatcott
Council Member Larry Gardner
City Manager Gary Esplin
City Attorney Shawn Guzman
City Recorder Gay Cragun

A site visit was made to the Sienna Park condominium portion of the Stonebridge planned development zone located at 271 N. Country Lane, west of Dixie Drive.

Consider approval of a resolution authorizing and approving the execution by the City of St. George, Utah, of the third amendment to the sublease agreement; authorizing and approving certain actions to be taken by Washington County/St. George Interlocal Agency, Washington County, Utah, including, among other things, the execution and delivery of a third supplemental indenture, the third amendment to the master lease agreement, and other related documents.

MOTION: A motion was made by Council Member Gardner to approve the resolution.
SECOND: The motion was seconded by Council Member Orton.
VOTE: Mayor McArthur called for a roll call vote, as follows:

Council Member Gardner - aye
Council Member Orton - aye
Council Member Whatcott - aye
Council Member Bunker - aye
Council Member Allen - aye

The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

It was the consensus of the City Council to let the home show people proceed as they have done in past years.

Public Works Director Larry Bulloch introduced Jeff Thomas and Sheila Thomas of Landrum and Brown, an international engineering firm, which has been hired to prepare the land use plan as part of the EIS process. Ms. Thomas presented a power point presentation, reviewing goals and objectives, planning criteria, planning and safety boundaries, distribution of general aviation accidents, potential safety areas, flight tracks, concept development, details of the Groves project, design development standards, and implementation.

Mr. Bulloch advised that the committee which was formed to look at land uses around the new airport concluded that each city would administer its land use plan independently of the other, but would communicate and provide support with the zoning process. An interlocal agreement will be developed regarding the processes by which each would work with the other. He proposed that the land use plan be adopted, with annexation details to be worked out in the future.

A representative of SITLA commented that SITLA would like a mixed-use zone on the west side similar to that on the east side.

Mr. Bulloch advised that the airport overlay zone, which overlaps the area proposed by SITLA for mixed use on the west side, prohibits residential use.

Ms. Thomas advised that any changes to the land use plan were needed as soon as possible so that it could be finalized by October when the EIS public hearings would be held.

St. George City Council Minutes
August 11, 2005
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Mr. Bulloch advised that public hearings on the EIS will be held in October, with the final draft being prepared by the end of the year, and the record of decision made by spring.

City Manager Gary Esplin distributed a memorandum outlining concerns of Little Valley residents with the proposed Fields Softball Complex, and proposed mitigation measures. Concerns of the residents were addressed as much as possible. It was the consensus of the Mayor and City Council to move forward with the project.

The meeting then adjourned.

Gay Cragun, City Recorder