City Council Minutes

Thursday, October 11,2001

ST. GEORGE CITY COUNCIL MINUTES WORK MEETING OCTOBER 11, 2001, 4:00 P.M. ADMINISTRATION CONFERENCE ROOM PRESENT: Mayor Daniel McArthur Council Member Rod Orton Council Member Suzanne Allen Council Member Larry Gardner City Member Bob Whatcott City Attorney Jonathan Wright City Recorder Gay Cragun EXCUSED: City Manager Gary Esplin Council Member Sharon Isom OPENING: Mayor McArthur called the meeting to order and welcomed all present. The invocation was offered by Marc Mortensen. DISCUSSION RE DEMONSTRATION GARDEN: Julie Breckenridge from the Washington County Water Conservancy District displayed a proposed mock-up of a sign advertising the Demonstration Garden. She advised that a MOU for the land use had been drafted, an implementation schedule has been established, and the garden should be completed by April 15, 2002. John Costanza, architect for the project, displayed a site plan and reviewed it with those present. He explained the main purposes of the garden are to promote water conservation and disseminate knowledge about landscaping and use of water. He advised that several contractors have agreed to donate work and materials, and nurseries have agreed to donate landscape materials. The result will be that not a lot of funds will have to be spent on non-garden related items. Ms. Breckenridge advised that the property will be surveyed next week, and a road installed by the end of the month. Mayor McArthur advised that the MOU will be formalized at a regular meeting. DISCUSSION RE SIZE OF RVS IN RV PARK: Community Development Director Bob Nicholson explained that several years ago the City began to allow the size of RVs in an RV park to be increased from a footprint of 750 sq. ft.(as allowed in the State Code) to 825 sq. ft. However, since that time the actual floor area of some RV units have been increased to over 825 sq. ft. through the use of pop-outs or cantilevering. He explained that RV parks were designed for small units, and if larger units are desired, they should be built in a different zone. The RV park associations agree and feel the 825 sq. ft. limit should be enforced. A gentlemen representing the Rio Virgin RV Park said that most of the units being built over 825 sq. ft. are being done by owner-builders. He advised that in fact, it was easier and more cost effective to build on a cement slab rather than add pop-outs. Mr. Nicholson advised that a home 825 sq. ft. in size cannot be built in any other zone in the City. Council Member Orton commented that the Rio Virgin RV Park is as nice as any area in town with beautifully maintained yards, and in actuality is an R-5 subdivision. Leon Blake, developer of the Rio Virgin RV Park, advised that the building of units over 825 sq. ft. has simply gotten out of hand, and he did not want larger units allowed. Mr. Nicholson advised that there are approximately five or six units in the Rio Virgin RV Park which exceed the 825 sq. ft. limit, and he suggested that the City Council accept them as legally grand-fathered non-conforming uses. He also suggested that the total floor area of units in an RV park be set at a maximum of 825 sq. ft., and that conditional use permits for larger units not be allowed. Mayor McArthur suggested the matter be scheduled on a regular City Council agenda. ZONE CHANGE ADVERTISEMENTS: Community Development Director Bob Nicholson advised that currently the City advertises the entire metes and bounds legal description when it advertises zone changes. He recommended that the City change its practice to advertise only the street address, thereby making it more understandable for the public, as well as cost effective for the City. The Mayor and City Council agreed with Mr. Nicholson. SUBSTANDARD PARKING LOT: Council Member Whatcott advised that the parking lot for an auto sales lot on 400 East next to Lynne Clark’s studio has not been asphalted and does not meet City standards. Community Development Director Bob Nicholson advised that several letters have been sent to the owner of the car lot, who advises that the lot will be asphalted as soon as possible. Mr. Nicholson advised that the car lot’s landscaping also does not meet City requirements, and this also will be enforced. REPORT ON MEETING WITH AOPC: Mayor McArthur reported that he met today with representatives of the AOPC concerning acceptance of sewer lines within their projects and the City’s obligations. Out of the 30 projects which have applied for City acceptance, only one has been accepted due to many deficiencies in the sewer systems. Some have manholes which are too far apart, while others may have too many rings above the manhole, or be at a different grade than the road. The systems must be brought up to City standards in order to be accepted. Member of the AOPC would like the developers to pay for remediation needed to bring the systems up to City standards, and would like City inspectors to look more closely at private sewer systems to assure they meet all current standards. Additionally, some manholes cannot even be found, as they have been covered up when a street has been raised. Another issue they would like addressed is whether or not there is a standard for building ponds and if the City inspects them. Community Development Director Bob Nicholson advised that the Water and Power Department has recently adopted a policy concerning volumes of water in ponds, and if a pond larger than a certain size is wanted, the developer must receive approval from the Water and Power Board. However, he was unaware of any construction standards or inspections for ponds. Mayor McArthur advised that the homeowner associations would also like copies of infrastructure and plans for their developments since they are not receiving them from the developers. City Attorney Jonathan Wright advised the plans can be obtained from the City. Mayor McArthur advised that they have tried to obtain them from the City, but were advised they could not be found. Community Development Director Bob Nicholson advised that in the past the City did not require as-built plans, but it makes sense to require them, as well as requiring plans for ponds. Mayor McArthur advised that members of the AOPC are also concerned about impact fees and the fact that some developments have installed a 2" meter to serve 30 to 40 units, and individual units cannot control their own water. He suggested a cure for this could be implementation of a fee similar to the wastewater fee - an amount is charged based on the unit, whether used or not. Mayor McArthur suggested that perhaps the number of PUDs could be limited in the future, or the number of units which can be hooked to a single meter. Mr. Nicholson advised that the City already has regulations on the number of units which can be hooked to one meter. Mayor McArthur asked Council Members to keep this discussion and the concerns on the AOPC in mind as the City begins the process of evaluating impact fees. UPDATE ON RECENT MURDER CASE: Mayor McArthur advised that he recently met with Chief Stratton and County Attorney Eric Ludlow on site of the recent murder. He commented on how well all agencies interacted with each other. He also advised that Mr. Ludlow praised the St. George Police Department for its professionalism and good working relationship. Mayor McArthur advised that because of the exceptional police work done the St. George Police Department, the suspect was arrested less than four hours after the crime, the weapon has been found, and the State Crime Lab has been brought in to process the crime scene. The matter is now in the hands of the County Attorney who feels he has a solid case because of the good police work. Council Members commented that perhaps some of the monies being raised for the victims of the New York and Washington D.C. tragedies could be donated instead to the family of the murder victim, John Anderson. Mr. Anderson and his wife, who is a school teacher, have five sons, the youngest being nine years of age. They commented that while the victims of the New York tragedy are certainly deserving of everyone’s concern and charity, there are also needs here in Washington County which should not be overlooked. The meeting then adjourned at 5:30 p.m. _________________________________ Gay Cragun, City Recorder