City Council

Thursday, March 22,2001

ST. GEORGE CITY COUNCIL MINUTES WORK MEETING MARCH 22, 2001, 4:00 P.M. ADMINISTRATION CONFERENCE ROOM PRESENT: Mayor Daniel McArthur Councilmember Sharon Isom Councilmember Rod Orton Councilmember Larry Gardner Councilmember Suzanne Allen Councilmember Bob Whatcott City Manager Gary Esplin City Attorney Jonathan Wright City Recorder Gay Cragun Mayor McArthur called the meeting to order and welcomed all in attendance. The invocation was given by Marc Mortensen. DISCUSSION WITH RUSS WALTER RE COMBINING TWO LOTS: City Attorney Jonathan Wright advised that Mr. Walter has two duplex lots. One lot is occupied by an illegal tri-plex. Mr. Walter would like to amend the plat, keep the tri-plex and build a duplex on the vacant lot resulting in a five-plex. Mr. Walter explained he purchased the lots in the Parkside Subdivision under the assumption he could build a five-plex, but then discovered the tri-plex was illegal. He stated he would be willing to pay the impact fee for the third unit or resolve the issue in some other way so it could be combined with a duplex to result in a five-plex. Mr. Wright advised the lots could be combined, but this would require amending the plat with the consents of all property owners within the subdivision, or by public hearing. He advised Mr. Walter to meet with Deputy City Attorney Ron Read to begin the process for a plat amendment. DEMONSTRATION GARDEN: Julie from the Washington County Water Conservancy District presented a plan for a water conservation garden and inquired if the City would support the garden by donating property. It is hoped the demonstration garden will promote water-wise landscaping and educate the public on proper fertilization and irrigation technology and to familiarize the public on low maintenance landscape which uses less water and energy without compromising quality of life. Two to three acres is needed and the Tonaquint Park site would be ideal because the nature center and infrastructure is already in place. Councilmember Gardner commented the garden should be located where it can be seen. Parks Superintendent Lynne Scott advised that the Dixie Center site would not be large enough, but the Tonaquint site already has restrooms, parking, and access to a classroom in the Nature Center. Councilmember Whatcott expressed concern that acreage at the Tonaquint Park site was needed for a soccer field. City Manager Gary Esplin commented that while the Dixie Center site may not be the first choice, a lot of people would have exposure to the garden as they used the Dixie Center and trailhead. Ms. Scott advised that eventually a new parks maintenance building will be needed, and while a site has not been decided upon, one area high on the list is the Tonaquint site. Mayor McArthur commented that the original purpose for purchasing the Tonaquint area property was to expand the cemetery, and this use has already been infringed upon by the tennis complex. City Manager Gary Esplin commented serious problems exist with the current Parks Maintenance facility and it will either have to be razed and a new one constructed on the site, or relocated somewhere else. He commented that Kay Traveller expressed interest in trading some frontage along the Tonaquint cemetery site for property in the back, and perhaps this area could be used for a maintenance facility. Mr. Esplin commented that as much as he would like to see the demonstration garden located near the Dixie Center, the property is much too valuable. Councilmember Gardner suggested locating the demonstration garden behind Elks Field on the south end, or near the Woodward building or at Worthen Park in place of the maintenance facility. John Costanza, landscape architect, is designing the garden for free. He advised the Tonaquint location was best because of existing parking and restroom facilities, and would be compatible with uses at the park. The Dixie Center site would require a lot of up-front construction costs. Mayor McArthur commented that Tonaquint Park has been the site of the City’s Arbor Day celebration, and if there is room for everything, he liked the site. Councilmember Whatcott inquired why two to three acres was needed for the garden, and commented that the City should be realistic in its donation of property. Mayor McArthur commented that the City should be a leader and join with the District in adoption of the demonstration garden. 15% conservation will result in putting off major projects for five to six years and will save the City substantial money. Councilmember Orton suggested locating the garden at the Quail Creek water treatment plant. Councilmember Gardner commented that justification for the City’s participation should be location of the garden in a place where people will see and use it as an amenity. He expressed concern that location of the garden at Tonaquint would not provide sufficient exposure, and as there are already two parks and a nature center in this area, perhaps the City should disburse its amenities throughout the City. Mayor McArthur commented it appeared the Tonaquint site was the best location. Councilmember Isom commented she would like to see the garden located at Worthen Park. Mr. Costanze commented if restrooms and parking are already in place, less than two acres would be needed for the garden. Councilmember Gardner suggested that perhaps a trade could be made for a better site than the City currently owns. Mayor McArthur advised a site would be decided upon by the next City Council meeting. UPDATE ON NEW AIRPORT: Alan Wiechmann, manager of the Denver FAA office, was introduced by Larry Bulloch. City Manager Gary Esplin advised that the 60 day contest period ends March 30 and the City will then know whether or not any actions have been filed against the ROD. Mr. Wiechmann advised the next step requires a project team to refine the costs of the estimates given, and next week he and Mayor McArthur and Larry Bulloch will be in Seattle trying to firm up the FAA’s commitment. A fiscal agent is needed to help project revenues and assist with project financing sources to meet that demand. However, money needed to fund these positions may not be available until FAA grant funds become available. Until an official position on funding is received from the FAA, the City does not know what the shortfall is. The FAA will fund less than 90% of the project, and the City will have to raise the additional funds needed. The City is faced with the challenge of raising the funds by selling the current airport site while still using it during construction of the new airport. Public Works Director Larry Bulloch advised that at the next City Council meeting he will be requesting authorization to hire an appraiser to appraise the 15 parcels of property needed for the airport. Land cost is the largest single element in the new airport proposal. A request will also be made for a program manager to coordinate the entire airport program. City Manager Gary Esplin advised a plan will have to be formulated to pay for the program manager. ADJOURN TO EXECUTIVE SESSION: A motion to adjourn to an executive session to discuss land acquisition and/or sales was made by Councilmember Isom and seconded by Councilmember Gardner. Mayor McArthur called for a roll call vote, as follows: Councilmember Isom - aye Councilmember Gardner - aye Councilmember Whatcott - aye Councilmember Orton - aye Councilmember Allen - aye The vote was unanimous and the motion carried. RECONVENE: A motion to reconvene was made by Councilmember Gardner and seconded by Councilmember Orton. Mayor McArthur called for a vote, as follows: Councilmember Gardner - aye Councilmember Orton - aye Councilmember Allen - aye Councilmember Whatcott - aye Councilmember Isom - aye The vote was unanimous and the motion carried. COMPLAINT RE OFF-ROAD VEHICLES: Councilmember Orton advised he has received complaints from Bloomington area residents that the City’s current ordinance prohibiting off-road vehicle use within 600’ of an occupied residence is too lenient. He suggested the ordinance be reviewed for modification. G.R.A.M.A. REQUEST: City Attorney Jonathan Wright advised that Joseph Wisden made a G.R.A.M.A. request for a police report, and a portion of his request was denied based on its status as "protected" under G.R.A.M.A. Mr. Wisden is appealing that classification. Mr. Wright advised his recommendation is to release the information as it does not pertain to an ongoing investigation. DANGEROUS INTERSECTION: Councilmember Isom advised that the intersection of 400 East and Tabernacle, when traveling west on Tabernacle, is dangerous as motorists have to pull out into the street to look north because of diagonal parking permitted along this section of street. CENSUS: City Manager Gary Esplin advised the City will protest the recent census as it puts the City’s population at 49,637 and did not include missionaries. The protest cannot be filed until June. The City is also checking to see if any areas were missed. ADJOURN: The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m. ___________________________________ Gay Cragun, City Recorder