City Council Minutes

Thursday, May 30,2002

MAY 30, 2002, 4:00 P.M.

Mayor Daniel McArthur
Council Member Rod Orton
Council Member Suzanne Allen
Council Member Larry Gardner
Council Member Bob Whatcott
City Manager Gary Esplin
City Recorder Gay Cragun

Council Member Sharon Isom

Administrative Services Director Joe Vincent reviewed his department's budget with the Mayor and City Council and explained the proposed budget contained requests for miscellaneous computer hardware and software, aerial photography for the GIS, and a full time web developer.

Finance Director Phil Peterson presented a brief overview of the department and its functions, and proposed budget. He advised that assets of the City total $80 million dollars, business activity of $95 million dollars, with net assets after debt of $174 million dollars with an accumulated depreciation of $37 million dollars. This figure is not based on fair market value, but on historical costs.

Council Member Orton inquired of Mr. Peterson if he felt it was good to use the same auditing company for 20 years.

Mr. Peterson replied that knowing the professionalism of Ken Hinton, this has not been a concern. Additionally, there is not another firm in town with the staff necessary to perform the audit within the same time period.

Mr. Peterson advised that software for Accounts Payable, Purchasing and Payroll has been upgraded, and a contract has been signed to upgrade Utilities as well. He advised that a majority of his budget is for postage costs.

Water and Power Director Wayne McArthur presented a brief overview of his department and proposed changes to the water and power budgets. He advised that an automatic inventory control system was being considered, as well as automatic reading of meters. He explained that 26,000,000 to 27,000,000 gallons of water a day is currently being used.

Council Member Gardner suggested putting the City's daily water usage in the newspaper to help the public become aware of how much is being used.

Mr. McArthur advised that the City is getting to the point where it can measure hourly the amount of water in its tanks.

Assistant to the City Manager Mark Mortensen inquired if an odd-even watering system would help with the problem of refilling the tanks each day.

Mr. McArthur replied that it would help.

City Manager Gary Esplin commented he was confident the City would have an adequate amount of water this summer, but he was concerned for next year if there was not a sufficient amount of rain, as next year Quail Creek Reservoir will have to be taken down for repairs.

Mr. McArthur then reviewed proposed water and power projects.

Police Chief Marlon Stratton presented an overview of this department. A Homeland Security Commander has been appointed with focus on the airport, overpasses, schools, utilities, the Senior Games, Torch Run, etc. Hazardous materials have become a concern, and a Five County Hazardous Materials Response Team is proposed. He then reviewed training taking place within the department, and reported on the bike squad, DUI enforcement, combined gang and drug unit and gang enforcement. He advised that the department was the recipient of a $250,000 grant to fight meth in Southern Utah, and the department is in the process of spending these funds to help with the Drug Task Force. He reported that the School Recourse Program had 100% participation with a cost of $151,000 each year to fund four High School Resource Officers. He advised that the department applied for a grant to provide School Resource Officers in the middle schools, but was denied. The department will reapply, and if approved, will received 100% funding for three years for the middle schools. He reported on the Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force, pistol range, communication center, citizens academy, youth academy, Safe Kids ID program, airport detail, and response times. He advised his budgets contains a request to replace seven vehicles.

Leisure Services Director Kent Perkins presented a overview of projects completed during the year, including the renovation of the Art Center, Dixie Center changeover, Sports Commission, marathon, and arts festival. He reported on the parks and recreation bond status, outstanding projects, parks reservations, City Hall landscaping project, park impact projects, security, Recreation Division reorganization, Golf Division, budget requests, and proposed new fees for services and use of parks.

Public Works Director Larry Bulloch briefly reviewed his budget with the Mayor and City Council and reported on the Fleet Management Division, new airport, new Airport Manager, pavement program, Southern Corridor, and Atkinville Interchange.

City Manager Gary Esplin reported that the proposed budget includes a recommendation for a 2% market adjustment in addition to picking up 10% of the increase in insurance costs, leaving the employees to pay for 5% of the increase.

The meeting then adjourned.

Gay Cragun, City Recorder