City Council Minutes

Thursday, September 20,2001

ST. GEORGE CITY COUNCIL MINUTES WORK MEETING SEPTEMBER 20, 2001, 4:00 P.M. PRESENT: Mayor Daniel McArthur Council Member Rod Orton Council Member Suzanne Allen Council Member Bob Whatcott Council Member Larry Gardner City Manager Gary Esplin City Recorder Gay Cragun EXCUSED: Council Member Sharon Isom SITE VISIT TO 2200 WEST: Also present were Planning Commissioners Myrna Stout, Vince Clayton, and Gil Almquist. The applicant displayed the proposed grading plan, and the area was walked by all present. The applicants assured those present that there would not be any sluff off due to grading to mar the cut hillside. IHC HOSPITAL GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY: The Mayor and City Council attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new IHC hospital on site. They then returned to the City Office. DISCUSSION RE DOCTORS FREE CLINIC: City Manager Gary Esplin advised that representatives of the Doctors Free Clinic would like the City to contribute off-site improvements which need to be done in order to get their building permit. These improvements consist of bringing power to the site, curb and gutter, widening of the road, etc. The City is planning on building a trailhead on the south side of the road, and perhaps the City could plan its trailhead near the Doctors Free Clinic site and use their parking lot, while adding some additional parking. If the City helped with the off-site improvements, the Clinic would deed to the City one acre of property in exchange for the trailhead, landscaped area and parking lot in coordination with the Clinic project. Those present agreed with the concept, and Mr. Esplin advised he would notify Doctors Free Clinic representatives so they could address it with their board, and the matter would be scheduled on a future City Council agenda. DISCUSSION RE PIONEERZZ: City Manager Gary Esplin advised he received a letter from the Washington County Economic Development Council asking for financial support for the Pioneerzz. The Pioneerzz lost $300,000 last year, and needs a commitment from the community of $36,000 in order to remain here. Mr. Esplin advised he spoke with Pres. Huddleston who indicated the College, while supportive of the Pioneerzz, was not willing to commit any additional funding. It was the consensus of those present that the City was not willing to contribute any additional funding unless the College did. Council Member Whatcott expressed disappointment that members of the Pioneerzz team had shown no commitment to the community by participating in community events. ADJOURN TO EXECUTIVE SESSION: A motion to adjourn to an executive session to discuss a pending litigation matter was made by Council Member Gardner and seconded by Council Member Allen. Mayor McArthur called for a roll call vote, as follows: Council Member Gardner - aye Council Member Allen - aye Council Member Orton - aye Council Member Whatcott - aye The vote was unanimous and the motion carried. The meeting then adjourned after executive session. ____________________________ Gay Cragun, City Recorder