City Council Minutes

Thursday, February 8,2001

WORK MEETING OF THE ST. GEORGE CITY COUNCIL WASHINGTON COUNTY, UTAH Thursday, February 8, 2001 4:00 p.m. PRESENT Daniel D. McArthur, Mayor Sharon Isom, Council Member Robert Whatcott, Council Member Larry Gardner, Council Member Suzanne Allen, Council Member Jonathan Wright, City Attorney Miriam Palma, Deputy City Recorder ABSENT Rod Orton, Council Member Gary Esplin, City Manager Gay Cragun, City Recorder CALL TO ORDER Mayor McArthur called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. He welcomed those present and asked Larry Bulloch to say the opening prayer. CLARIFICATION OF MODIFIED CURB DECISION Before introduction of items from the agenda, Mayor McArthur asked that there be a clarification of what was voted on at the last Council meeting regarding when to allow modified curbs. After a discussion, Larry Bulloch wrote down his understanding of the decision and showed it to those present. They agreed. The decision was as follows: In subdivisions in which the traffic flow is from 1-100 vehicle trips/day (1-10 lots) modified curb will be approved with 29 feet of asphalt and a 4-foot planter strip between the curb and the sidewalk. In subdivisions in which the traffic flow is 100-500 vehicle trips per day (10-50 units), modified curb will be approved with 32 feet of asphalt and a 4-foot planter strip between the curb and the sidewalk. In subdivisions in which the traffic flow is greater than 500 vehicle trips per day, high back curb will be required. Special circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. VIRGIN RIVER PEDESTRIAN AND BICYCLE CROSSING Mayor McArthur asked Kent Perkins to tell those present how he will be able to fund the promised Virgin River Pedestrian and Bicycle crossing. Mr. Perkins stated that he will apply for a grant to cover the $200,000 cost. However, should that avenue fail, he showed on a handout how, by rearranging priorities and using overages from other projects, he would be able to fund the crossing. Council Members seemed to approve both plans. Council Members asked Mr. Perkins if the new skate park would accommodate scooters. He said they would be discouraged from using the park because they are lower than skateboards and the metal damages the concrete. Mayor McArthur reminded Mr. Perkins that the City will be displacing many BMX bikers, remote control aircraft users, dragsters, etc. when we take over the airport. He wants the City to provide another recreation area for these groups. Mr. Perkins assured Mayor McArthur that his staff was already working with BLM and SITLA to make other arrangements. MOSQUITO ABATEMENT PROGRAM Mayor McArthur introduced Tom Eggleston, Washington County Inter-Local Mosquito Abatement Agency, and asked him for an update on the Mosquito Abatement Program. Mr. Eggleston gave Council Members a handout. The first page consisted of a form which is filled out when a complaint is taken and given to the inspector to take into the field. The next few pages were maps of the County and information regarding which areas had been treated, when and with what. He spoke about the types of mosquitos found in the area and the types of chemicals used on each. He told interesting facts about mosquitoes and passed around vials of different types of dead mosquitos. He said one type of mosquito in Washington County does carry Malaria, however, dead mosquitos are regularly sent to Salt Lake to be tested for various diseases. CINCO de MAYO Mayor McArthur introduced Mr. Sylvestre and asked him to talk about the Cinco de Mayo celebration. Mr. Sylvestre introduced Don McNabb, who will be working with him on this project. He said that, with the exception of last year, the Cinco de Mayo has been an annual event in St. George since 1989. It has always been sponsored by the Catholic Church and held on their grounds. His purpose for coming to the Council today was to invite them to participate this year and to ask permission to expand the booths from the Church parking lot onto 200 North and taking up half of the street. He indicated he had spoken to Randy Halverson and Bill Swenson, both of whom felt this could be done safely. They would like to put out 15 game booths with their backs to the traffic. It was felt there would be sufficient room for two lanes of traffic on one-half of the road. The food booths would remain in the Church parking lot. Council indicated that if staff had approved the traffic layout and they had gotten the necessary permits, they would have no problem approving the plans. Council Members indicated they look forward to the festivities. CITY-WIDE DRAINAGE PROGRAM Mayor McArthur asked Jay Sandberg and Larry Bulloch to present the city-wide drainage program. Using a slide presentation, Mr. Bulloch told Council Members that the City has resources to meet 40% of drainage needs. This causes a problem in that the City cannot comply with state law for using impact funds because we do not have the 50% City matching funds. He told those present that the drainage plan is based on a 10-year flood plan, which is very conservative. The plan also addresses ground water. Mr. Bulloch also stated that UDOT is ready to redo St. George Blvd., but they will not do so until drainage can be provided. He told Council Members that a citizen committee, composed of home builders, citizens, retailers, Council Members and City Planning and Engineering staff, had been formed several years ago. The committee recommended a per month fee of $3.00 which would provide $1,000,000 revenue per year. However, a $1.50 per month fee would be enough to allow us to match the impact funds collected. He indicated most cities have gone to the monthly utility fee with prices ranging from $2-4. Credits are given for on site water detention and other improvements. Carol Sapp indicated that the Southern Utah Home Builders Association supports this fee. The Council discussed the flooding problems, the amount of the fee and the problem of having property owners pump their drainage into the gutters. Any action to this proposal would have to taken in a public meeting, but the Council was glad to get information from staff and the SUHBA. OLYMPIC TORCH The Olympic Torch will spend its first night in Utah in St. George. Marc Mortensen has been asked to work on a program and come back to Council with a budget to make the evening a special event. COMPLAINTS RECEIVED BY MAYOR MCARTHUR Four Wheelers in Bloomington Rick Miles has written a letter of complaint regarding people driving their four-wheel vehicles down Bloomington streets to get to the desert. Mayor McArthur indicated he has asked Chief Stratton to respond to the complaint. Mayor McArthur said he knows of other cities which have designated four-wheel routes to get them out to the trails. Dinosaur Tracks Mayor McArthur shared a letter from the palaeontologist who has been working with the Johnson’s, encouraging the City to help in any way possible with the preservation of the dinosaur tracks. Clocks Mayor McArthur had a letter from the Boston Equipment Show. They sell the old fashioned four sided clocks which may be used in the historic district. They are substantially less expensive than he has seen anywhere else. Christmas Lights Several telephone calls have been received wondering why the Christmas lights are still lit in downtown, especially as we are in an energy crisis. Tonaquint Cemetery According to another letter, dogs are being allowed to run free in the Tonaquint Cemetery. MPO DESIGNATION Council Member Whatcott asked that Gay schedule a session on the MPO designation and ask Larry Bulloch to give a presentation. HOME SHOW Carol Sapp told Council Members that 25 houses are chosen for the Home Show. The first 20 spaces are awarded according to a point system. Points are earned by each developer through going to training, etc. Four spaces are awarded randomly and one is auctioned to the highest bidder. Hearing no further business, Mayor McArthur called for a motion to move to Executive Session. Council Member Gardner made a motion that the Council move to Executive Session. Council Member Whatcott seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Jonathan Wright told Council Members that they would not be able to hold an Executive Session that evening as it had not been announced in the public notice. Unable to hold an Executive Session, Council Member discussed one last complaint. Teresa Olsen wants to know why the generators are on all the time at the power plant near Bloomington, instead of the few hours a day as promised by staff. Mayor McArthur indicated he had talked to Wayne McArthur, who told him the generator was not being run at all. Phil Soloman told Mayor McArthur that they were only being run a few hours a day. It was agreed to find out exactly how often the generators are running and ensure that it is within the allotted time. ADJOURNMENT Hearing no further questions or concerns, Mayor McArthur adjourned the meeting at 6:05 p.m. ________________________________ Miriam Palma, Deputy City Recorder