City Council Minutes

Thursday, December 14,2000

ST. GEORGE CITY COUNCIL MEETING WORK MEETING DECEMBER 14, 2000, 4:00 P.M. CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS PRESENT: Mayor Daniel McArthur Councilmember Rod Orton Councilmember Bob Whatcott Councilmember Larry Gardner Councilmember Suzanne Allen City Atty Jonathan Wright Deputy City Attorney Ron Read City Recorder Gay Cragun EXCUSED: Councilmember Sharon Isom City Manager Gary Esplin ALSO PRESENT: Water and Power Board Chairman Ross Hurst Water and Power Board Member Shirl Pitchforth Planning Commission Chairman Gil Almquist Planning Commission Member Chapin Burkes OPENING: Mayor McArthur called the meeting to order and welcomed all in attendance. The invocation was offered by Councilmember Gardner. DISCUSSION WITH WATER AND POWER BOARD AND PLANNING COMMISSION: Wayne McArthur distributed Development Impact Fee and Rate Studies and reviewed the current status of water resources and plans for future short and long term development. Copies of charts distributed to supplement Mr. McArthur’s presentation are attached hereto and made a part of these minutes. He then reviewed power resources and possible sources of future generation. Water and Power Board Chairman Ross Hurst advised that the City’s power department has, up until this year, always operated in the black, but this year is running with a significant deficit and is beginning to face a crisis. Without adjustments, the Power Department will face a cash crunch. George Spencer from Alpha Engineering reviewed water rate structure and power rate structure analyses and water and power development impact fee studies, executive summaries of which are attached hereto and made a part of these minutes. Water and Power Director Wayne McArthur advised that an additional meeting was needed to answer questions after additional review and study of the materials presented. He will also provide comparison data from other communities. A brief discussion concerning a possible water conservation program took place. Water and Power Board Chairman Ross Hurst commented that Water and Power Board members feel a responsibility for the fiscal integrity of the Water and Power Department, and have tried to do as good an analysis as possible. They also have a responsibility to conduct public business as best they can and report to the City Council the information they find and receive direction. DISCUSSION RE BLOOMINGTON GENERATORS: Water and Power Director Wayne McArthur reported that the UAMPS received a notice of violation and their attorney has prepared a request for waiver to operate the plant due to confusing language in the permit itself. Until the issue is decided, the plant is being operated as needed. It is currently being operated from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. and its operation is saving the City $50,000 a day. The issue will be discussed at the City Council work meeting to be held January 11, 2001. DISCUSSION RE TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Discussion of this matter will be put on hold until an addendum is prepared for the cost of wireless vs. placing fibre in the streets. ADJOURN TO EXECUTIVE SESSION: A motion to adjourn to an executive session to discuss personnel issues was made by Councilmember Gardner. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Allen. Mayor McArthur called for a vote, as follows: Councilmember Gardner - aye Councilmember Allen - aye Councilmember Whatcott - aye Councilmember Orton - aye The vote was unanimous and the motion carried. ____________________________ Gay Cragun, City Recorder