City Council

Thursday, April 27,2000

ST. GEORGE CITY COUNCIL MINUTES SPECIAL MEETING APRIL 27, 2000 4:00 P.M. ADMINISTRATION CONFERENCE ROOM PRESENT: Mayor Daniel McArthur Councilmember Sharon Isom Councilmember Suzanne Allen Councilmember Rod Orton Councilmember Larry Gardner Councilmember Bob Whatcott City Manager Gary Esplin City Attorney Jonathan Wright City Recorder Gay Cragun DEDICATION OF TONAQUINT CEMETERY: Parks Superintendent Lynne Scott and Mayor Daniel McArthur welcomed those in attendance. Remarks were made by Mayor McArthur, Councilmember Gardner, Councilmember Allen, Construction Coordinator Doug Wulfenstein, and Sexton Terry Schramm. The dedicatory prayer was offered by Kenneth Metcalf. Councilmember Gardner was excused from the meeting. FIELD TRIP TO PARROT BARNS IN LITTLE VALLEY AREA: A site visit was made to view the parrot-raising operations of Drew Ferwerda and Tom Brinkerhoff in the Little Valley area. Gary Kuhlmann, representing Mr. Ferwerda and Mr. Brinkerhoff, was also present. This matter will be scheduled on an upcoming City Council agenda. Councilmember Orton was excused from the meeting. REQUEST TO USE TONAQUINT PARK FOR OVERNIGHT CAMP-OUT: City Manager Gary Esplin advised the City received a request from a Boy Scout troop to use Tonaquint Park for an overnight camp-out as part of a service project at the park for Arbor Day. A motion was made by Councilmember Isom to approve use of the Tonaquint Park as requested. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Allen, and all voted aye. REPORT FROM POLICE DEPARTMENT: A report on a recent incident at Snow Canyon Middle School was made by Captain Russ Peck. A report on Spring Break was given by Chief Robert Flowers and Captain Russ Peck. Sgt. Gordon McCracken updated the Mayor and City Council on a Nuisance Abatement Program recently implemented by the St. George Police Bike Patrol. He explained the program and asked for the City Council?s support. Those present wholeheartedly supported the program. DISCUSSION RE ZONING IN LITTLE VALLEY: Councilmember Allen advised a request was reviewed by the Planning Commission for R-1-10 zoning in the Little Valley area. A brief discussion took place. DISCUSSION RE ROCK WALL ON SOUTH BLUFF: A brief discussion took place concerning the rock wall which was erected as part of the Black Hill development along South Bluff Street. ADJOURN: A motion to adjourn was made by Councilmember Isom. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Allen, and all voted aye. The meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m. ________________________________ Gay Cragun, City Recorder