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Criminal Matters

Legal Services
175 East 200 North
Fax: 435-627-4260

The Prosecutor, under the direction of the City Attorney and with assistance from the support staff, performs professional duties as required to carry out the efficient and effective prosecution of civil or criminal cases and the ongoing legal process of City government. 

The City of St. George prosecutes infraction, class B and C misdemeanor, and traffic cases through the Washington County Justice Court. The prosecutor is unable to speak with concerned individuals or provide any information on a case, until the individual has been arraigned. 

The prosecuting attorney spends a large amount of time in court prosecuting crimes that happen in the City of St. George that have been investigated by: St. George Police Department, St. George Code Enforcement, Washington County Sherriff, Washington County Task Force/Gang Unit, Utah Highway Patrol, Dixie State College, Port of Entry, St. George Animal Control, Adult Probation & Patrol, Department of Wildlife Reserve (DWR), and U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

After information is gathered from various law enforcement entities, formal charges are filed and trial preparations begin. Our criminal attorney handles every stage of the prosecution, from arraignment through sentencing and the supporting staff manages the thousands of documents that support this function. The Prosecutor appears in court and presents the evidence and argument on behalf of City of St. George and the State of Utah. All of the prosecutions are handled at the Washington County Justice Court and Fifth District Court House



Robert Cosson
Chief Prosecuting Attorney

Cassandra Warren
Legal Assistant/Office Supervisor

Carina Mace
Legal Assistant

Jennifer Rubio
Legal Assistant

Jamie Warden
Legal Assistant

Annette Hansen
Legal Assistant

Diana Smith
Legal Assistant

Matthew Miller
Assistant City Attorney-Prosecutor