STG Bike Share

A Generous Donation by
Craig & Diane Shanklin

STG Bike Share was created to provide city employees an alternate mode of transportation for short trips around town and allow for fitness opportunities to improve health. These E-bikes are considered pedal assist and are powered by both the rider and a Lithium Ion battery.

STG City Bike Share

This bike is owned by the City of St. George and is available for use by all its valued employees. Remember when you ride this bike to do so safely and set a good example for other cyclists by following all traffic laws.

Bicycle Basics

1. Adjust the seat. You can adjust the seat height by opening and closing the lever on the seat post. The seat height should be approximately even with your hip when standing next to the bike.

2. Pump up the tires. Tires leak air slowly…more so than a car tire. As a result they needed to be pumped up every few days. To inflate the tires, remove the protective cap, unscrew the valve stem until fully open (about 2 turns) and place the head of the bike pump fully over the valve stem and flip the lever to secure the pump head. Inflate to approximately 65 pounds of pressure and remove the pump head by releasing the lever on the pump head. Then close the valve stem and replace the cap. The tires are filled with a sealant which makes it unlikely you will have a flat tire. When pumping the tires, make sure that the valve stem is between 9:00 and 3:00 so that the sealant does not leak out when filling the tire.

3. Put on your helmet. The helmet can be adjusted for size by using the small dial at the back of the helmet. Adjust the chin strap if necessary.

4. Turn on the bike. To turn on the electric motor (which will give you extra pedaling power) please the button on the battery for approximately 2 seconds. Turn it off by pressing the button again briefly. Never remove the battery from the bike.

5. Select the level of pedal assist. Select the mode of power you wish…Turbo (maximum, bike automatically starts in this mode), Eco (provide power but at a lower level) or Pedal Only (no power). Most of the time you will want to use the Eco mode which gives you plenty of power but extends the battery life for maximum mileage. In the Eco mode you will be able to go about 40 miles.

6. If you need lights (front and rear on this bike) for extra visibility or at night, press the “light” symbol on the handlebar control panel if lights do not come on automatically.

7. Notice that this bike is heavier than traditional non-motorized bicycles. Take time to learn its handling characteristics before heading off on a long ride.

8. Always lock your bike when leaving it unattended using the provided lock.

9. When you return the bike, park it securely in the designated parking area and use the kick stand. Then plug it in to fully recharge the battery for the next rider by removing the cap on the side of the battery and inserting the charging plug. There is a magnetic location just above the charging port that will hold the cap during charging. Turn on the battery light means charging and green light means fully charged.

Help?: If you have questions, contact any of these city employees who are designated “Bike Ambassadors” and can give you more detailed instructions or answer questions. They can also arrange for service (at Red Rock Bicycle Company) if needed.

Marc Mortensen - 435-703-0953
Monty Thurber - 435-703-1123

City Bike Share Policy

  1. Only city employee are allowed to ride City Bike Share bicycles.
  2. Helmets must be worn at all times while riding City Bike Share bicycles.
  3. User agrees to obey all traffic laws for bicyclists.
  4. Bikes cannot be checked out for more that the allowable two-hour time limit and must be returned on time.
  5. Bikes must be securely locked at City Hall and other locations when not in use.
  6. User will immediately report any problems with bikes to the City Hall receptions or a bike ambassador.
  7. User will not modify or manipulate any part of the bike other than seat adjustment.
  8. User assumes all risk for operating and using bikes.