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St George Police Security Policy 




Due to the potential conflict of interest no peace officer employed by this department may engage in any outside or secondary employment as a private security guard, traffic control officer, private investigator or other similar private security position ("Outside Security Services"). 


Any entity, private organization, or individual seeking Outside Security Services provided by peace officers employed by this department must submit a written request to the Chief of Police or his designee in advance of the desired service. Such outside employment, if approved, will be assigned, monitored and paid through the department under the following conditions: 


Any entity, private organization, or individual seeking Outside Security Services will be required to enter into an indemnification agreement, including providing insurance naming the City of St. George as an insured party when deemed necessary, prior to approval. 


Any entity, private organization, or individual seeking Outside Security Services will further be required to provide for the compensation, including wages, any overtime, and full benefits of all peace officers requested for such services. 


Should such a request be approved, any peace officer performing any Outside Security Services shall be subject to the following conditions: 


The peace officer(s) shall wear the Department uniform/identification. 


The peace officer(s) shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the department. 


No peace officer may engage in such Outside Security Services during or at the site of a strike, lockout, picket or other physical demonstration of a labor dispute. 


Compensation for such approved Outside Security Services shall be pursuant to standard department compensation and overtime procedures. 


No peace officer may engage in outside employment as a peace officer for another law enforcement agency without prior written authorization of the Chief of Police, which authorization the Chief may deny if it is determined that such employment would interfere with or otherwise hinder the operation of the department.


Schedule Fingerprint Appointment

Due to *UPDATED* COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, Fingerprint Appointments have been temporarily suspended until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Local Companies doing fingerprinting:

As soon as you contract with an alarm company to monitor, operate or maintain a security system for your home, business or any application where a monitored alarm system would alert the St George Police Department.

For further information, see St George City code 3-5-2 Permit Requirements Fee at


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