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Interactive Fire Restriction Map


Dear St. George Residents and Visitors,

The City of St. George would like to wish you and your family an enjoyable and safe 24th of July. As you are aware, the State of Utah, Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service and many other state and federal agencies have restricted the use of fireworks in all unincorporated areas of the state. Due to the extreme fire danger that exists in the southwestern region of Utah this summer, the St. George Fire Chief recently signed an order prohibiting fireworks in designated areas of the City.

No fireworks of any kind are to be used within 250 feet of the following areas:

- Dry washes and drainages
- River and stream corridors
- Hillsides, plateaus and mesa tops
- Undeveloped open space or natural terrain

Fireworks restrictions are in affect this holiday season and it is important that you understand which locations throughout the City are restricted and considered dangerous for personal fireworks use. We hope that you find this webpage useful in identifying these areas. Local fireworks retailers will also have maps available for you to view. Your help in keeping our community safe this holiday season is very much appreciated. Let freedom ring in the heart of Utah's Dixie!

Warmest Regards,

Safety Tips

The lighting of fireworks during the independence day and pioneer day holidays this time of year have become a tradition with many families. If families act responsibly with legal fireworks activities they should have an enjoyable holiday. The vast majority of legal displays occur without incident. The majority of fire incidents that occur are a result of illegal or improper fireworks discharges. Be smart, safe, and responsible.

  • Use only fireworks purchased in the State of Utah from licensed dealers or retailers. If you purchased the fireworks out of state, they are more than likely not legal in this state, you will be cited if caught, and will be responsible to pay for any damages and extinguishment costs as a result of any fires that you cause.

  • Use only with responsible adult supervision at all times.

  • Never allow young children to handle fireworks.

  • Light the fireworks in an open area and on a non-combustible surface such as a driveway or paved area.

  • If windy conditions exist do not light fireworks.

  • Keep a bucket of water available.

  • Handle used and "dud" fireworks with a shovel.

  • Soak fireworks thoroughly in a bucket of water or hose prior to disposal.

  • Keep clear while lighting fireworks do not lean over them at any time.

  • Do not relight “dud” fireworks.

  • Watch out for your pets and animals. Preferably keep them indoors and away from the displays.

  • Check for any restrictions that may apply to your area.

Fireworks are an American tradition. Safety and common sense are so important as we celebrate the holidays with fireworks. Shooting fireworks can provide hours of wholesome family entertainment, but must be use carefully and safely.

For additional questions about fireworks use please contact the St. George Fire Department at (435) 627-4150.