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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if the cooking you are doing produces grease vapors.  A type I hood shall be installed at or above all commercial cooking appliances and domestic cooking appliances used for commercial purposes that produce grease vapors.  Each required type I hood shall be protected with an approved automatic fire extinguishing system.  See our Food Truck Guidelines page for more information.

Yes.  The Fire Department provides this service to senior citizens and others who are physically incapable of climbing a ladder, however, you are asked to provide the batteries. 

No.  Please contact the City of St. George Utility Office at 435-627-4700 for more information regarding filling swimming pools.

We do not have any Eagle Scout projects available at this time. Please call the Parks Department at 435-627-4530 to inquire about their Eagle Scout project assistance program.

No, the Fire Department does not provide this service.  Please contact the Southwest Utah Public Health Department at 435-652-4067 or click here for information on installation of car safety seats for children. The Police Department also has people on staff who can assist you with installation of a car seat. The phone number for the Police Department is 435-627-4300.

No.  Please contact the City of St. George Water Department at 435-627-4800 for information on having fire hydrants painted.

No.  Please contact the City of St. George Streets Division at 435-627-4000 for information on obtaining sand bags.

No.  You can find a vendor under “Fire Extinguishers” in the phone book, or by doing an internet search.

The Fire Department will assist in retrieving items stuck in high places, but depending on the frequency of emergency calls, this may not be able to be done right away.

The Fire Department is not equipped to store any hazardous materials.  If any type of explosive is found please contact the non-emergency dispatch 435-627-4949. The only items accepted are the disposal of fireworks. Please call the Administration Office at 435-627-4150 in advance to arrange for dropping fireworks.  For all other items, please contact Washington County Solid Waste at 435-673-2813, or click here to visit their website.

No, the Fire Department does not have storage capabilities for old medications.  The St. George Police Department, located at 265 North 200 East, does have a medication drop box to accept used medications.  You may also call the Police Department at 435-627-4300 for more information.

Fire reports are requested by clicking here and completing the online form.  Please be as detailed as possible when submitting your request.

Please call the Administrative Office at 435-627-4150, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm to schedule a fire inspection.

The City of St. George Water Department maintains all the fire hydrants in the city.  To report a leaking fire hydrant, please call 435-627-4800.