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Food Truck Guidelines

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SB250 in the 2016 Utah Legislative Session set statewide requirements for food trucks, which took effect January 1, 2018. 

A state-approved inspection sticker will be issued to each food truck upon its passed fire inspection after January 1, 2018.  The sticker is to be placed inside the rear most door of the food truck.  This new rule will make it easier for food trucks to obtain business licenses in other Utah cities after passing their initial fire inspection.

There have also been changes to the requirements for fire suppression systems in food trucks.  A type I hood shall be installed at or above all commercial cooking appliances and domestic cooking appliances used for commercial purposes that produce grease vapors.  Each required type I hood shall be protected with an approved automatic fire extinguishing system.  THIS MEANS THAT IF A FOOD TRUCK PRODUCES GREASE OF ANY TYPE FOR COOKING AND DOES NOT CURRENTLY HAVE A TYPE I HOOD AND FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM, THOSE WILL NEED TO BE INSTALLED IN ORDER TO PASS THE FIRE INSPECTION. 

There are other new requirements as well - please see the attachments below for specific details.

Please review the attached documents for more information. Call our office at 435-627-4150 if you have questions about the State Fire Marshal's requirements for food trucks in Utah.


Utah State Fire Marshal Laws & Rules

Food Truck Rules, Effective January 1, 2018 PDF - 02-20-2018 View Download
Food Truck Guidelines for Fire Inspections PDF - 02-20-2018 View Download
Food Truck Safety Presentation PDF - 02-20-2018 View Download
Food Truck Inspection Checklist This is the form the fire inspector will use when checking your food truck.  Please print this form and bring it with you to your inspection.
PDF - 02-20-2018
View Download