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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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Robert Hooper
Battalion Chief

The fire department responds to medical emergencies and provides basic quick response, along with Gold Cross Ambulance, who holds the Paramedic transport license within city limits.  We also provide first response mutual aid in Arizona.  In 2019, the St. George Fire Department responded to over 4000 calls for EMS, which accounted for nearly 70% of our total call volume.  Calls range from medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, to technical rescue.


Currently, we have 49 staff members who are certified to at least the EMT level.  Our four full-time engines hold permits issued by the Utah State Bureau of EMS to respond to EMS calls within our response area, which means we are required to carry specialized equipment and supplies to provide emergency care.  Dr. Brett Christiansen is our current medical control physician under whom we practice.  Dr. Christiansen also provides the same service for the 911 dispatch center. 


The EMS Program is overseen by Battalion Chief Robert Hooper.