General Information


The City Council responds to requests and receives comments from citizens to plan and carry out transportation improvements including signals.


The city's transportation masterplan identifies locations for future signals and needed upgrades.


As the city grows and traffic volumes increase, it continually monitors intersections that may need a signal installed soon.


The city works closely with UDOT to manage traffic signal timing for safety and efficiency.


Requirements for a New Signal


The City Council budgets funds to install several signals each year.


When the city determines that a signal may be warranted at an intersection, an engineering study is performed. Included in the study are certain national standards called “warrants” that must be satisfied.


Traffic signals do not prevent all accidents.


The following intersections are under construction for new traffic signals


  • Foremaster Drive and Medical Center Drive
  • Mall Drive and Dinosaur Crossing Dr
  • 3000 East and 1450 South
  • 3000 East and 2000 South
  • 3000 East and 2450 South


Requesting a New Signal or for Signal Information


City of St. George Engineering Division