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Standard Specifications and Drawings

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The Standard Specification for Design and Construction for the City of St. George was last published in May 1987. This 1987 edition and its associated addendums provided a service to the engineers, contractors, developers and other interested parties. 

This new edition, July 2000, under the same title is designed to replace the 1987 edition. It is intended to provide standard requirements for installation of materials and systems in public works environments. Consequently, these standards and specifications will be used for all infrastructure work located within public streets, rights-of-ways, easements and other necessary locations within the City of St. George. 

The original draft of this manual was prepared in conjunction with efforts provided by the Southern Utah Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) Specification Committee. The contents of the APWA document have been modified by the St. George City Public Works and Water and Power Departments to meet the needs and requirements of the City of St. George. 

The standards contained herein are considered the minimums and should be treated as such. Nothing in these standards shall be construed to prohibit the design and construction of higher type improvements, as approved by the City Engineer. 

These STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION meet with the full approval of the City Public Works Director, dated July 1, 2000. 

Public Works Director

Approved for use, subject to conditions, by the City Council of the City of St. George in June of 2000.

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