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Project Overview: 

Starting in October 2021, work began to upgrade the 3000 East corridor. Improvements will include intersection expansions, widening roads, adding curb, gutter and sidewalk and improving Active Transportation.  The six-phase plan is estimated to take up to two years to complete. 


Current Schedule: May 19 - June 7, 2023


The installation of the 72” storm drain and 36” irrigation pipes is complete with work in progress on the large 54” concrete pipes. The contractor is stockpiling pipes on site and installation is progressing from the Rasmussen Drive intersection south towards the end of the project at 2000 South. 


While the warmer weather has improved the working conditions for the project, it brings with it new challenges in the form of irrigation runoff down the existing ditch. The contractor has set up a large, ongoing bypass pumping operation to move any water in the ditch around the active construction zone. Once the new storm drain pipes are installed to the 2000 South intersection, the bypass pump will no longer be required, and the ditch runoff will be allowed to run down the new 54” and 72” concrete pipes. Until that time, we appreciate your patience and understanding with the noise from the pumping operation.


In addition, crews have encountered challenging soil conditions in this section of the project which necessitates the use of a geogrid material to add stability to the work area.  


When finished, 3000 East from 1580 South to 2000 South will have two lanes in each direction with a center turn lane. A new Active Transportation Trail will run along the east side separated from 3000 East with landscaping and an area for drainage. 


Please remember, the entire construction zone is active with heavy equipment and materials. No bike, pedestrian or motor vehicle access in the area is permitted. Let’s keep everyone safe. 


The access to Blue Quartz from 3000 East will remain closed until the improvements are complete. 


As improvement activities move south, access to Blue Heron Dr. will be closed from 3000 East. Detours will be marked, and the access will not be opened until all improvements have been completed. 


Traffic patterns will stay the same with traffic shifted to the west on 3000 East, and the speed limit is reduced to 30 mph. 


Please obey the posted speed limit and follow all traffic control.  


Motorists are encouraged to use alternate routes when appropriate. Thank you for your patience. 

Phase 1 - Completed

Phase 2 - Completed

Phase 3 - Completed 

Phase 4 - December 2022 to Summer 2023

Phase 5 - Begin mid- 2023 


Phase 6 - Begin late 2023


*Schedule is subject to change due to funding, weather, supply chain disruptions and other unforeseen circumstances.


Speed Limit Reduction: The speed limit through the construction zone has been reduced to 30 MPH. The lower speed is necessary for motorists traveling through the new and changing traffic control and for the safety of crews working in the area.

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