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Application for Encroachment Permit

(Work Cannot Begin until Permit is Issued)
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Describe work being done i.e. remove and replace sidewalk, etc.
Utility Trench Cut Dimensions
Ft. Long Ft. Wide
(asphalt cuts only, does not include trenching behind sidewalk, etc.)
Sidewalk Replacement Dimensions
Ft. Long Ft. Wide
Curb & Gutter Replacement
Lineal Ft.
The City of St. George requires that a professional Traffic Control Company be used or that your staff be certified in traffic control.
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Proof of a $10,000 permit bond is required to obtain an encroachment permit.
Proof of Liability coverage in the minimum amount $2,407,700 (Aggregate) is required. City of St. George must be listed as additionally insured.
  1. Site plan (if applicable) - Site plan shall include proposed location of structures with reference to pavement and righ-of-way lines. Plans should show cross section of present roadway and corresponding proposed installations. Identify the location of other utilities that may be in conflict.
  2. Traffic plan (if applicable) - A traffic plan is necessary if the Contractor is working on the sidewalk or roadway.
  3. Inspection - The applicant shall arrange for a City inspection by calling 674-4100 and giving 24-hours-notice before start of construction, in order to validate the permit. Permit number is required for inspection notification.
  4. Compaction Test - Results must be forwarded to the City Encroachment Officer in order to close out the permit. Compaction test results need to be identified by the permit number and address of the job. One bag cement sand slurry mix may be used and will not require compaction testing, but a copy of all slurry delivery tickets must be returned to the City in lieu of compaction tests.
  5. City Standards - All work done in the public right-of-way requires the use of St. George City approved materials only.
By clicking "Submit", we agree to comply with all conditions, restrictions, and regulations contained in the City of St. George Standard Specification for Design and Construction and “Special Limitation” required by the Public Works Director or his duly authority representative.
Click here to view the Encroachment Fee Schedule Adopted August 18, 2016.