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St. George's explosive growth isn't due to mere marketing or hype on the internet. Look at our demographics, and see why sunny St. George may be the perfect place for you to start or move your business. 



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Updated April 28, 2022

Via: US Census Bureau 

Growing Population

As of March 2022, St. George City is the fastest growing metro area in the nation.

St. George's population grew from 71,136 in 2010, to an estimated 87,176 in 2020. 

Young Median Age

The Median age in St. George is 37.7

52.5% of the population is between the ages of 18 and 65.

General Population

St. George is the largest city in Washington County, Utah.

Washington County's population is at 195,500 as of 2022, with a 3.16% annual growth

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Updated April 06, 2022

Via the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Growing Healthcare Industry

St. George has a booming healthcare industry. New Healthcare providers like Steward Health and Family Health are opening new locations in St. George, offering new jobs and opportunities for the local residents.

Vibrant Leisure and Hospitality

Between 2021 and 2022, the Leisure and Hospitality Industry has seen an 10.1% growth in employment.



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Updated April 28, 2022

Via: US Census Bureau 

Educated Workforce

42.9% of the population 25 years and over have at least an Associate's degree. 

29.2% hold a Bachelor's or Graduate degree. 

Higher Education Institutions

St. George is home to Utah Tech University and Dixie Technical College. Both constantly providing the community with new talent and ideas. 

High Graduation Rate

93.9% of the population 25 years and older have a high school diploma or equivalent, compared to the Nation's 88.5%. 

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Updated: May 5, 2022

Via: US Census Bureau 


Area Median Income

According to HUD, as of 2022, the area median income (AMI) for households in St. George is $83,900. 

Mean Income

The mean income in St. George in 2020 is estimated to be about $83,100. 

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Updated April 28, 2022

Via the Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Low Unemployment Rates

St. George has an unemployment rates of 2.2%.

1.6% lower than the national average.

Healthy Job Growth

Unemployment rates in St. George dropped 1.2% from last year, indicating healthy job growth. 


Close to Resources

St. George is only a 2 hour drive away from the 644,594 people in Las Vegas, and a 4 hour drive away from the Salt Lake region.

National Parks

St. George is also surrounded by State and National parks like the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Snow Canyon State Park.

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Updated May 2, 2022

Via: City of St. George

New Businesses

More than 1000 new businesses register in St. George each year. 

Last year (2021), 1145 new businesses were registered. 

Great Place to Start a Business

CNBC ranked Utah 3rd for America's Top States for Businesses. 

In 2022, Wallethub ranked St. George 2nd best small city to start a business. 

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