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Economic Development 

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Why St. George? 

St. George ranked top 3 for Best Performing Small Cities and Best places to start your business. The work force is young and educated, with only a 2.2% unemployment rate. 

Utah Tech University, Dixie Technical College, and projects like Tech Ridge are also attracting more talent and manpower into the area. Creating the perfect environment for your business. 

For more information about St. George, check the demographics tab

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Economic development promotes economic well-being and improves the quality of life in communities by creating and retaining jobs, enhancing wealth and providing a stable tax base. Equitable economic development is achieved when every member of the community is able to share in and benefit from economic growth.


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Tech Ridge


Located on the former St. George Airport site overlooking downtown St. George, the 180-acre Tech Ridge Master Plan redefines the modern urban center. This smart, mixed-use development draws innovative tech companies and amplifies their ability to attract and retain top talent. The mix of workspaces, shops, and eateries promote a dynamic social lifestyle, including 60 acres of easily accessible trails, parks, and open space, all surrounded by the striking red cliffs of Southern Utah.

The full zone plan can be found under resources and documents at the bottom of this page.

Resources / Documents

City Hall
175 East 200 North
Fax: 435-627-4731

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