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Final Plat Review Status

1140 South St. Church Subdivision 2220 South Street Abberley Farms Subdivision Aliente Drive and Divario Canyon Drive Auburn Hills Phase 10 Auburn Hills Phase 18B Condominiums Auburn Hills Phase 18C Condominiums Autumn Hills Phase 2 PA A (Lots 23 & 24) Banded Hills Subdivision Partial Amendment A (Lot 2) Bella Vista at Sunbrook Partial Amendment A (Lots 8 & 9) Black Ridge Cove Phase 2, 4, & 6 Black Ridge Cove Phase 3 Black Ridge Cove Phase 5 Amended Black Ridge Cove Phase 7 Bloomington Country Club No. 10 PA A (Lots 1 & 2) Bloomington Country Club No. 12 PA A (Lots 27 & 28) Bloomington Country Club Subdivision Amended and Extended Partia Bloomington Country Club Subdivision No. 1 Partial Amendment A ( Bloomington Hills No 10 Subdivision Partial Amendment A (Lots 82 Bloomington Hills No. 10 Subdivision PA B (Lots 81 & 88) Bloomington Hills No. 3 Subdivision Amending Lot 54 Blue Herron Estates PA A (Lots 1 & 3) Boulder Creek Crossing Phase 2 Partial Amendment A (Lots 11 & 12 Breckenridge Estates Phase 1 Canyon Terrace Estates Phase 2 Amended Canyon View Ridge at Sunbrook Partial Amendment A (Lot 50) Cascata at Divario Phase 1 Amended Cascata at Divario Phase 3 Cascata at Divario Phase 4 Castle Rock Subdivision Phase 1 PA A (Lots 40 & 46) Cecita Crest at Divario Phase 3 Cecita Crest at Divario Phase 4 Chandler Drive and 2440 South Street Roadway Dedication City View Amended Cloud Drive Cottages at Stone Point Townhomes Phase 3 Cottam Cove Phase 4 Cottam Cove Phase 5 Crimson Estates Crimson Vistas Phase 2 Subdivision Crimson Vistas Phase 3 Subdivision Desert Canyons Town Center Commercial Subdivision Desert Cliffs Phase 2B Desert Cliffs Phase 3B Desert Color Institute and Seminary Subdivision Desert Color Irrigation Reservoir #1 Desert Color Resort Phase 2D Desert Color Towne Center Phase 1 Desert Horizon Phase 1
Desert Solace Phase 2 Desert Solace Phase 3 Dino Dash Commercial Subdivision Dixie Center Townhomes Phase 1 Amended and Extended Farmstead Road Fish Rock Phase 3 Subdivision Fish Rock Phase 4 Subdivision Foremaster Ridge Phase 3 Partial Amendment A (Lots 309 & 310) Fort Pierce Area 6 Roadway Dedication Plat Fort Pierce Area 7 Street Dedication Gap Canyon Parkway 1790 West Addition Gap Canyon Parkway Canyon View Drive Addition Gap Canyon Parkway East Addition Gap Canyon Parkway Extension 1 Gap Canyon Parkway Extension 2 Gap Canyon Parkway West Addition Georgetown Square Condominiums Amended Grand Heights Phase 3 Grand Views at Green Valley Green Valley No. 4 Amended Lots 23 & 24 Juniper Cove Phase 2 PA A (Lots 6 & 7) Kipp/Seint Commercial Subdivision Lizard Wash Resort Meadow Valley Farms Phase 11B Millcreek Industrial Park Subdivision Partial Amendment A (Lots Moorland Park Phase 3 Moorland Park Phase 4 Nichols Landing Northern Oaks Townhomes Quarry Ridge Drive Red Cliff Temple Red Cliffs Square Partial Amendment A (Lot 2) Regency at Desert Color Phase 1 Resort Lane and Red Hills Parkway Resort Lane Dedication/Middle Dr Vacation Ridge West No. 4 Subdivision Amended and Extended Ridge West Subdivision Phase No. 4 Amended and Extended Rilassante at Divario River Bend Estates at Sunbrook Riverside Heights Plat 'B' Partial Amendment A (Lot 25) Riverwoods Mill Subdivision PA A (Lot 3) Rosalia Ridge at Divario Rosewood Estates Phase 5 Rosewood Estates Phase 6 Sage Canyon Phase 5 Subdivision Sage Canyon Phase 16 Subdivision Sage Haven Phase 1 Subdivision Sage Haven Phase 10 Subdivision Sage Haven Phase 11 Subdivision
Sage Haven Phase 13 Subdivision Sage Haven Phase 2 Subdivision Sage Haven Phase 3 Subdivision Sage Haven Phase 4 Subdivision Sage Haven Phase 5 Subdivision Sage Haven Phase 6 Subdivision Salarno Hills at Divario Phase 1 Sand Ridge Phase 5 Subdivision Snow Field Estates Amended #6 South Pointe Phase 3 Partial Amendment A (Lot 28) South Rim at Foremaster Ridge Phase 4 PA A (Lots 82-84) South Rim at Foremaster Ridge Phase 4 PA A (Lots 85 & 86) Southgate Hills Phase 5 Amended Southwood Meadows Partial Amendment A (Lots 11 & 12) Sparkle and Shine Subdivision Springs Estates Phase 10 Springs Estates Phase 11 Stone Cliff Subdivision Phase 15 Amended and Extended Summit Athletic Club Commercial Subdivision Sun River Commons Phase 6 Teakwood Phase 3 & 4 Teakwood Phase 5 Subdivision The Arbors Phase 11 The Arbors Phase 12 The Arbors Phase 14 Subdivision The Arbors Phase 15 Subdivision The Ledges of St. George High Point Phase 1A The Ledges of St. George Hillcrest The Ledges of St. George Johnson Arch Phase 2 The Ledges of St. George Phase 5 & 10 PA A (Lots 519, 1011 & 101 The Ledges of St. George Pocket Mesa Phase 5 The Ledges of St. George Yellow Knolls Phase 1 Subdivision The Springs Estates Phase 5 2nd Amended and Extended The Vistas at Entrada Phase 3 Partial Amendment A (Lots 20 & 21) The Vistas at Sun River St. George Phase 12 PA A (Lots 245 & 246 Tonaquint Cove Phase 4 Subdivision Tonaquint Hills Phase 1 Amended & Extended No. 3 Twin Lakes Drive Amended Twin Lakes Resort Phase 1 Amended and Extended US Foods Chef Store Subdivision Varano Vista at Divario Phase 3 Venture Park Subdivision Villa Highlands at Hidden Valley Phase 4 Whisper Ridge Phase 4 Lot 34 & Phase 5 Lot 37 Whisper Ridge Phase 6 White Dome Drive Extension White Trails Phase 1 Subdivision Woodland Estates Patio Homes Phase 3 Woodland Estates Patio Homes Phase 4