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Building Permit Tracking

[120 East Road Project] 1470 East Grading [1470 East Street-Storm Drain] [1600 South Street Extension(Tonaquint Date Center] [2070 South Street] [200 South Office Bldg (Belliston)] [3D Development] [3-H Landscape Products (700 E. St. Geo.Blvd)] [3-D Commercial Lot 16] [3D Commercial Center Lot 5] [3 D Commerical- Rocky Mountain Turf] [3-D Comm Center Lot #3/Superior Threads] [5th District Court House] [Anasazi Ridge II] [Augustus Pointe Subdivision] [Andy Leavitt Commercial / 150N 900E] [Artesia Terrace] [Avalon @ Meadowood III] [Abbey Inn] [Amsource] [ANB Financial] [Avalon @ Meadowood-phase II & V] [Arturo Pratt..Fort Pierce Indrustrial] [Ancestor Estates] [Adams Office Bldg.] [Atkinville Wash Bridge Arrowhead] [Avalon @ Meadowood Phase IV] [Arrowhead Canyon Bridge(Sun River)] [Aztec Professional Center-Willowbrook Park lots 4-5] [America First Credit Union/Westridge Comm] [Astin Mele Commerical -Ideal] Astragalus Road- Road B South Block Atkinville Sewer line Area R Grading South Block Developemnt Airport Pump Station Atkinville Power Substation [Ancestor Estates Phase 2] [Arthur Grant Subdivision-Dairy Queen] Aspen Estates Phase 1 Ancestor Estates Phase 3 Artesia Terrace Arbors [Bedrock Townhomes Phase II] [Bella Viaggio Subdivision] [Bellsera Townhomes Phase III] [Blackridge SID] [Blackrock Condominiums] [Bloomington Ranches SID] [Boulevard Center] [Black Ridge Commercial] [Bodega Bay] [Bomatics Plastic Extrusion Plant] [Bryce Christensen Adj. To Flying "J"] [Boulder Springs Villas Phase I] [Beehive Homes] [Boulevard Center Storage] [Bubble Bath Car Wash] [Boulevard Commons/Newby Commerical] [Bella Terrazza @ Sunbrook-Phase 1] [Bridle Gate] [Bluff Street Office Bldg] [Boulder Springs Villas Phase II] [Barnes Bank] [Bella Vista] [Bell Tower] [Boulevard Commons BLdg 2] [Blackridge Office] Blackridge Commerical Center Phase II Blackrock Storage [Bloomington Commerical Center(Klein Retail)] [Bloomington Courtyard-Wingate] [Boulevard Centre.. Pad C] [Beehive Home Phase II] [Bloomington Commercial - Klein Retail] [Bella Viaggio] [Bella Tuscana] [Biolife Plasma Services/Pine View Comm] [Bloomington Bus Lane] [Bloomington Courtyard-Mediacl Bldg # F] [Bellsera Phase 4] [Barnes Bank Parking Lot] [Boulder Springs Villas Phase III] [Beehive Homes Cottages Phase III] [Barnes & Noble] [Blackberry Court Phase 1] Banded Hills Drive Bluegrass Way Construction Bypass Road [Bella Terrazza Club House] Bloomington Park Grading & Improvements [Berry's Manufactor Warehouse] Bulwark Pest Control [Brian Adamson Law Office] [Blackberry Court -Phase 2] [Bridle Gate Phase 2] Blackberry Court Phase 4 Bio Life/overflow Parking Lot [Buffalo Wild Wings] [Biolife Plasma Services Center @ Dixie] [Beehive Industrical-Fed Ex] Big O Tire Barlow Residence Bridle Gate Phase 3 Boulder Creek Crossing Boulder Creek Commons Bence Residence Bridle Gate Phase 4 Blackberry Court - Phase 3 Brent's Flooring America [Cliffs at Snow Canyon] [Countryside IV] [Coventry Lane Townhomes II] [Cotton Manor Phase V] [Chaco Bench at Entrada Phase II] [Coral Desert Health Care Facility] [Copper Hills Phase II] [Crimson Cliffs Estates Phase II] [Castle Rock Subdivision Phase I] [Cottages North III] [Chaparral Culvert] [Coral Desert Health - BLDG A] [Countryside Phase III lots 3,4,5 only] [Crown Point II] [Cypress Point] [Castle Rock I -- lot #87 only] [Cottages @ Stone Point Phase 1] [Crescent Point Townhomes] [Casa Blanca Villas] [Cotton Manor Phase VI] [Coventry Town Homes II & III] [Crimson Cliffs Estates Phase III] [Chavano Town Homes[ [Castle Rock Phase 2] [Coventry Town Homes III --IV] [Cotton Manor Phase VII] [Classic Commerical Park] [Cliffs @ Snow Canyon Phase G] [Cliffs @ Snow Canyon -Plat F] [Cliffs @ Snow Canyon Phase J] [Carpets Plus] [Cracker Barrel] [Contempo Tile Parking Lot Addition] [Crystal Springs Phase I] [Canterbury Court] [Cliffs @ Snow Phase D] [Comfort Inn-Darwin Leavitt] [Courtyards(Marriot)] [Cliffs @ Snow Canyon Phase H] [Closet Creations-Fort Pierce] [Coral Desert Phase II] [Cottages @ Fossil Hills Phase 1] [Cottages @ Fossil Hills Phase II] Cottages @ Stone Point Phase 2 Cottages @ Stone Point Phase 3 Cottages @ Stone Point Phase 4 [Cottam Fields Subdivision] [Checker Auto] [Cottages @ Fossil Hills Phase III] [Cottages @ Fossil Hills Phase IV] [Cottages @ Fossil Hills Phase V] [Country Inn & Suites 1 & 2] Cornerstone Lot #24 [Chaco West] [Childrens Justice Center] [Coyote Springs] [Crossroads @ McArthur Landing] Canyons Softball Complex [Carquest] [Cinnamon Hills Gym] [Chapel Hill Subdivision] [Casa Dona Maria] [Crossroads @ McArthur Landing Building E] [Chandler Drive & 1060 West Circle] [Crimson Ridge Extension & 2710 East Street] [Crosby/Confluence Trailhead] [Chick-Fil-A (Red Rock Commons)] [Cottonwood Subdivision Phase 1] [Cottonwood Subdivision Phase 2] [Cottonwood Subdivison Phase 3] [Cottonwood Phase 4 & 5] Claim Jumper [Clear Valley Farms Phase 1] [Culvers Restaurant] [Cottam Cove Phase 1] [Cornerstone Phase 1] [Crimson Cove] [Christensen Park Restroom Improvements] [Cornerstone Phase 2] [Chaco West-Phase 3] Carey Lane Phase 1 Cornerstone Phase 3-4 Chaco West Phase 4 Cove @ Little Valley Commerce Pointe Phase 1 [Desert Hills Subdivision Phase IV] [Desert Sands Phase II] [Desert Rose Apartment Community] [Desert Sands Phase IV] [Desert Hills Subdivision Phase II] [Dixie Down Road Extension] [Desert Hills Subdivision Phase I] [Desert Hills Subdivision Phase III] [Desert Hills Subdivision Phases V & VI] [Desert Sands Phase I] [Desert Sands Phase III] [Dixie Escalante REA Warehouse Site] [Dias Subdivision] [Dolce Vista Subdivision Phase I] [Dixie Concrete] [Desert Hills Chapel(LDS)] [Del Taco] [Desert Shadows Phase 1 @ Painted Desert] [Dixie High Seminary] [Dino Crossing] [Dixie Commons Commerical] Dixie Intermediate School [Darling Properties] [Desert Hills Seminary] [DRMC Outpatient Pavillion] [Dave's Automotive] [Desert Hills Intermediate School] [Dixie Igloo] Dixie Center Roadway & Parking Replacement Dixie Center Parking Lot [Dinosaur Crossing Phase 1 - ROADS] [Desert Canyons Wakeboard Park] [Desert Willow Subdivison] [Dixie Red Sands South] [Deserts Edge @ Desert Canyons] [Desert Willow Phase 2] Desert View Phase 1 Desert Plateau Phase A Dinosaur Crosiing Phase 2 [Desert Edge Phase 2 & 5] Desert Edge Phase 3 [Desert Edge @ Desert Canyons Phase 4] [Desert Plateau Phase 2] Desert Crest Phase 1 Desert Rim Phase 1 Desert Rim Phase 2 Dixie Power Substation Pad Desert Plateau Phase 3 & 4 Desert Crest Phase 3 Desert Crest Phase 2 Desert Ridge Phase 1 Desert Ridge Phase 2 Dixie 4WD Dixie Regional Medical Center Expansion Don Cannon Subdivision (Camadon) Desert Plateau Phase 5 Desert Heights Phase 1-4 Dixie Power Engineering & Operations Dairy Queen Dixie Power CSR & Headquarters Deseret Laboratoried Pad Dixie Applied Technology College Desert Valley Phase 1-3 [Estates at Bloomington, The] [Entrada Clubhouse] [El Dorado Valley Subdivision] [Emerald Ridge] [Estrella PD Subdivision] [Ence Storage Units] [Eastridge Phase VI] [Escalera Phase 1 & 2] [Escalera Estates Phase 1-2-3] {Escalera Phase 3} [Estates @ Hidden Valley City Park Phase 4] [Estates @ Hidden Valley Phase 3 & 4] [Executive Plaza] [ElPollo Loco Lot # 4 & 5] - Carl's Jr East Bloomington Water Project [Estates @ Valderra (The)] [Escalera Phase 4] [Estates @ Hidden Valley Phase 5] [Estates @ Hidden Valley Phase 6] [Esplin/Hannig Vet Clinic] Einstein Bagels/Red Rock Commons [Equestrian Storm Drain] [Escalera Phase 5] [Estates @ Hidden Valley] [Estates @ Hidden Valley] [East Stone Cliff Entrance] [Escapes @ Ledges Phase 1-6] Estancia Phase 1 Build W [Escalera Phase 6] Estanica Phase 2 Build S Estanica Phase 3 Build E Escapes Phase 6 [Fort Pierce Business] [Fox Borough III] [Falls at Mesa Point, The] [Fountain Heights Phase II] [Fox Borough IV&V] [Fossil Hills-SITLA- River Road] Fort Pierce Industrial Park Lot 11B - Woods F/X [Foremaster Ridge III] [Forever Red Townhomes] [Furniture Row] [Falls at Mesa Point Phase II] [Foremaster Ridge Phase IV] [Fabulous Freddy's-Acent] [Fort Pierce Industrail Phase V-A] [Franklin Place Phase I & II] [Fort Pierce/Alan Gren #69] [Fort Pierce.. Lot 44.Sylarus] [Fort Pierce Industrail Park-DFG] [Fields @ LIttle Valley(The)] [Ferguson Waterworks(Ft Pierce)] [Foremaster Ridge Phase V] [Fort Pierce(BA Robison) #70] [Fort Pierce-Innomark #63] [Ferris & Utley] [Fort Pierce/Arnold Stock Building] [Fort Pierce Industrial Park #52] [Fort Pierce Industrial Park #13] [Fort Pierce Industrial Phase V] [Festival Plaza] [Ft Pierce -Enclose Lot #14] [Fort Pierce Industrial Park-Phase 6] [Ft Pierce Industrial Park #54B(Dixie Metal Recycling] [Ft Pierce (Viracon) #160] [Ferguson Supply Enterprise Inc]. [Fort Pierce phase 5 ( Champion Safe)] [Festival Plaza(Checker Auto]) [Ft Pierce (Scott Machinery) #90-#91] [Fort Pierce (JG Investment #81)] Fort Pierce Industrial Park #100-A [Ft Pierce Bringhurst Plumbing #79] [Fort Pierce Les Syphus-7-A] Fort Pierce/Geneva Pipe #55 [Fort Pierce (BA Robinson) #72] [Fort Pierce (Stonewall) 22-A] Fort Pierce Indrustrial #165 [Fort Pierce Indrustrial Lot #158(United Rentals)] [Fort Pierce Indrustrial Lot #86 & #87] [Fort Pierce Lot #62 (Inter Mt Woods Prod)] [Fort Pierce-Bakston Frieght #51] Fort Pierce Industrial (Larson Plumbing) #93 [Fort Pierce Ind. Young Electric Sign Co(Yesco)] Fort Pierce/Hummel Automotive #88 Fort Pierce Lot (Swiss Bank Storage)#41 [Franklin Place Phase 2] [Flats (The) @ South Pointe] [Fienze] [Fort Pierce(Coughlin Company)#74] [Fort Pierce/Swiss Bank Storage #40] [Fort Pierce Industrial Park/ Warren Energy Lot 7-B] Fort Pierce Industrial Lot #98 [Fort Peirce/Robinson Refrig #89] Fort Knox Storage- Phase 2 [Fort Pierce/Staheli Laundry #153] [Fort Pierce Indrustrai Park Lot #76] [Fort Pierce/JPX #30-#32] [Fort Pierce/Mt West Truck Center- #192] [Fort Pierce #127 Mountainlands Pipe Supply] [Fort Pierce/Green Valley Cabinets #122] [Fort Pierce/Snow Electric #82] [Fort Pierce-CRS-Clove #105] Field Soccer Park (The) [Fort Pierce Lot #138/James Brown Roofing] [Fort Pierce/Morley Industrail Bldg #92] [Fort Pierce Lot#166-Old Dominion] Fort Pierce #152/Hawker Interprises [Fire House Park] [Fort Pierce #3/Gary Knight Development] [Fort Pierce #99/Wilkerson Elect] Fort Pierce Indrustrial #112 PM Facility [Findlay Kia] [Fire Station #8] Fort Pierce Wash Improvements @ Desert Canyons
[Foothill Commons/Beehive Homes] Firenze Estates Forest Park Fort Pierce Lot #2 [Family Dollar Inc] [Freddy's Frozen Custard] Ft Pierce Industrial Road Improvements Foremaster Drive Medical Center-Coral Desert Fields Maintenance Building [Flats @ South Pointe Phase 2] [Flats @ South Point Phase 3] [Focus Eye Center] [Ft Pierce #127 Expansion] [Ft Pierce Industrial Brush #75] [Fieldstone Phase 1] [Fiesta Fun Center Bowling Center] [Ft Pierce #134 Kristi Diesel] Fieldstone Phase 2 [Fieldstone Phase 3] Fields@Mall Dr - Lin's Fort Pierce Fuel Tec Commercial Site Foothills Commons Foremaster Holdings LC Family History Center Fieldstone Phase 4 Fossil Hills [Garden Park Subdivision] [Grand Vista Cove] [Gun Barrel] [Grease Monkey] [Gordon Palmer Auto Center] [Geneva Pipe] [Green Valley LDS 3rd Ward] [Golden West Credit Union] [Grease Monkey (3050)] [Gamma West] George Washington Academy- Addition George Washington Acadmey Addition/ Phase 2 [Garages @ Sun River Storage] Gentry Lane [Golden West Credit Union] Gubler Periodontics George Washington Academy [Hawk Hollow Phase II] [Hidden Valley Townhomes] [Highland Drive & 1000 East] [Highland Drive Reconstruction] [Huffs Excavation-Industrial Park] [Hidden Valley - Club House Only] [Heritage Village] [Highlands Subdivision] [Hidden Valley Phase IV & VI] [Hidden Valley Phase 5-7-8] [Hilton Gardens] [Harvest Hills Phase I] [Hoskins Construction] [H & E Equipment Rentals] [Holt Subdivision] Hidden Valley Sewer Line [Hidden Valley-Ivoy Homes-Estates Phase 1 & 2] [Hidden Valley Office Bldg] [Home Depot-Sunset SIte] [Heber Rentals (Ft Pierce #47)] [Hidden Valley Villas (4 lots 17-20) -Phase 1] Huntington @ Stonebridge Phase- V [Hidden Valley- Ivory (VIllas)] [Hidden Valley-Ivory (Casitas)] [Hidden Valley Residential Phase 2] [Hurst Remodel] [Horizon Plaza Phase 2] Hidden Pinyon/Ledges parkway [Hela Seegmiller Historic Farm] [Honda Polaris] Hughes Subdivsion Hawthorn Estates Phase 1 Hawthorn Estates Phase 2 Hawthorn Estates Phase 3 Hughes Phase 2 Hyde Berry Park Hawthorn Estates Phase 4 Holbrook Asphalt Hyatt Place [Ironwood Subdivision Phase VI] [Ironwood Subdivision Phase VIII] [Indian Hills Storm Drain / City PW Project] [Inn at Entrada] [Innovative Wood] [IHC-Sunset Clinic] [IMC Office Complex] [Iggy's Sport Grill] Improvemnt plan for 1450 South [IHC-Jubilee Home] [Intermountain Sunset Clinic] Interchange 6 Sewer IHC- Landscape Building [Insite Towers-5265 South] IHC-River Road Addition Indian Hills Drive Innomark Intermountain Heath Care [John Campos Subdivision] [Jedora Estates Phase 1] [Jedora Estates III] [Jedora II] [Johnson Farm Dinosaur Tracks] [Joshua's @ Stonegate Phase II] [Joshua's @ Stonegate Phase III] Joes' Rental(Millcreek Indrust) #12 Jeremy Black Office Bldg [Joshua's @ Stonegate Phase I] Judd Palmer [Jimmy Johns] [Jiffy Lube @ River Road] [Knolls at Little Valley Phase II] [Kachina Cliffs at Entrada] [Kachina Springs East] [Knolls at Little Valley Phase III] [Kachina Springs East Phase II] [Kachina Cliffs Phase II] [Kachina East Amended & Extended Phase II] [Kolob Care Center] [Kachina Springs East Phase III] [Kevin Ence 7-Unit Apartments] [Kneaders Bakery] Kevin Hafen Home [Lexington Hills III] [Legacy Phase XII] [Las Palmas VIII] [Lakota-Phase I & II] [Las Hurdes] [Las Lomas I] [Luce Del Sol] [Las Palmas Building 18] [LDS CHURCH/Riverroad] [Les Olsen] [Ledges (The) Phase II] [Ledges(The) Golf Course] [Larkin/Gifford] [Ledges-Maint Bldg.] [Ledges/Clubhouse] [Ledges (The) Phase V] [Ledges (The) Phase I] [Ledges Parkway] Ledges SilverCloud Drive [Ledges (The) Phase III] [Ledges(The) Phase VII] [Ledges (The) Phase VI] [Ledges(The) Phase VIII] [LaQuinta Hotel] [Ledges (The) Phase X] [Legacy Office Building] LDS Church Parking Lot (addition) [Lyman Storage Units - Monster Storage] [Little Valley Heritage LDS Church] [Las Colinas Phase 1] [Las Colinas Phase 2] [Legacy Phase 13] [Little Caesars Pizza-Addition] [Little Valley 4th & 7th Ward Chapel] [Las Colinas Phase 3] [Little Fenway] Little Valley Pickleball Facility Ledges Swimming Pool & Tennis [Lyman Storage-RV] [Las Colina Phase 4 & Riverstone] [Little Valley LDS Church 1st Ward & Stake Center] [Life Flight Hangar-Airport] [Legends of Cactus Flats] Little Valley Pickleball Phase 4 Laubs Feeding & Cubing Lee Self Storage Menlove Subaru Mitsubishi Site [Meadow Valley Estates III] [Monterey at Stonebidge lll] [Meadow Valley II] [Main Street Plaza Shell.] [Millcreek Indrustrial] [Meadowood Phase II] Millcreek Indrustrial-(Ram) [Mirage Estates Phase IV] [Middleton Lease Facility] [Morningside Ofiice Building] [McKenna Cottages] [Millcreek Indrustrail(Bud Mahas)] [Millcreek Industrail (David Houser Phase 1)] [Milne Subdivision] [Maverick Country Store] [Mack & Sons] [Marriot Townplace Suites] Mesa Palms Phase 5 [Mulberry Point Phase 1] [Mondrian Autoworks] [Meadow Valley Est. Phase 5 & 8] [Medical Center-(Inter Mt Health Care)] Mathis Park Reconstruction [Miller Electric Building] [Meadow Valley Farms Master Roads Phase 1] Meadow Valley Farms(Mst Road)Phase 2 Meadow Valley Farms(Mst Road)Phase 3 [Mountain America Credit Union] Meadow Valley Master Road Plan- Phase 4 Meadow Valley Master Road Plan-Phase 5 [Morningside LDS Church 3-5-9 Wards] [Middleton Park] [Meadow Valley Farms Church Roads] [Millcreek Power Plant Expansion] McDonalds (Boulevard) [Masonic Temple] [Meadow Valley Farms Phase 1] [Meadow Valley Farms Phase 2] [Mattress Firm The (Redrock Commons)] [Mulberry Phase 1] [Mulberry Phase 2] [Moto Zoo] [Meadow Park Phase 1-2-& 3] [Meadow Valley Farms Phase 3] Mulberry Estates Phase 4 Mulberry Estates Phase 3 Meadow Park Phase 3 [Meadow Park Phase 2] Mulberry Estates Phase 5 Meadow Valley Farms Phase 4-7 [Maverick Store #487-River Road] Mulberry Estates Phase 6 Mulberry Phase 7 [Mulberry Phase 8] Mulberry Phase 9 [Meadow Valley Estates Phase 4] Memory Care Facility @ Meadows Mercedes Benz of St George City Meadows Edge Phase 1 Maverik, Inc Store #521 Meadow Valley Farms Phase 5 Meadow Valley Farms Phase 7 Millcreek Park Maple Estates Phase 1 Meadow Pointe [Norandex (Ft. Pierce #64)] Newby Buick [New Promise Luthern Church] [Netta's Knolls Condominiums] Neighborhood @ Sun River Northgate Nielson RV [Office Complex at SunRiver] [Olive Grove 1] [Olive Grove II] [Oasis Palms I] [Oasis Palms II] [Orchids (The)] [Olive Garden] [Overlook @ Green Valley] Office Park @ Dinosaur Crossing(The) [Oakwood] [Oakwood Phase 2] Oakwood Estates Phase 4 Oakwood Estates Phase 3 [Pinebrook III] [Paragon Cove Townhomes Phase II] [Paradise Canyon Phase V] [Park Plaza Office Park] [Progressive Contracting Fort Pierce Site] Pointe at Sunbrook Phase 1, The [Painted Desert Estates Phase lV] [Primrose Point] [Paragon Cove III] [Painted Desert Phase 5 & 6] [Pecan Ridge] Pinebrook North Phase II Pacific Corp/Paul Henry Pineview Plaza [Painted Desert Phase IX] [Primrose Point Phase II] [Paragone Cove IV] [Park Plaza Phase II] Paragone Cove Phase V & VI Pointe The at Sunbrook Phase II Pelican Hills-Storm Drain Only [Pointe Vista Town Homes] [Pineview Commerical Center (Dixie Nutrition)] Primrose Point Phase III [Pelican Hills Phase 1] Primrose Point Phase IV [Pineview Commerical(Richardson Office Build)] [Pineview Plaza Bldg #400] [Palomar] [Pelican Hills Phase 2] Pelican Hills Phase 3 [Pine View Parking Lot] [Pineview Plaza (Pizza Factory) # 501] [Pineview Plaza ( Jimmy Johns) #350] [Players Sports Grill] [Park (The) @ Snow Canyon] [Pelican Hills Phase 1-B] [Parke Cox Trucking] Painter Motors Parts & Repair Center [Pineview Plaza Bldg #300] Pointe @ Sunbrook (The) [Painted Desert Professional Plaza Phase 1] [Post High School & IT] [Park Central Townhomes Phase 2] Pilot-Flying J [PDI Dynamometer] Park Plaza Office Park PDI Warehouse Parking Lot Resturation St George Ford [Precision Hearing] Pineview Commercial Center Quality Office Bldg. [Qualident LLC] [Questar Gas-WH0030 Station] Reserve at Webb Point, The Rivercrest Phase II [Red Butte Estates Phase II] Royal Creek Subdivision Rivercrest Phase III [Rebel Creek Ridge Phase1] Rebel Creek Club House River Hollow I & 2 River Road Commercial [Red Butte Phase III] [Rink Estates] Richard Kimball Office Building River Front...The Reid Ashman Bldg. River Park Commerical River Hollow III R.V. Sales (Desert Coach) [Red Butte Phase IV] River Hollow Phase IV Rim Rock Commerical Center Phase 1 RiverBend [Rebel Creek Ridge Phase 2] Redwall Inc. [Riverside Heights Phase G] River Park Comm..All Buildings [Riverside Heights Phase H] Roadway Improvements Road Extension (Summit to River Road) Riverside Corner Raybould Apartments [Rio Plaza] [Red Hills Parkway Commerical] [Residences @ Green Valley Units 1-4] [Red Cliff Mall-Out Parcels] River Park Commerical Phase 2..Bldg 5-6 [Rivercrest Townhomes Phase IV] [Red Cliffs Square(Texas Roadhouse)] [Rim Rock Comm/S & S Office Bldg] Rocky Bluffs Royal Pine Estates Rich Lewis Riverside Dr (next to Palomar) [Red Cliffs Square ( BLDG 1 - Subway)] Roadway Improvements @ 1470 East Re-use Waterline [Richens Professional Office(Sandstone Town Center)] Red Cliffs Park Phase 1 Red Cliffs Park Phase 9 River Road Paving [Rio Virgin Telephone & Cable Vision] [RKO-Hobbie Huts] [Red Cliffs Park Phase 2] [Red Cliffs Park Phase 3] Red Cliffs Park Phase 4 [Red Rock Commons] Red Rock Commons Red Hills Desert Demo Garden [Royal Pine Estates Phase 1] [Rim Rock Office Complex]
[Rib & Chop House] [Riverstone Phase 2] [Riverstone Phase 3] Riverside Cliffs(Formely Palomar) Red Cliffs Park Phase 5 & 6 [Red Rock Commons Build A] [Rowdys Range] [Riverstone Phase 4] [Red Storm Townhomes] [Red Rock Collision] Retreat @ Sunbrook [Riverside Cliffs Phase 2] [Riverstone Phase 5] Red Hills Commercial Pkwy/Gustave RV Park Resort @ Desert Canyons Reserve @ River Hollow Riverstone Phase 7 Riverstone Phase 6 Red Cliffs Park East Phase 3 Redwood Estates Phase 1 Rocky Pointe [Sage Hollow] Southern Oaks Estate I Springs Phase IV and V, The Sun River at St George Phase I-C [Seven Hills Phase II] Southgate Hills Phase IV Stone Cliff Phase VI Stonebrook II [Stone Point Townhomes I II IIl] Shadow Mountain Townhomes [Sandstone Shadows Phase III] [Silver Creek Townhomes Phase IV] Sunset Plaza (Albertsons) Springfield Townhomes Phase V Slickrock Subdivision Phase V Sun River at St. George Phase X Springs Phase VI, The [South Point Phase 9] Sun River at St. George Phase II-B [Santa Maria III] Sun River at St. George Phases VIII and IX Stone Cove Subdivision Phase I Settlers RV Storage Units Stone Cliff Phase IV Shadow Desert Townhomes Skyhawk Townhomes Springs Phase VII & VIII, The [Seven Hills Phase III] Sandstone Village . Stone Cliff Phase IX Shadow Mountain Townhomes (PD) Sun Bowl West Townhomes Skyhawk Townhomes 3 thru 12 Sun River Phase IV Sagewood phase I-II-III Southern Utah Medical Park Sun River XI & XII SITLA - Dixie Downs Property Summit Athletic CLub Stone Cove Phase I Sun River Phase 17-A Sun River -XV [Schmutz Plaza Bldg] Stone Cliff Phase VIII Sunland Professional Park South Point Phase X Shadow Springs Sun Chase Business Park Sierra Vista [Sunset Corner III] Sun River,Bridge Construction Southgate Hills Phase V (Lot 15 ONLY) Sun River.. Bridge Sun River Phase XIII-XIV Sun River Phase XIV Steven Wada Nissan Sundown Estates Sun First Bank-Parking-Building S & S Office Bldg(River Road Commerical Center) Stephen Wade Cadillac Nissan Sun River Phase 18 Sprinkler Supply Shinava Ridge Stone Valley Estates Serenity Hills Phase 2 & 3 Serenity Hills Phase 1 Sportman's Warehouse [Slater Project] Southgate Views Sun River Craft Building [SunBurst Auto Plaza] Shops @ Red Cliffs Sun River Phase XVI [Snowfield Estates] Southwest Transitional Apartments [Serenity Cove] Sun River Phase 22 Sun River Phase 23 Sun River Phase 24 Stone Cove Phase 2 [Sunset Office & Storage(Goodsell)] [Sun River Phase 26] Stone Cliff Phase X Sun River Phase 21 [Sunland Phase V] St George Car Wash Sun River Phase 28 Sun River Phase 20 Sunrise Ridge Phase 4 [Sunset Corner Bldg 400] Sun Chase Bldg A Santa Maria IV @ Sunbrook [Southland Commerical Center] Southgate Hills Phase VI Sun River Golf Course Club House [Southgate Hills Phase V] Springs Estates Phase 9 [Southgate Townhomes] St George Truss(Ft Pierce) Staples (Bluff) [Sun River Phase 30] [Serenity Cove Phase 1] Snow Canyon High School Greenhouse Sunroc Block Plant Expansion Sun River Phase 17-B South Block (Parcel J & Gravel) Stephen Wade Cadillac-Parking South Block Area V South Block Area X-Y South Block Area A-F-G South Block Area S-T-U [Suntran/Fleet Maintenance] South BLock C & E Storm Drain [Sun River-8 Acre Site] [Snow Canyon High School(Remodel & Addition)] [Sunset Corner Bldg #800] [Steve Ogden's Carpet] [Sun River Phase 29] [Silkwood @ Meadow Valley Farms Phase 1] [South Bloomington/Sunriver Trail] [Silkwood @ Meadow Valley Farms Phase 2] South Block Area- A SE- PH 2 [Silkwood Phase 3] Sun River to Bluegrass Way Trail [So Utah Surgical & Laser Aesthetics] [Southgate LDS 1st & 2nd Wards] Southgate Golf Course Remodel [Suntran Administration Building] [Simister Office Bldg Lot #2] SITLA- Storm Drain [Sun River Phase 31] [Sunset Wards 5,6,& 9 Parking Lot Addition] [Sun Valley Phase 1] [Spring Garden Assisted Living] [Sun River Phase 33] [Sun River Phase 34] [Sun Valley Phase 2 & 3] [Sun Valley Phase 3] [Sun River Assit Retreat] Sun Valley Phase 4 & 5 [Sunset Ridgeview LDS 2nd Ward] [Sun Valley Phase 6] [Sun Valley Phase 7] [Sycamore Phase 1] [Sun Valley Phase 8] [Sun Valley Phase 9] [Sun Valley Phase # 10] Sun Valley Phase 11 [Sycamore Phase 2] [Silkwood Phase 4] [Silkwood Phase 5] Sun River Phase 25 Sun River Phase 35 Sun River/RV Storage [Silkwood Phase 6] [Sun River 1-2-3- LDS Branches] Silkwood Phase 7 Sun Valley Phase 12 [Sun River Phase 32] Sun River Phase 19 [ServPro] [Sun River Phase 36] [Shadowhawk Townhomes] [Stone Cliff Phase 11] Sycamore Estates Phase 3 thru 8 Sun River/Landscape Berm [Sage Meadows Phase 2] Southern Utah Surgical & Laser Aesthetics [Season's Health & Rehabilitaion] [Star Nursery Rock Yard] Sun River Phase 37-38-39 Sun River Phase 40-41 [Stephen Wade Nisson] [Sunterra] Silkwood Park [Sycamore Phase 5] [Sycamore Estates Phase 6] Sycamore Estates Phase 7 Sycamore Estates Phase 8 Sycamore Estates Phase 9 Sun River Phase 42-43 Sun River Phase 44-47 Sun Valley Estates Phase 13 St George Industrial Park [Sun River Phase 44-45] Sun River RV Storage [Stephan Wade Chevy] [Sun River Phase 46] Sand Hollow Wash Bridge & Trail Ext Stone Cliff Phase 13 Lot # 1125 [St George Dialysis] [Sage Meadows Phase 3] Stephan Wade Collision Center Addtion St George Holiday Inn Serenity Hills # Lot 12 Stone Cliff Phase 13 South Mountain Church Sun River Phase 49-50 & Common A-B Sage Meadows Phase 4 Sage Meadows Phase 5 Sun River Phase 51-57 & Comm C Sprinkler Supply St George Elementary Sun River Phase 49 Sun River Phase 50 Sun River Phase 56 Sun River Phase 57 Sun River Phase 43a St George Auto Gallery Service Shop Sun River Phase 42 Sun River Phase 43B Sequoia Estates Phase 1 Sienna Park Condo's - Phase 2 Sun River Phase 55 Sun River Phase 54 Smith's #278 South Black Water Transmission Line Sand Cove at the Ledges Sun River Phase 48 St James Restroom & Pavilion Sycamore Phase 10 Stone Cliff Phase 14-15 Twin Lakes (Upper) Tobler Subdivision Twin Lakes (Lower) Todd Ablehouzen Timpanogos Apartments Tonaquint Hills Phase I [Tonaquint Terrace Phase I] Trendwest II Tuscan Hills Phase 2 Tuweap Point Phase I Three Amigos Meat Twin Creeks Phase 1 & 2 [Terraces @ Seven Hills Phase I] [Terraces @ Seven Hills Phase II] [Terraces @ Seven Hills Phase III] Tuweap Point Phase II Twin Lakes Phase II Toroweap @ Entrada Tonaquint Terrace Phase II [Tuscany Ridge Phase I] [Tuscan Hills Phase 1] Trendwest 3 & 4 Trinity Luthern Church(site Work) [Tonaquint Valley - Phase 1] Tuscan Hills Phase 3 [Tonaquint Data (CTR)] Tonaquint Center Development (WORKMAN'S COMP)Phase 3 Tonaquint Retail Center Tuscan Hill Clubhouse [Tonaquint Valley Phase 2] [Taipan Trading] Town & Country Bank Tuweap Drive Project Temple Quarry Trailhead Taco Bell [Tonaquint Valley Phase 5] Tonaquint Heights Phase 1( Chandler Drive) Twin Lakes/Lift Station [Tonaquint Sexton's Office] Tonaquint Hills Retail #2 Tonaquint Commerical Campus BLDG C Tonaquint Valley Phase 3 [Turn Group Home] [Towne Storage] [Town & Country Bank-(Boulevard)] {The Learning Center} [TE Medical Bldg - Virgillia] [Tuscan Office Bldg] Twin Lakes Phase 1 Tonaquint Park Intersection Relocation Tonaquint Terrace Phase 3 [Tonaquint Heights Phase 1] Tonaquint Office Center [Tupelo Phase 1] [Tonaquint Date Centre] [Tuscan Heights] Tonaquint All Abilities Park Tonaquint Heights Phase 2 Tuscan Hills Phase 3 Tagg N Go Carwash Tupelo Estates Phase 3 Tupelo Estates Phase 2 Tuweap Dr Tonaquint Terrace Phase 4 Tonaquint Heights Phase 3 Tonaquint Retail #2 Phase 2 Tinks Auto Parts Addition Tupelo Estates Phase 5 Tagg N Go Carwash @ Boulder Creek Crossing Tupelo Estates Phase 6 Tropical Smoothie @ Westridge Commercial Center Utah Barricade Ventana Office Complex PH 2 Ventana Office Park Phase III Village bank [Views @ Stone Mountain] [Villa Bonita Courtyards] [Vista Del Cielo] Virgin River Trail Reconstruction [Vista View Subdivision-Phase 1] [Vista Commerical Center] [Village @ Little Valley] Village @ Heritage Court [Village @ Little Valley Phase 2] Villa Highlands @ Hidden Valley [Village @ Little Valley Phase 3] Virgin River Trail South C Villa Highlands @ Hidden Valley [Vistas @ Entrada Phase 1] Vista's @ Entrada Pahse 2 Vintage at Tabernacle Villas at Sun River Wailea Falls at Stonebridge Phase I Washington Fields Wailea Falls at Stonebridge Phase II Westerrn Rock Wailea Falls III Willow Bend Townhomes Wendy's @ Bloomington Country Club Warehouse Site Expansion Wallbeds by Wilding Phase II [Whisper Ridge Phase 1 & 2] Wilson Industrail Plaza [Willowbrook Professional Plaza] Wailea Falls Club House [West Bend Subdivision] [Whisper Ridge Phase 2] Willowbrook #1 Washington Fields LDS 8th Ward [Walgreens- Sunset Blvd] [Whisper Ridge Phase 3] [Washington Mutual-(Chase Bank)] WCWCD -Building Washinton County School District Post High School & TI Washington County Justice Center [Whisper Ridge Lot 26] Waterline 8" -Industrial Area-Fire Hydrant [Whisper Ridge Phase 4] Wilson Electronics-Addition [Whisper Ridge Phase 5] [Winchester Hills Fire Station] Whiterocks Phase 1 Whiterocks Phase 2 Whiterocks Phase 3 White Dome Trail Head [YSA LDS Church]