What a unique experience to join the political game. When I set out on my campaign for city council I would have never believed what an expensive, but educational op- portunity it would turn out to be. I have been pleasantly surprised at the willingness of others to support and help in so many ways both with the campaign and throughout our community by extending themselves through community service. The candidates for City Council conducted themselves in a pleasant manner despite some heated is- sues. I'm glad that we were able to keep the focus on the important issues and not on personality bashing and mud-slinging. 

I look forward to working with Mayor Pike and members of the City Council to arrive at the best solutions for the betterment of the community. We have a great opportunity to bring new view points and perspectives that may not have been explored. My thoughts and deepest appreciation are extended to out-going city council members Gail Bunker and Ben Nickle and of course to Mayor McArthur for the many years of service to not only St. George but all of Utah's Dixie! They have undoubtedly worked hard to make this city the great place it is today. The new council and mayor are excited and very willing to find solutions to issues with input from the citizens. We look forward to keeping the citizens informed while seeking their advice and direction as often as possible on issues that affect us all. Thanks again for your support. May each of you have a safe and healthy new year! 

Councilman Joe Bowcutt's current term expires December 31, 2021.


Joe Bowcutt