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Fees and Information

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Downtown Cemetery
650 East Tabernacle Street

Tonaquint Cemetery
1777 South Dixie Drive

Resident Fees

Resident rates are applicable only to those that reside full time within the St. George City limits. If you are not a full time resident or live outside the City of St. George, you will be charged the non resident fee. NOTE: Winchester Hills and Diamond Valley are NOT in the City of St. George.

Burial Fees (Updated July 27, 2020)


Service Resident Non Resident
Weekday Burial - Adult $500 $650
Weekday Burial - Cremation $300 $400
Saturday Burial - Adult $750 $950
Saturday Burial - Cremation $350 $450
Double Depth Burial - 1st Opening Double standard fee
Disinterment - Adult $1,190 $1,190
Disinterment - Infant/Cremation $595 $595
Double Depth Disinterment Double standard fee
Late Notice / Late Arrival Fee $200 $200


Plot Fees


  Service Resident Non Resident
Full Plot $450 $650
Perpetual Care $300 $400
Upright Monument Rows   $150 additional $250 additional
Half Plot $300 $395
Perpetual Care $100 $150
Upright Monument Rows   $150 additional $250 additional

Fees for Tonaquint Cemetery Cremation Garden


Service Resident Non Resident
Space for a Granite Tablet $560 $730
Space for a Premium Individual Post Marker $350 $455
Space for a Premium Companion Post Marker $700 $910
Space in a Columbarium $700 $910
Opening & Closing Fees $250 $350

Perpetual Care: This fee is collected and kept in a special account which may be used for the maintenance and improvement of the Cemetery. Perpetual fees are non-refundable.